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Favorite Type of Inventory?



  • PAL-18PAL-18 AnachronoxPosts: 837Member Uncommon

    UFO : Enemy Unknown

    Should i pick that big gun which takes 6 slots and some HE bullets(which took 2 slots if i remember right) or laser gun because i have also better skill on it and 3 grenades, and i think there was some weight limitations too ,the more i carry then  i have less action points,not 100% sure about that.

    And its really simple to use.


    Even inventory can be a mini game and interesting one.

    So, did ESO have a successful launch? Yes, yes it did.
    By Ryan Getchell on April 02, 2014.
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  • HelleriHelleri Felton, CAPosts: 930Member Uncommon

      Haha...Yep, messing with your inventory can be a game itself. One of the more popular games of all time is essentially a game about sorting what you have into an alloted space (Tetris). Unfortunately, unless your easily entertained, the magical sense of accomplishment from making something fit - that you probably should have just discarded for the time wasted making it work - is short lived. And, beyond that, not the point of the game (if it were we could just play Tetris and call it a day). When an inventory works in such a poor manner that it facilitates us wasting a lot more time then we should have on figuring it out, it slows everything down too much.


    [Bit of a digression here]

      And, thus the importance of a topic like this...Sure we are not speaking directly to game developers and telling them what we would most prefer they do. But, we are figuring out what we want, and coming up with ideas for how to improve upon what we have. And, more importantly we are figuring out what the majority wants, and how to comprimise on that to some degree to not completely off-put the minority at the same time.


    Defining what we wish to see here helps us raise the bar on our expectations, and what developers must do to keep our interest...Even idle discussion like this has a ripple effect. And, I have to say, that so far i am really enjoying this thread. I would like to encourage those following it to get others in on it. The more people who participate in the poll and the discussion the more weight it has towards clearly showing what people are in favor of.


  • WW4BWWW4BW KoldingPosts: 500Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Helleri
    @ WW4BW   As for not limitation at all...I think limitations are nescessary in most MMORPG's for the health of the game as whole. Having to at some point make a choice as to what to do with items we have regulates the economy in a game to some degree. A player will likely choose the most useful objects to them and leave less important things. what the player decides to sell vs. keep, collect vs. disgaurd...every player participating in this helps determine what is available on the market, what is harder to find, and what is junk beyond a certain level.  I pick up a lot of stuff in my game life time.. Sometimes its just a cool looking armor set.. sometimes its a bugged level 17 weapon that sometimes has its uses. Most often it is quest item, crafting materials, crafted stuff for personal use, crafted stuff for sale, stuff I bought cause it was cheap and Im trying to resell, or gear for different builds. Some times its just cow tools that look important but arent.. but you never know. Some times it is gear that Im collecting for an alt that I plan to make. Im a hoarder, I know. But why shouldnt I be able to keep it all in bank vault or a chest in my house or several chests. Otherwise I will constantly run into a multi level inventory tetris game where I need to swap characters and borrow the guild vault.   The nescessity to make that choice at some point in order to progress in a smooth manner forces the player to take time out to deal with that as well. Meaning that beyond rate of drop items have a bare minimum amount of time they can be gathered in any amount of bulk in. The need to return to some sort of center for storage and comerce also slows the helps regulate the time in which level can be gained if they player hopes to profit otherwise while doing so.  I often pick my farm spots, as far as the game has farm spots, based on variety of loot (specificly lack there of),  by how well the items stack, and how many slots of inventory they take up. I am perfectly fine with not getting all sorts of useless junk weapons if it means I can continue later... But I dont mind gear drops in games so much.. I just prefer to farm where they are not when Im trying to make cash. And if they do drop for me I will leave most of them so I can have room for good stuff.   A limited inventory of some fashioon being far more common then an unlimited inventory and; that having some limitation can be good for the health of the game is why the scvope of this topic is limited to 'where it is the case, which do you prefer most and why?.' though i do realize with the last poll option I left it a bit open to steppoing outside of what is being discussed here. I do want personal bag space or inventory to have some issues to overcome. And I feel they should mainly be by volume. Not per some slot grid in the bag. cubic meters or cubic centimeters or litres or gallons or cubic feet.. Add to that some sort of encumberance system that takes into account the mass of items but doesnt limit how much to can cram into a container.. It will only come into effect if you try to move.


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