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LFG to replace CoH

olepiolepi Posts: 1,247Member Uncommon

Here's the main features I loved in CoH, and what I'm looking for:

- action oriented, with a lot of "fireworks". Studies have shown that fireworks stimulate the brain in a storm pattern, and we like that :) So I want something with some flash

- very easy to get groups, CoH was absolutely the best I've seen so far for grouping up.

- good mix of solo, group, and area action

- PvP not required, but would be nice (loved DAOC)

- a certain level of complexity. CoH characters had two power sets, each with a choice of 8 out of 12 powers, and each power has six slots that can accept enhancements

What do the CoH junkies play now?

RIP City of Heroes. One of my favorite MMO's.


  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid GinnungagapPosts: 8,400Member Rare
    i dont know what they play now, but for super heroe mmos DCUO seems a good place to land after jumping from the crashing CoH plane

  • rakai05rakai05 Portland, ORPosts: 8Member Uncommon

    Let me know if you find anything. I'd love to find a game with as much group play. And the community was nicest I've experienced. 

    In the superhero genre, I tried DCUO but it's just so awful as a substitute. It's much more of a button-masher fighting game with some bad-looking powers thrown in. And the animations are horrendous. If someone is more than like 15 feet from you they move like Mr. Game & Watch.  It has its cool points and lot of people like it, but compared to CoH, it does nothing for me.

    I'm trying to like Champions Online, since it's the only other choice out there, but it's really hard. You can mix up powers from the different sets if you want, but most of them feel pretty similar with different unpleasant animations. Although I like the graphic design in CoH better, that's just a personal thing, and Champions has pretty nice looking graphics for what they want. I haven't seen much in the way of teaming other than their instant action mission things, and those usually only last about 2-3 minutes and then your group is disbanded. The area chat is usually filled with people cussing and making raunchy comments, and I've yet to really find anyone friendly. Maybe I just need to look harder.

    I really like that about CoH, the people. It was great when you had a mission team running. You'd all be blasting your way through missions, enjoying some casual conversation and jokes along the way. When someone had to leave the group, people actually cared, and then you would find new people to join you and continue on. As the evening progressed your group would start making inside jokes from your experiences. It was great. I miss those people.  :(

  • OranguOrangu Los Angeles, CAPosts: 32Member
    I would recommend Champions Online over DCUO. The character creater is fantastic, great variety of powers that you can choose to combine and its also F2P.


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