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Request to review developer/game

Big_SargeBig_Sarge Framingham, MAPosts: 1Member
I would like to know if MMORPG would do a review on an online game. The developer is Kixeye and the game is Battle Pirates. The reason for this request is that fellow game players have been experiencing technical problems with the game and Kixeye states the majority of the time it is the games computer. There are a lot of Flash crashes during the game and we are at a loss in correcting the issue. I'm sure my fellow gamers would appreciate you checking this out for a review in you newsletter. thank you very much.


  • MikeBMikeB Community Manager Queens, NYPosts: 6,161Administrator Rare
    I'd encourage you to get in touch with us using our Contact Us form. Select Site Content/News and drop in your suggestion! :)

    Michael "MikeB" Bitton
    Community Manager
    Twitter: @eMikeB

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