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Patch Notes

bliss14bliss14 eleva, WIPosts: 572Member Uncommon

Not sure about these patch notes, I think they're trying to break their own game!

It was a very productive month in March.  The team enjoyed some R&R in our annual Las Vegas team week and after a lot of thought decided we needed to make some substancial changes to the core design of the game. We hope you enjoy these new and creative changes we came up with.

Abilities and Skills

  • Added a stackable speed-debuff skill that will slow opponents down. When enough stacks have been applied, the negative speed debuff will cause time to go backwards.
  • Genetically Engineered pets may now be revived by players with the grandmaster level of every skill.
  • Added anti-decay skill which removes the need to repair weapons or armor, this will most likely be a cash shop item.
  • Added new skill, learned in tutorial areas, that allows all new player characters to instantly go to any place in the game world they desire. This is given by an ultra rare NPC named John Smith who appears for thirty seconds in a random location and grants it to the first person who can answer a Repopulation Trivia Question..
  • Added a ‘weightlifting’ skill. See full pack hiking.
  • Added new permanent buff for grandmaster entertainers. It will provide +150% to all combat abilities, which will allow them to survive better. Only effective when playing music using one of the new instruments.
  • In order to make English version of Tea, a new skill called Milking has been introduced into the game. A player equips a special ‘Lactation gun’ and finds a group of Hokfig. Using stealth the player gets within two meters of the Hokfig and fires from a prone position. The ‘relax the beast’ fittings will determine if you succeed. Failure causes the Hokfig to immediately attack. Success causes the Hokfig to lay down and roll onto its side in a random direction. The player must dodge the Hokfig and, still in stealth, achieve line of sight on the udders. Utilizing the milking gun once more with the ‘lactation release’ fitting will gain you 1 to 3 units of milk. The higher your skill in Milking, the better the quality of the milk obtained.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Due to overwhelming player feedback, another AI pass has been implemented adding squad or herd based mechanics. No longer will any mob in range stand idle while you slay their friends. Expect pulls to average 4-7 mobs.
  • Humanoid/intelligent species  mobs will now taunt and criticize players who are not aesthetically pleasing to them. A Lesoo telling you you're ugly sounds particularly dirty. Please note, the Faugea fat insult is not actually saying 'Baby, you know you want this'.
  • Humanoid mobs have been given personalities ranging from Friendly to Crotchety to Bi-Polar; these personalities will determine their individual behavior. Bi-polar mobs, for instance, will occasionally find a corner and cry in the middle of a fight.
  • Mob awareness range has been increased to mirror vocal ranges of individual species. Supersonic vocal patterns will now occasionally call mobs from across the zone, or other zones, to assist. Expect pull increases of 9-15 mobs.
  • Removed all current AI from the game; instead of programming we will be using trained monkeys to generate a more unique and random sequence for PvE; Each player the monkey kills will earn it a banana. Expect to die often.


  • Added a track with Fran Drescher singing the 'Song that never ends'
  • Added 15 new animal sounds to the game; due to budget constraints these are mostly natural body function sounds with the audio channels tweaked. We should not of put all of that kickstarter money on black.
  • An in-game voice server will be implemented to allow players to communicate with nearby players, or players within their group or nation. In order to save on bandwidth, all voice transmissions will be processed through The Repopulation’s clientside SMRTSPEAK system, which sends only the first syllable of each word to the other player.  The receiving player’s SMRTSPEAK system then predicts what the initial player intended to say and fills in the blanks.
  • Audio has been disabled until we can find the source of the screaming. We apologize to those testers who have been unable to sleep or who have experienced nightmares.


  • Added 6 new building types: Nightclub, Botanical garden, Spaceport, Pyramid, Harem, and Alcatraz Prison
  • Pyramids add prestige to your city; they will also stand as monuments to the fallen leaders on Hardcore servers
  • Botanical gardens introduce new plants to your city and increase Horticulture done inside your city's area of influence. Beware the sting of the Vaesparia pinnasine.
  • Harems now significantly add to the City Happiness level. A high level of Biomedical skill in the Mayor is required to keep this building running and preventing a negative happiness rating (disease -10) from occurring.
  • Thanks to some anonymous sponsors, all player cities will now include several structures for free. These include a Starbucks, McDonalds, and GameStop. Player cities must include at least one of all three of these structures.
  • Added basements and underground tunneling to cities; unfortunately the water table on Rhyldan is quite high so this was futile, except as ways for aquatic animals to infest the cities, greatly expanding the possible Engagements.


