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any more beta invites recently?

jaserionjaserion Demarest, NJPosts: 27Member Uncommon
at this rate my interest for this game is wandering off.  


  • HjamnrHjamnr Madison, WIPosts: 163Member
    Originally posted by jaserion
    at this rate my interest for this game is wandering off.  

    Yeah, not much new.   Also, you do realize that their "beta invites" are just for short periods, to test specific things? 

    These aren't standard "Beta so you can test it and see if you like it from now until release" type beta invites.

  • NanfoodleNanfoodle Posts: 7,049Member Epic

    First rule of beta is you dont talk about beta

    Second rule is... YOU DONT TALK ABOUT BETA!

    Ya you cant even say your in beta with ESO beta testing so you wont find much info outside the devs saying there is one.

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  • TibbzTibbz Houston, TXPosts: 611Member Uncommon
    i would not mind a few game play videos from them, or a weekly status update.  Though the news isnt really drying up, i think most of our patience is getting the best of us LOL

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