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The problem with CU and this Monetary model

ChakulaChakula Sycamore, ILPosts: 12Member

I played both of Mark's notable PvP/RvR games, and I thoroughly enjoyed them both. I think RvR games are where its at, that's what I enjoy in gaming. I don't want to waste a bunch of time blowing smoke up anyone's ass. So i'll get to why I believe this is going to be an uphill battle.

A lot of Mark's target audience and fanbase is getting older (like him lol). Many of the people I played DaoC and WAR with are a bit older now. By older I mean not in Highschool or college. By older I mean starting families getting married or trying to establish themselves. Sure there is a lot of nostalgia, and CU will be an amazing game if/when it is produced. In these tough times people have to decide whether they are going to toss money to a cause that is 2-3 years out. With the way technoglogy is booning especially into the mobile/tablet niche. In 2-3 years I think console gaming will be in serious peril, and computing will be closely behind that. That being said, will people blow $900 on a new computer every few years still, or will they get into that tablet gap right between the smart phone, laptop, console gap. If anything Zynga and Rovio proved that you can make BILLIONS in gaming with the tablet crowd. So to endeavor into a slower market that has a far substantial investment point has to be questioned.

Is there a market for RvR on a computer? Absolutely. Will you get people to come in and support a game that is two years away, and they might have to buy a new computer by then again? Well that's the tough question. I really would enjoy playing a new age RvR game. I couldn't tell you what I'm going to be doing in 2 years, a wife, 2 kids, house, 3 cars, family, friends, etc. I think a lot people that would be in the scope to play this game have a lot of things going on in their lives right now, and in 2 years that things will only get busier for me. So while I would purchase this game and play it minimally, why would I invest in anything other than buying a box of a finished project?


I sincerely hope the game funds and is produced despite the tremendous forces against this game right now. The new drive by gaming generation only wants these cheap thrill mmos that are thrown together quickly. Then nothing more than play the game pronounced the beat the game, and thrash the quality of it.


I think that the days of well made RvR games are coming to an end. One last hoo-rah? I hope so I would throughly enjoy it. Will I chip in to kickstart this game? Maybe. I'm not sure at what point I want to get in at, if at all.

This game has a tough road ahead, in all honesty I don't think this is the right time to ask people for money to help build a project of this kind. There's no way you can build a game with 5 million dollars. Unless you plan on making a mobile app, maybe. We all know the game will sell a bunch of copies, the real question is, will it be worth it to chunk in money for it now?


  • belatucadrosbelatucadros Toronto, ONPosts: 263Member
    5 mill can absolutely do this. The biggest chunk of designer time is pve, really.

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  • SBE1SBE1 New York, NYPosts: 335Member

    Yep. Without the PvE, the costs of making a game is much lower.  Plus, you don't have to worry about running out of content, since technically there isn't any to start with, it's all player driven. 

    If you don't think it can work, it works very well in EVE.

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