  • A new craftable siege engine has been added. Nicknamed the "Super Kersploder 5000" this is a chariot pulled by a team of 3 "death moose" and loaded with anti-matter cannons. It cannot be destroyed, and the "death moose" are able to kill NPC and PC characters instantly.
  • Enabled a pop-up consent for PVP; this notification is enabled in all areas and will not turn on or off your PVP flag, but instead will inform your attacker if you are consenting. Ignoring the pop-up will cause the system to assume you are non-consenting, helping to prevent AFK botting.
  • Based on player concern, “PvP” will now be referred to in-game as “player frown time.” This should create a better environment for exploration and player interaction.
  • Due to overwhelming tester feedback, the "Super Kersploder 5000" will now be available for free to all players.
  • Tab targeting has been adjusted based on player feedback. It will not target you when you first use it, then target the furthest enemy from you. If you press tab again, it will target you once more, then target a mob in a different zone, before properly targeting you again. This should provide a more streamlined experience for players.
  • In order to ensure a proper rating from the ESRB, all blood has been replaced with bubbles. Guns will now fire beams of solidified laughter and joy, and “death” will now be referred to as a “timeout.”
  • Due to last weekend’s "incident," the "Super Kersploder 5000" has been removed from the game.
  • Players who perform poorly in pvp will receive a 24 hour buff that prevents them from taking any damage from other players. This buff may be received no more than once every 25 hours.


  • Greatly increased the number of different crafting sub-components necessary per crafted item. On average, each item should now require several hundred different components to craft.
  • Real-time crafting has been introduced - all items now require at least 3 days of real time to produce. To ensure this system is not abused, characters cannot perform any other actions while crafting.
  • Added crafting recipes for the Lactation Gun
  • Added Relaxation and Lactation Release Fittings
  • English Tea now requires 4 units of milk to produce, Hot chocolate requires 20 units.
  • Added a rare ship recipe, only obtainable during the Flood engagement
  • Once players have mastered a recipe within any given crafting skill they will automatically reset all other recipe masteries to 1.  This is intended to discourage the min-maxing trend prevalent amongst crafters in other MMOs.


  • Added a new engagement to help keep factions balanced. If any faction is more than 10% out of balance with the others, the other factions will begin creating nuclear weapons. At 15% out of balance, they will start using them in order of city size. Please note, any character that dies to a nuclear explosion is perma'd as the blast destroys the Judair upload information.
  • Added a new engagement in all ‘safe zones’ (non PVP areas) including instanced housing and tutorial zones. Each time a player kills a non aggressive creature it adds to an internal counter. When a critical threshhold is reached, Vorpal Bunnies are spawned that then lay waste to all ‘safe zones’ until destroyed server wide. The counter is then reset to 0.
  • Added a Flood engagement. This engagement is ultra rare and triggers if the world rains for 40 straight days. Players will have to build an Ark and tame 2 of every creature in the world or everything will be destroyed and the server will have to start from scratch. This is on a separate timer for the Normal and Hardcore ruleset servers.
  • Added a new engagement that tests nation leaders on their ability to rule a nation.  Successfully answering 100% of the 500 question exam promotes the player to the rank of Evil Overlord, and grants that player GM specific abilities such as “Push Red Button”, “Almost Slay Hero” and “Tailoring: Craft Generic Dark Visor”.


