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TDD Have Horns, a question emerges...

TimEisenTimEisen ColumnistPosts: 2,813Member Rare

Will I be able to have their heads mounted and placed on my wall? If so I plan to bag a 30 pointer!

You can call me, the "bone collector"!

Seriously though, it would be cool to be able to put some antlers up as a way to show that you have killed a pile of em (not the head, just the horns).

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  • skyexileskyexile MelbournePosts: 692Member Common

    how will i scalp them now?

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  • StilerStiler Athens, TNPosts: 599Member

    It would be  kind of neat if you got "trophies" from RVR, which you could display in your house/keeps, etc.

    Not sure about heads though. In Ultima Online you could kill another player and take their head, haven't seen something like that since though really.


  • evil13evil13 Burlington, MAPosts: 359Member Common
    TDD's horns remind me of Daoc's Hero's Stag form :) And yea, figuring out a way to make traphies out of players would be nice. Maybe give it like a 0.1% chance to get a trophy when you kill someone? Would be kind of cool (stuff like other realms weapons, shields, helms etc.)
  • MaricMaric NorCalPosts: 96Member Uncommon
    I'm most likely going TDD, and i still think the 'antler collection' idea is awesome!  Keep pushing Mark for that!
  • ArbroathArbroath Depew, NYPosts: 176Member Uncommon
    Come for my trophy, mate. Remember, you mess with the Sidhe, you get the horns. And not to mount on yer wall!

    It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom — for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself. ~Declaration of Arbroath

  • QallidexzQallidexz Austin, TXPosts: 253Member
    If I break into your house, and find my cousin's head, mounted on your wall... Oh man, it's on. lol
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