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Discussion / Has PVP improved? Is it still block until attack then block?

Has PVP improved? Is it still block until attack then block?

BlueTiger33BlueTiger33 La Crosse, WIPosts: 158Member

Important question for me.


If they've improved PVP and it's not everyone blocks until attack then back to block...I'll come back and sub again. Have they even touched PVP? I know they were quiet for like a year on anything re: pvp.


I really want to come back.


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  • FaelsunFaelsun Brandon, MSPosts: 492Member Uncommon
    I got bored and tried the game, the combat system itself is not bad. However their is a decided lack of options and flexibility, some degree of blocking is just smart, but I did notice their are a handful of builds running around that are obviously better suited to pvp, a bunch of one handed Deathstroke the Terminator builds, green lantern clones, a few more very common builds. Besides the other problems I have with the game those are some of the most annoying. Considering I liked Sorcery a lot but they pigionhole the power types into roles. Very annoying, not to mention stupid. I see why it didnt go over well on release. Also character creation,./... yeh.
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