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Just started playing Dayz......and game awards.

DevilmarioDevilmario Warren, MIPosts: 18Member

Wow being a fan of The Walking Dead, Dayz is awesome, a little buggy but awesome.

Finally a game that I like after playing some really crappy games lately.

SWTOR  Worst MMORPG Ive played in my life.

Firefall    Boooooooooooooring.

Dayz deserves some props and has my vote for game of the year while SWTOR wins my worst game ever played award.

While Im at it I might as well give out some awards.


Game of the Year                    Dayz

Best Graphics                         Tera

Worst Game of the year        SWTOR

Most dissapointing game of the century         SWTOR

I have a custom gaming PC with 60 gigs of ram , a NVIDIA card , 1,000 dollars and Razer mouse and keyboard.

Being a pro gamer Ive played some bad games and some good games but SWTOR is the worst game ive played ever, what a disapointment.


  • NamelessCNamelessC New York, NYPosts: 26Member Uncommon
    I won't say SWTOR is the worst game I ever played, it just lack content. I loved the alignment system and the romance aspect.
  • Ramones274Ramones274 Spanaway, WAPosts: 366Member

    Day Z is pretty amazing. Hopefully the standalone will bring the polish it's lacking to be truly incredible.

    Do you get paid to game?


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  • IrylIryl AmersfoortPosts: 15Member

    60 gigs of RAM, very nice! Very usefull in games too...

    I'm waiting for the DayZ standalone before picking it up again, best gaming experience in a while tho!

  • DevilmarioDevilmario Warren, MIPosts: 18Member
    Cant wait for the stand alone.
  • RedcorRedcor Austin, TXPosts: 426Member
    Ahh Jeeez , you opened the worm can bro. It won't be long now till some elite poster goes apeshit over you bashing SWTOR. DayZ is a great game. I wish it was made over the counterstrile or Battlefield games and not arma but its still a blast. And I agree SWTOR was junk. I said it back in beta and got raged on by people that probrably don't even play anymore.

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