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Warhammer Trophy Customization

nodvianodvia boise, IDPosts: 13Member Uncommon
One of the big things I remember about Warhammers development that I was excited to hear about was the trophy system, for those that don't know what this is the link I'm wondering if anyone wants to see this return in CU.


  • darkbalthdarkbalth Edwardsville, ILPosts: 42Member Uncommon
    I think it is neat but do not think it will happen.  less is more for fps
  • TimEisenTimEisen Columnist Posts: 2,849Member Rare

    My friend and I grinded like mad for a special armor trophy, we were so excited, it looked really cool in the screenshot. We got it, applied it, and it didn't work...glitched...#stillbitter lol

    I used to role-play a Warrior Priest now I role-play a writer.
    "Basically if a Ninja Turtle used it, or close to it, I like it."
  • SorninSornin Richmond, BCPosts: 1,133Member

    The concept of trophies was neat, but I found that, if anything, they did not stick out enough! Most were too small and did not stick out enough against one's armour.

    I would not mind seeing trophies done well in CU, resources allowing. Keep in mind that it would be easy to allow the display of them to be turned off on each client's PC via settings, so it would not impact FPS unless one let it.


  • VerbVerb Newtown Square, PAPosts: 14Member
    The idea was good, the implementation was more: 4 pixel coin on the strap of your armor that you could see if you knew where to look. I think pre-launch funding for a small budget game could be much better spent.
  • StilerStiler Athens, TNPosts: 599Member

    I think if thiey did it, it'd be better spent on having less, but "bigger" trophies, things that looked better then say, the small "coin" like things strapped to your belt and more like well...trophies.


    IE - A "Bearclaw" necklace, a speccial sword sheathe strapped to your character, things that "stand out" more. Where they might not have as "many" as in Warhammer, but each one is designed better and there aren't a lot of "similar" trophies that look copy an dpasted with slight design tweaks.

  • EdanyEdany Phoenix, AZPosts: 179Member Uncommon
    If you watched Andrew's update video, you would have seen him mention this system specifically and how he wanted to implement it but on a FAR larger and better scale than what they were allowed to do in Warhammer. I am thrilled about that because while I loved a ton of the art and modeling in WAR, I was consistently aggravated with the lack of appearence customization. As stated before, even the trophies were sometimes non-existent or barely recognizeable. A lot of that had to do with Games Workshop and thier iron grip on their IP and artistic allowances (which is to say, their way only or no way).
  • OranguOrangu Los Angeles, CAPosts: 32Member
    Put trophys in houses not on character models.


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