  • Changed inventory management to a weighted system - characters are given the ability to carry 40 lbs of gear
  • Inventory weight limits can be increased by purposefully becoming encumbered and running around in pvp areas
  • Butt-Cheek tattoos are now available as cash shop only purchases.
  • The Repopulation launch date will be announced at PAX East 2013.
  • Changed in game currency from credits to gold; gold will be measured in troy ounces - 15 troy ounces (or 15 gold) equals 1 pound
  • Gold will be carried as an inventory item; to spend it you must have it in your inventory
  • Added ultra rare cloning mutations - these mutations are random and occur less than .01% of the time but include special abilities like eyeball laser beams, extra arms, and the ever-popular levitation
  • Due to inflation, the current credit transfer is approximately 100 credits per 15 gold; any gold that exceeds your current weight limit is discarded
  • To prevent bots from signing up for free accounts, new registrants will be required to solve a differential calculus equation.
  • For the mathematically challenged, an alternate option of 250 trivia questions on 50’s B-grade science fiction movies will be offered; an accuracy level of 95% of better is required to prove non-bot status.
  • Due to excessive inflation, and the NPCs realization that gold is useless, they’ve hiked their price by 600%; contaminated water now costs 45 gold.
  • Replaced all numbers in the game with base 10 logs to improve the sciencey feel of the game.
  • General chat is disabled by default. Enabling General Chat requires two forms of picture ID proving you are over 21, plus a major credit card.
  • Accounts on the normal ruleset server that are found to be ‘ganking, griefing, zerging or engaging in non-consensual pvp’ will, upon the first warning, be automatically transferred to the hardcore ruleset server. Note, no items equipped, in inventory, bank, or in any structures will be transferred, this would harm the economy of the hardcore ruleset server. Toons will be deposited without equipment on the hill in the exact center of the contested lands. Said character will have a Title of ‘Normal Ruleset Griefer’ that cannot be turned off until 100 hours of in-game time has passed, AND 1000 deaths. Good luck with that.
  • Due to art asset budgets, the game is being converted to 8 bit graphics; a cash shop item will allow you access to the full 256 color wheel instead of the standard 16 colors.
  • The emote “Coffee Grinding” has been added into the game as an ESRB acceptable substitute for Tea Bagging.


  • Melee weapons have been removed from the game.
  • Removed all dihydrogen monoxide from the game due to potential real life crossover dangers.
  • Added an item that grants a 30 minute buff that allows PvE-oriented people to be safe from attack in open PvP areas. This is a cash shop only item, bound to character, one per IP address.
  • Ranged weapons have been removed from the game.
  • Added new combat oriented musical instruments to the game including a piccolo that shoots laser beams, a drum with a rapid fire EMP burst, and a melee bagpipe.
  • Gnomes are now cash-shop purchasable decorations for your homes, but be aware A&B Technologies bears no responsibility if you turn your back and they move or disappear
  • Added Hokfig milk to the game
  • Grenades have been removed from the game.
  • All cookiees now have a chance to spawn a Trixie NPC which will lecture your character on posture, table manners, and getting homework done in a timely fashion.


  • Completion of an ultra rare epic mission named "Lottery" will award players with $50 worth of cash shop money each month for 649 Rhyldan years.
  • Added many new missions including 'Kill 10 Rats', 'Kill 10 More rats', and 'Kill 10 of Those Big Rat-Looking Things'. Plus the ever popular 'Walk 10 Feet Across the Road and Deliver This Message For Me' mission.
  • Escort missions have been revamped to require a maximum of 1/4 walking speed of the slowest person in the group.
  • All missions will now require you to travel a minimum of a thousand seconds before turning in each step of a multi step task.


  • Based on tester feedback, all aquatic animals can now swim through the air and no longer have, to quote one tester, "those horrible tentacles with mouths that haunt my nightmares."
  • Approximately every 5th word of NPC dialog the word "actually" has been added.
  • Added an NPC called "the Meatlump King". He looks exactly like Chuck Norris. His only ability is a roundhouse kick with a 100 meter radius.
  • Added teats to the Hokfig models so no one will question where the milk comes from
  • Added a random wandering NPC that sings the 'Song That Never Ends'. Please be aware that once you are in range to hear the song, you can never turn it off.
  • Based on tester feedback, all NPCs have been removed from the game, this should provide players with a truer sandbox experience.


  • It was recently realized that ferret DNA was smuggled aboard the Northern Star, and since, obviously, introducing a non-native species does not upset the natural equilibrium, the cloning techs have been producing ferrets for the colonists.
  • All players now start out with a permanent ferret pet. If you do not play with your ferret, or obtain additional ferrets for it to socialize with, it will turn feral and attempt to harm you whilst you are asleep (offline).
  • Due to several incidents with ferrets running away into the wild, all ferrets must be kept leashed or caged.
  • The Naferret is now tamable, however, it is a fickle beast and will generally only remain with you as long as you have things in your inventory to steal.

