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Is Defiance better then FireFall ?



  • HatefullHatefull Posts: 1,209Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by rawfox
    Just wonder .. Out of experience with this site, the more hyped game is often the worse ^^ (i.e. WoWP <-> WoT)   So is Defiance comparable to FireFall at all ? Or is it more like PS2 ?    

    I have played them both, and for MY play style, Defiance is better.  Not saying Firefall is a bad game, not at all, just does not fit the way I enjoy playing.

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  • ThomasN7ThomasN7 1, NJPosts: 6,690Member
    Neither of these games are that good to be honest. You better off playing Black Ops 2 or Halo 4 until we get a much better shooter mmo.
  • taus01taus01 MunichPosts: 1,352Member


    They can be directly compared as both offer you the opportunity to just jump right in and have fun. Both have decent gunplay and feel like a medium quality shooter.

    The pro of Firefall is depth in terms of the crafting and customization. It also has a much more refined story and offers endgame right from the start. The whole game is pretty much end game. 

    The con is the long winded beta phase and the constant changing of mechanics. The developers are not sure what they want yet and it shows. This could of cause bee seen as a plus since you get to input on this process and see how the whole thing develops.

    The pro of Defiance is the tie in with the game show and the amazingly well designed engine that can handle 50+ people shooting one giant end boss with effects going off in all directions without even flinching.

    The con is the sloppy story telling, i have no idea where it is going and it seems disconnected as we are missing the series to introduce us a little more into what exactly is going on. There is no crafting or advancement worth noting. All guns are the same and just vary in the added effects depending on rarity. The sound is cheap and disapointing for a shooter, music is repetitive.

    Both are equal in my book, they are just fun to play.

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  • hfztthfztt GlostrupPosts: 1,136Member Uncommon

    You cant really judge FireFall. Seriously. They change so much all the time, thats is more like: "Last month it was a good game, now its more meh, but it might be great next month. Couldn't say..."

    Whenever someone says something like "I played it and it sucks/is great" the only thing I can tell from it is that they havent played it much...

  • Squeak69Squeak69 Colorado Springs, COPosts: 957Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Normandy7
    Neither of these games are that good to be honest. You better off playing Black Ops 2 or Halo 4 until we get a much better shooter mmo.

    NO just NO, these games are not of the same nature once agian compareing SP games to MMO games just dose not work, so please people stop doing it.

    and yes i know both have *instance* match makeing but that dose not make it a MMO honestly i hate this style of FPS while i enjoy none PvP SP FPS, and so far i have enjoyed defience cause its more about haveing fun with your friends then the PvP which is the way i prefer it.

    yes call me a carebear or whatever stero type people want to use to make fun of people who dont have fun decimateing others. but i enjoy games that are about fun and playing with friends rather then slapping people with my e-pean .

    F2P may be the way of the future, but ya know they dont make them like they used toimage
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  • RolleZRolleZ FalkenbergPosts: 40Member Uncommon

    Firefall has way better PC support... Trion don't give a damn about the PC side anymore (120 hz bug that we ignore from beta and alpha players until some famous Youtuber pull there pants about it). Don't waste your money unless Trion shows some proper PC support.

    Console gamer? Good game for you.

  • Chaz0rChaz0r Lutten, CAPosts: 1Member

    It's hard to compare those games. They are totally different. But there were and still are points which are killing Firefall for me:

    1. Tutorials are not there. There should be tutorials for an MMO which is not like all the other MMOs.

    2. Goal is not clear. What am I doing there? Why am I doing it?

    3. There is absolutely no presentation of the story in the game, except the new intro. What the hell happened? What happens now? Who are all the guys you kill? What are they doing? What do they want?

    4. I hate the "jumping-shooting". But that is just my oppinion ^^

    5. It looks like everything I do ends in crafting...and crafting ends in PvP. To me the whole game appears very partial.

    6. The Events aren't epic enough to work alone. They are good. Nothing more, nothing less.


    I think Defiance makes all these things better. And has other plus points compared to firefall.


    1. There is an intruduction to some things and others things for me got faster clear then in Firefall.

    2. Goal is clear.

    3. Lots of story. And just imagine what happens with the story, when the series starts. But even without the series, the presentation of the story and the universe is much better.

    4. More "realistic" shooter mechanics

    5. Not so partial for me :D

    6. Events are as good as in Firefall, I think. But there are real quests which makes the game overall much more epic for me


    Besides that I think the setting and style of the game is better. I don't like that cartoonish style of Firefall. The world design is great though. 

    That doesn't make Firefall a bad game. I think it still has much potential. But for me Defiance is the much better experience.

  • GoldenArrowGoldenArrow Posts: 1,185Member Uncommon

    Just finished the main campaign of Defiance.

    The game is worth 30€'s just for this and you also get a PvP shooter with tons of loot and really long progression path.

    Can't wait for the DLCs, love the story.


    Defiance is a lot more bang for your buck than any other shooter.

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