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Crimson Collective Seeking New Capsuleers

LegionReaverLegionReaver tarboro, NCPosts: 13Member


The Crimson Collective would like to welcome all new Amarrian capsuleers to New Eden. If you are interested in aiding your fellow Amarr in the war against the Minmatar and other threats to our domain then we would welcome your interests in our orgainization. 

For those interested we currently advise all new capsuleers to finish their introductory training located in the Deepari system.  Shortly after completing your training it is recommended that you relocate to our headquarters located in the Domain region. Those who join will be privy to greater details on its location and function. At our head quarters capsuleers have access to introductory and adavanced agents ( lvls 1-4 ) where they can earn isk and build standings with the Ministry of Assessment as they expand their skills as a starship pilot. 

While earning their reputation with the MI our recruits are encouraged to engage the Minmatar threat freely in the low security pockets around the Devoid region extending into Minmatar territory. As our capsuleers progress they have greater challanges for them to be found in the Providence region were we are able to engage additional enemies while exploiting the local resources and anomolies that need to be put to good use. 

For those who already have experience we invite you to join us as well to become a teacher and leader among the recruits. The Crimson Collective is what her members make of her so everyone is responsible for its growth and development. We do not wish for everyone to wait for a few to log in so that the rest of us can get a fleet going so feel free to do what you enjoy and invite others to join you as your wing men. 

Either way the choice is yours and we welcome you to join us on your path to greatness.

Take care o7

* To apply with the Crimson Collective simply search for the Crimson Collective on the people / places screen and click then the corporations link then select apply while in a station. Please feel free to include a short description of yourself including the following details : Age / Timezone / Goals / Mic

** If your interested in trying out EVE Online feel free to use the following link for a 21 day Trial. Keep in mind we currently only recruit Amarr members of society.


  • KomandorKomandor Denver, COPosts: 272Member

    Are you still looking for people?

    Keep on rockin'!image

  • LegionReaverLegionReaver tarboro, NCPosts: 13Member
  • KiljaedenasKiljaedenas New Westminster, BCPosts: 468Member
    Hmm...might consider it myself. My current corp is a bit dead in activity but I am very loyal to one particular member of it. However, your most active time is quite good for me, that's Eve time right?

    Where's the any key?

  • LegionReaverLegionReaver tarboro, NCPosts: 13Member

    We are currently open for recruitment. I do not always maintain a watch on this forum so feel free to apply directly in game or send me a mail with any questions you may have. 

    Take care o7 

  • Bluefear77Bluefear77 Lawrence, KSPosts: 111Member Uncommon

    I used your buddy link to create an account.

    I would appreciate any help in the game--I've heard it can be very overwhelming.

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