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Kickstarter project is live! Pledge now!

burfoburfo Blue Mounds, WIMember Posts: 46
The Kickstarter project has launched.  Ready your money and go now!




  • QuailmanQuailman marlborough, MAMember Posts: 165

    Consume. Be silent. Die.

  • DaizeddDaizedd Salon de ProvenceMember Posts: 142
    Just got the 110$ tier yay!

  • ArconaArcona VanloseMember Posts: 1,182 Uncommon
    nice catch, how did you do it? :P
  • VanshoodieVanshoodie Russellville, ALMember Posts: 34
    it has 47k out the gate
  • ArconaArcona VanloseMember Posts: 1,182 Uncommon

    lol, watch that counter

    setting records?

  • NegativeXNegativeX Denver, COMember Posts: 100
    LOL... 50k in less than a minute.

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  • burfoburfo Blue Mounds, WIMember Posts: 46
    Originally posted by Arcona
    nice catch, how did you do it? :P

    Kickstarter has a Recently Launched page.  Yeah, I totally hacked the system. image


  • SorninSornin Richmond, BCMember Posts: 1,133

    I just pledged $3,025 (shipping outside USA). They now have over $100,000 already!

    This thing is going to be funded so quickly!


  • NanulakNanulak USAMember Posts: 355 Uncommon
    Pledge is in ans watching ticker now :)   Good morning entertainment.


  • belatucadrosbelatucadros Toronto, ONMember Posts: 263


    $500 lighter. 2x warrior forever


    (told you guys I was a mythic nerd)

    Eldritch, Nightshade, Warden, Druid, Mauler, Mentalist
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    Healer, Warrior, Skald

  • Corinthian-XCorinthian-X Horn Lake, MSMember Posts: 86

    Warrior Forever here also.


    Watching the 13 minute video now.

  • beibhinnbeibhinn EnnisMember Posts: 26 Uncommon
    Pledged warrior forever...weeeee

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  • burfoburfo Blue Mounds, WIMember Posts: 46
    Oh man; two islands have sold already!


  • BowbowDAoCBowbowDAoC Granby, QCMember Posts: 470 Uncommon
    Pledged $110.


    Bowbow (kob hunter) Infecto (kob cave shammy) and Thurka (troll warrior) on Merlin/Midgard DAoC
    Thurka on WAR


  • akleyakley plymouth, MAMember Posts: 17
    pledged 110
  • Storm_FirebladeStorm_Fireblade FlensburgMember Posts: 156
    Originally posted by Storm_Fireblade

    My crystal ball says you will have at least 1.000.000 $ during the first 24 hours, I might even consider to forecast the funding of the kickstart with 2.000.000 $ on day one :) *back to polishing his crystal ball*

    Thats what I said four weeks ago. Curious to see, whether or not my forecast at least is going to be close :D

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  • OldskooOldskoo Minneapolis, MNMember Posts: 189 Uncommon
    Pledged $100 (2 x 50) one for my wife and myself :)


  • SeariasSearias Edmonton, ABMember Posts: 719 Uncommon
    $1250 Backed :).

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  • outd00rmineroutd00rminer Hollywood, FLMember Posts: 37
    Young Hero posting here.  :D :D :D
  • ArbroathArbroath Depew, NYMember Posts: 176 Uncommon

    got my $110 tier, YAY.


    $175,000 by 10 minutes after start  :)

    It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom — for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself. ~Declaration of Arbroath

  • AdeptusArbitratorAdeptusArbitrator CastlefordMember Posts: 35
    Pledged! - A hub for roleplayers in Camelot Unchained!

  • LawtoweenLawtoween Houston, TXMember Posts: 103

    Done.  IT for me, Warrior Forever for my son.


  • BobarianBobarian ft myers, FLMember Posts: 24
    $500 well spent
  • fanglofanglo Virginia, VAMember Posts: 295 Uncommon
    Originally posted by Arbroath
    got my $110 tier, YAY.   $175,000 by 10 minutes after start  :)

    Ya nearly 10%. By the end of the day might be up to 20% or so.

    I healed Mistwraith and all I got was this stupid tee-shirt!

  • ArconaArcona VanloseMember Posts: 1,182 Uncommon
    $180 tier is very popular, the 500 slots will run out very fast :p
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