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Stretch Goals: What would you like to see?



  • CananCanan Wedowee, ALPosts: 95Member Uncommon
    Darkness Falls
  • meddyckmeddyck USAPosts: 1,195Member Uncommon

    More classes and races. Pseudo-PvE like DF and dragons can wait for after release.

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  • RocketeerRocketeer Posts: 1,303Member Uncommon

    Crafting customization is already in, in one of the videos MJ specifically stated that no two crafted items will be identical. Which might be a bit of a overstatement, but its certainly the right spirit!

    That being said, i firstly would like multiplatform support. You know, what with the continued success of the apple notebooks, the upcoming linux based steambox and other kickstarter projects like the ouya... Hell if your already your own man with no publisher breathing down your neck(and preventing you from listing your game with prominent online sellers because he wants to promote his own sale platform) you should try to get as wide a base as possible.

    I also would like to see fully customizable UI and notification text in the client, to allow things like fan based translations into languages that don't warrant an official one.

    I would also like to see awesomium support in the game. Ideally use that to display things like chat, help and support pages(html 5 can do some awesome stuff), also allowing wiki access from ingame which is always awesome.

  • fanglofanglo Virginia, VAPosts: 295Member Uncommon

    I think it would be cool to take the whole cultivating skill from Warhammer and make redo it on a much grander scale. I'm thinking stuff like Harvest moon. Where you can get cows, chickens, maybe grow some grain. Then once harvested you can put all that stuff together and make different types of food. This last bit is like UO where you could become a baker making bread, cakes and other pastries.

    Also I think it would be cool as a stretch goal to have the hauler crafting class, with ever increasing mounts to haul stuff around. A trader crafting class (moving goods all over the place) where if you succeeded you got a ton of gold but you'd probably get ambushed and the enemy would steal all your stuff and you'd lose that gold.

    Now for the above examples, I don't think the player should be looted, just the mounts that the player is storing stuff in. Though the enemy would probably need their own hauler to get all the items.

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  • naezgulnaezgul Homer Glen, ILPosts: 374Member
    Originally posted by infuzor
    Darkness Falls or Darkness mines or  something similar to DAoC DF. I will live there. :)

    This SHOULD be on the main slate.....not relegated to some stretch would be huge selling point for people....


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