User Interface

  • Based on tester feedback, the UI now comes in 6 pre-defined colors: Black, White, Neon Yellow, Neon Pink, Neon Purple, and Green on Pink Plaid with Yellow trim.
  • Added color-name tags to everything in the game to keep the game friendly for the color-blind. Enemies will show up with a large tag floating above their heads that says "Red" with an arrow so you don't miss them.
  • In order to ensure that everyone is treated equally, customizing the UI to anything other than its default settings will place a damage over time effect on the player’s character until the UI is reverted back to default.
  • The Repopulation now allows players to customize the shape, size, and style of all UI elements, with tens of thousands of options available.
  • The default UI color is Green on Pink Plaid with Yellow Trim.  Reading glasses or sunglasses are recommended.


  • Due to unforeseen coding issues between ferrets and the native Rhyldan species, the native species have died off, so we’ve replaced them with ferrets, except the Nacoot, which have been seen breeding with the ferrets.
  • "Humans" are no longer an option during character creation.
  • Players on the hardcore server are now only allowed three clones before Perma Death.
  • All texture maps have been reversed and are now available only in low-resolution formats.
  • Fixed a bug where the sky was visible, it should no longer be visible. This change is intentional.
  • The shielding unit for Plymouth City has been deliberately damaged and FPR players are now allowed to attack and kill players in Plymouth City.
  • Introduced the Naferret, a furry, fanged lizard creature who steals a random item from your equipment or inventory once per day. This allows items to be removed from the world to help keep the economy in balance.
  • If Ferret dies, escapes, runs away, or becomes a bi-polar AI personality, it is replaced by a Naferret. All Naferrets are automatically replaced upon death or escape and the timer for stealing from your inventory is added to each replacement. If you have no items to remove, the ‘steal’ action will stack up to 250 times on all Naferrets on that account, until it succeeds in reducing it back down to 0.
  • Basements and tunnels now increase the chance of atmospheric rain by 1% each. See Flood Engagement.


  • OzivoisOzivois Phoenix, AZPosts: 598Member
    April Fools
  • MMOman101MMOman101 Posts: 1,439Member Uncommon
    • Melee weapons have been removed from the game.
    • Removed all dihydrogen monoxide from the game due to potential real life crossover dangers.
    • Added an item that grants a 30 minute buff that allows PvE-oriented people to be safe from attack in open PvP areas. This is a cash shop only item, bound to character, one per IP address.
    • Ranged weapons have been removed from the game.
    • Added new combat oriented musical instruments to the game including a piccolo that shoots laser beams, a drum with a rapid fire EMP burst, and a melee bagpipe.
    Best part
  • AkulasAkulas GoldcoastPosts: 1,924Member Uncommon
    Anti-decay skill, nope. Was gonna rage but kept reading then realised April Fools. Woulda had me if I stopped reaqding lol.

    This isn't a signature, you just think it is.

  • OzivoisOzivois Phoenix, AZPosts: 598Member
    • added poop feature: players will need to regularly poop and pee and the waste items can be collected and used in various crafting recipes
    • new recipe added: death patty -- item is thrown and debuffs target with the effects: "nausea" and "stinky". Recipe ingredients will be announced later.
  • JC-SmithJC-Smith Chiang MaiPosts: 421Member Uncommon

    For those who are seeking the real patch notes for March they can be found here:

    Abilities and Skills

    • Impactful Rifle Work is now self only.
    • Rifle Monkey now has a 1 second activation time. 
    • The following abilities have new icons: Warning Shot, Trigger Finger, Slicing Blow, Hurricane Slice, Sucker Punch, Break Defenses, Backstab, Lethal Thrust, Disabling Thrust, Springing Thrust, Raise Shield, Shield Counter, Pummeling Slash, Blindside, Disrupt, Emergency Repairs, Repair Structure, Open Wound, Terrorize, Salvage Parts, Kidney Puncture, Resuscitate.
    • The following combat effects have new icons: Discouraged, Flashlight.
    • Improved stealth support when crossing seamless areas.
    • Exploring the Dead City for the first time will now give a small but permanent boost to your Installations skill.
    • Corrected an issue that was causing abilities to not appear on newly created characters.
    • Fixed an issue with healing FX.

