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Servers Down?

YuniqueYunique Te ArohaPosts: 12Member
Not quite sure if it's just me. Was getting into the game and enjoying it then BAM Try Again to connect :x


  • poupaspoupas trafariaPosts: 16Member Uncommon
    Yes servers down ,but short down time
  • YuniqueYunique Te ArohaPosts: 12Member
    Ah awesome
  • brindleburnbrindleburn cambridgePosts: 65Member Uncommon

    message i saw said it down for 30 mins.

    Been playing all day and enjoying also. 

  • spidiispidii Bozeman, MTPosts: 100Member Uncommon
    Yup, should be back up in 20 or so. Said 30 when they went down about 10 minutes ago :) I'm also really enjoying the game, very satisfying. Nice job from Trion so far and their strength really lies in patching constantly and listening to the community so I'm hopeful for the future as well. Yay!
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