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Runescape 3 Live Closed Beta

HelleriHelleri Felton, CAPosts: 930Member Uncommon

In less then a few minutes the Live Closed Beta for Runescape 3 should begin (the update is happening now if I am correct). As a 12 year veteran of the game, of decent experience, and having a good machine I was pretty sure I could get in on the closed beta just fine...But since premier gold membership (one year of runescape membership at a price lower then it would normally cost with perks other then this on top of it) Garunteed it. I opted for that route.


I intend to use this thread primarily to post pictures and talk about my first few hours experience in the beta.


I also intend to use this thread to answer questions about the beta (to the best of my ability from my understanding of it). And, relevant questions about the current and near future environment (again, in as much as I know about it).




  • OmaliOmali MMO Business Correspondent Orchard Park, NYPosts: 1,170Member Uncommon
    Just a reminder: The RuneScape 3 beta is under a nondisclosure agreement. Posting screenshots here will lead to action being taken against your account.

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  • HelleriHelleri Felton, CAPosts: 930Member Uncommon

    Wait seriously, lol? with all the pics of it already out there even? well, I guess that would make sense...I will try and find out about it and won't post any pics or talk about any content that is not already information released unless I get the okfrom a jmod on forums or something.


    But ,I can post pics of the game pre-beta at least...nothing against that. I wanted to show a few shots of common areas. pre-and post beta... hope I am allowed to do it... I'll just post the pics that I know I can post for the moment, lol. I guess just ones showing off the game before the beta hit?


    I may have to let the thread just die though for it's original purpose  :/


    Pre-beta pic:


    LumbridgeDrynorAtop wizards towerdeamonhiem


  • HelleriHelleri Felton, CAPosts: 930Member Uncommon
    Just found out... I can't post pics :( ...ah, well. Guess I just got ahead of myself with at least i didn't break NDA. Never had an account infraction for runescape and don't intend to.


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