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Looking for...

GoodCopBadCopGoodCopBadCop OlenPosts: 2Member

Hello there fellow gamers,

I've been playing a browser based game for several years now. I recently got alot more work wich downsizes my online time alot.

I'm currently looking for a new game to play. Any suggestions would be more then welcome. It should have at least a few of the following:

- Being FREE always helps...

- not being time-based, obviously i know playing more often will be good for the account but i don't want anything bad to happen while i'm offline...

- It should have a good ranking system

-  .... that's it, see i'm not so demanding... ;-)


  • anassmouhaanassmouha Texas, TXPosts: 3Member

    Why don't you try this one : Dragon's prophet. Here's the link

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  • LithuanianLithuanian vilniusPosts: 277Member Uncommon

    You will probably get thousands of advices starting with "f2p is evil" ending with "play Farmville"... What are you into once in a game: fighting every monster you meet? slaughtering any foolish enough to oppose you in PvP? be top-master, known in the game that can craft anything? famous role-player? Are you after fantasy with its knights, orcs, dragons? Space strategy? Zombie survival?

    I personally have played two mmorpgs (Runescape does not count...) so far and each can reccomend:

    Istaria ( not so huge game, some races, including Dragons (yes, you can roam the sky). Free players get only Human race and cannot own plots of land/lairs. Otherwise - no restrictions. No cash shop whatsoever. Impressive multi-classing: you can finish every combat/crafting school. My toon is already top level crafter in several crafting schools as well as combat ones. However, graphic may seem not top one and population is not very huge (but very helpfull).

    Lord of the rings online ( huge game, lots of land to explore. Tolkien's lore behind it, so expect to talk with Gandalf, help Aragon and see green views of the Shire and nosey Hobbits as well as fight evil servants of Mordor, be it Orc, stone Trolls. Tolkienist races and classes. Free players get some restrictions (currency cap; cannot choose 2 combat schools; must purchase regions that are given for free for paying customers; must purchase additional inventory bags; must purchase auction house and riding). Views are exciting and there is much to do, from defending Thorin Hall dwarves to visiting dreadfull Mines of Moria: every region will give its own quests and 'deeds'. There is store that operates both in real-life cash and Turbine points. You earn Turbine points by doing deeds like "finish 30 quests in Bree-land", "finish 75 quests in the SHire", "kill 60 spiders in Bree-land", "find 5 fortresses of Dwarves" and alike so that it is possible to purchase anything without spending a penny. However, this does require some time: advanced users advice subscribing for 1 month (15$), then unsubscribe so that every toon created will not have restrictions.

    The choice is yours. Whatever you choose - good luck. Should you choose Istaria or Lotro - you may also look for my toon, NaktiesKarys in istaria and the same NaktiesKarys in Lotro's Withywindle server.

  • GoodCopBadCopGoodCopBadCop OlenPosts: 2Member

    I'm mostly looking for newer games, doesn't have to be downloads, i play browser games aswell...

    The most important thing would be that it would not be time-based. I used to play for the past 7 years. I succesfully played 2 worlds there and ended up with top 20 accounts on both worlds. Now i'm looking to repeat that on another game but without the time-based hassle...


    Any suggestions???

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