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Age of Wushu: Get your Dragon Slayer Gift Pack Now!



  • rodingorodingo Posts: 2,808Member Rare
    Originally posted by Admin
    Originally posted by rodingo
    Originally posted by Admin
    Sorry about that guys - my key import failed and I never realized it.  Keys are there now!

    Out of curosity, is it possible for you to disclose how many keys you started with this promotion?

    It was just shy of 10,000 - 9995 I believe.

    Awsome, thanks image

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  • MMOGamer71MMOGamer71 Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 1,930Member Uncommon
  • LoktofeitLoktofeit Stone Mountain, GAPosts: 14,247Member Rare
    Originally posted by bcbully
    geez those keys went fast  0.0

    I think Age of Wushu is going to be a sleeper hit, and the fact that its fanbase is passionate without being rabid will go a long way toward its rise in success.


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  • ezx81ezx81 singaporePosts: 1Member

    Key not working thou.... took 3 but all not working.

    Failed error code 1001...

    Anyone know the reason?

  • mookedmooked Wilkes Barre, PAPosts: 3Member
    there are still 6ooo + keys O.O left go go go go ! ^^
  • b1izb1iz cleveland, OHPosts: 3Member Common
    Originally posted by Cursedsei
    Originally posted by afeofwushu
    Originally posted by DJMantiss
    Any game, any at all that does the (14 day) crap is blacklisted. Those are simply never worth it and by that huge list of pills tells you this game is a nickle&dime sink. 

    what 14 day crap? If you are getting nickled and dime, you have a problem seriously.  A just say no problem. No need to spend a dime outside of VIP, unless you really want to. Even then it's not worth it.


    edit- 14 days on the free cosmetic they are giving you? oookay lol probaly should stick to your other game :p


    The concept alone is distasteful. Its downright lazy as its the developers essentially saying "Hey, we don't really know how to make money with our cash shop, so just pay to rent everything instead!".


    I love Age of Wushu so far, but even I'm not so ignorant to just blatantly attack someone for not liking the "rental' crap. Much less so ignorant and trollish to make an account JUST to do that. There was a reason people wanted that crap removed out of Vindictus, removed out of Dungeon Fighters, and removed from the plenty of other games out there. Whats the point of paying a "rent" that can (and easily will) add up to more than a Subscription MMO, for a F2P title?


    There is none.

    But 99.8% of the stuff is purely cosmetic. anly thing that i h have problems with being rented are the mounts but thats really not that much of a big deal either and getting around in game is not hard. Vip is all you need(and technically dont even need that). I would have a problem if the rentable stuff mattered but seeing as its all nothing but "fluff" it dont bother me one bit...

  • kanijojigkanijojig dsfgfsdgfdsPosts: 1Member
    Will these keys work on Black Tortoise server?
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