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Game Choice Help (maybe I am helpless?)

Pixel_JockeyPixel_Jockey Auburn Hills, MIPosts: 165Member

Hi guys, been a long time "lurker" here at the MMORPG forums and just recently registed. I am looking for some advice on a new game to play. I have looked at many of the MMOs listed and reviewed on this site and I just can't seem to find anything that grabs me. Perhaps I overlooked some games on accident, or perhaps I am asking too much, but I can't seem to find anything that looks good to me. Basically I am tired of the gear treadmill/linear/quest hub type games and am looking for something with some depth. I enjoy PvE and PvP just about equally.

A little background: 

I have been playing MMOs since SWG launch day (10 years?) and have played/tried quite a few since then and now. I currently own:

GW2- Played 4 weeks (started at launch), got max level, and quit. I logged back in last week hoping to have it suck me in but alas, I played about 10 minutes and said eff it.

WoW- Currently subbed, play a couple times a week. I usually log in and do the raid finder thing and maybe some dailies (all my friends/guildies quit some time ago). Can't say I have a ton of fun, but it is better than nothing at the moment (at least there is end game stuff to do, although it becomes boring fast IMO).

SWTOR- Ugh...I played for a couple months when it released and then quit once I realized how terribly shallow it is. Had high hopes for this one (as others did I am sure) but I find this game terrible. How the hell do they design a "rpg" where you can't sit in cantina seats? I didn't expect SWG2 but come on. Anyways...

I perfer a sandbox style over themepark, mix is fine too but I am not interested in anything "WoW-like" (I could just play WoW). Nothing wrong with it, but I am just sick of it personally. Out of all the games I have played, I miss the depth of SWG the most. I am really looking for a game that has great crafting, exploring, less hand-holding, housing, player driven economy and cities, etc (depth, basically). Maybe these types of games don't exist anymore because i certainly cannot find one. I have been told EVE has some of these qualities but I am not really into the whole spaceship thing so much. I don't really care if it is a AAA or indie title, I only care that it has some of the qualities I listed and that the gameplay is not awful. Anyone got any ideas, or am I asking for something that does not exsist? Thanks ahead of time!


  • AeliousAelious OregonPosts: 3,383Member Uncommon
    Check out The Repopulaion website and sign up for the beta. Not sure if you'll get in but I heard they were taking more testers. Ditto for Origins of Malu of there are still beta keys available from Alienware.
  • QuizzicalQuizzical Posts: 17,367Member Epic
    You might want to look into Uncharted Waters Online or A Tale in the Desert.
  • falconhandfalconhand ZuidbroekPosts: 50Member Uncommon
    if you "survive" the feeling when you see your char walk I can advice to try fallen earth for a while, it is a f2p mmo so no money lost, have nice crafting and interesting setting, I however did not survive the feeling when I saw my char walking, still had some fun in the game
  • AngryBeaverAngryBeaver Meggett, SCPosts: 34Member Uncommon
    I would try TSW if i were you. I stayed away from it for a long time and then got bored and installed it. Its A LOT of fun =)
  • Pixel_JockeyPixel_Jockey Auburn Hills, MIPosts: 165Member
    Originally posted by AngryBeaver
    I would try TSW if i were you. I stayed away from it for a long time and then got bored and installed it. Its A LOT of fun =)

    Hmmm...this is a pretty linear themepark no? Not saying it isn't possibly good, maybe I will give the f2p a try this weekend. Also thank you for the other reccomendations everyone. I was checking out Wurm's website, anyone have experience with this one?  Aside from the terrible graphics it looks really good (sandbox wise).

  • AngryBeaverAngryBeaver Meggett, SCPosts: 34Member Uncommon

    I have heard Sand box and Themepark so much and used in so many ways that im not sure what they mean.


    If your a crafter its too simple. The endgame isnt really there but I really enjoyed TSW for about 2 months which is way more than 90% of the games out there. GW2 had me for 2 weeks. SWTOR 3-4 weeks and atempted it twice.


    What makes TSW fun is the Tactics needed once you get to the upper levels.

  • Pixel_JockeyPixel_Jockey Auburn Hills, MIPosts: 165Member
    Good to know. I also had the same exact experience with GW2 and SWTOR, 2-4 weeks and I had enough. I think I might try TSW this weekend.
  • Pixel_JockeyPixel_Jockey Auburn Hills, MIPosts: 165Member
    Ended up re-subbing to Rift. The new expansion seems really good and....player housing! Yeah it's instanced and not as nice as the SWG style, but hey its something. I played a few hours last night and actually enjoyed myself ( surprised as I was). Should hold me over until EQnext (I hope!). 
  • BenediktBenedikt PraguePosts: 1,406Member Uncommon
    you can also try Vanguard, AC2, Ryzom or Istaria
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