    Artificial Intelligence

    • NPC scouts have been added. This new NPC type will run to get more help rather than attacking players. Lesoos, Humand and Lurkers currently have scout NPCs. Scouts can currently be found in Koleyna, the Dead City, Aemar Mine, and the Plymouth-Hole Trail, among other places.  
    • Some NPCs now have the ability to have a generated Attack My Target special ability. This ability allows them to manipulate allied minions in the area, causing them to attack whoever the NPC orders them to. This allows NPCs to swarm players based on the bosses orders. The following species have bosses who can take advantage of this currently: Setlang, Vulture, Lesoo, Okolat, Lurker and Human.  Since this is a generated boss ability, not all bosses will be able to use it.
    • Implemented new control point code which allows NPCs to try to reach certain areas and to guard them once they reach those destinations.
    • NPCs now support variable movement types. This allows us to have some species which can both fly and walk, or those which can swim or walk. Several species have been updated to support this.
    • AI should no longer attempt to climb on top of the tents at the Hole on the Hill.
    • Improved roaming support.


    • Music and theme volume sliders now work properly and will adjust the sound on the fly. 
    • Improved music fading support. 
    • Ambient environmental sounds have been added throughout the world. This includes water, machinery, computer, and other sounds to add to the atmosphere.
    • Shotguns feature new sound effects.


    • Increased ranged weapon distance by 20% for most weapons and slightly more for handguns.
    • Misses can now send offsets from the server, allowing for more realistic miss effects for ranged weapons.
    • Added new targeting reticles when in action mode. 
    • Smooth/snap turn support when in combat mode.
    • Corrected an issue related to Medical Scanners and clicking on the ground giving a No Target warning.
    • Aerosol Weapons and Medical Scanners are now fully supported by Action Mode.
    • Improved muzzle flash effects.
    • Increased projectile speed when firing ranged weapons. 
    • Flame throwers can now fire more quickly. 
    • Snow, sand and dirt splash animations now feature a mix of billboard and mesh particles, improving their visuals significantly. 
    • Corrected some weapon zoom bugs that were causing players to get locked into zoomed mode.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause if a mob was afraid of a player or NPC who had since deceased.
    • Fixed a targetting issue with body tracking that was causing some aiming at the ground issues.
    • Corrected some hostility related issues that were causing some NPCs to not be flagged properly on the client.

    Crafting and Harvesting

    • The crafting event UI now displays additional text to make it easier to decide which action to take. 
    • The total number of steps for a recipe can now be seen below the progress bar. 
    • The crafting window no longer allows you to process if there are no results for your combination of ingredients. 
    • The process all button was added for faster crafting.  It will run till you run out of agents, hit an event or complete all steps. 
    • Added 60 new items needed to create motherboards spread across 6 new recipes.
    • Added roughly 60 new items needed to make Power Cores spread across 8 new recipes.
    • Lingmaa are now a source of Hides.
    • Eggs can now be harvested from T'Seef.
    • Hokfig are now a source of Bone. 
    • You can harvest new meats from Hokfig, Nacoot and T'Seef corpses. Nacoot Meat is too small to be used for steaks but can be used in soups. 
    • Many new mineral types have been added in-game.
    • Created new fishing resources that are better suited for ocean areas. 
    • A slew of new harvestable resource icons have been added.
    • Scaed'ecoo Eggs now have a proper grade. 
    • Rounds have been renamed to Steps to keep a common naming reference.
    • Fitting Mold and Armor Fitting recipes have been updated to bring them up to par with the most recent crafting features.
    • Metal Refining has been renamed to Ore Refining.
    • Crafting stations can now be found in the Dead City and Mitchell's Farm.
    • Events will no longer occur on the last step of a recipe.
    • Fish and Iron Ore resources can now be found in the Plymouth Pond area. 
    • Physical Resistance and Penetration values are now being properly applied. 
    • Fixed an issue with the difficulty drop down box on crafting recipes.
    • Fixed an issue with clicking to open a recipe that was already open. 


    • The den system has a new hook for custom scripts. This hook can be called any time a character enters into an active den area. This allows us to pass missions or trigger additional events.
    • When going near an active and known Lesoo Raid Camp den, players with sufficient combat knowledge will be given a mission that will guide them to the known den location and reward them for trimming their numbers.


    • Engagements can now be used to grant missions to players on success, failure or on ticks. 
    • Engagements can now specify a maximum number of spawns for waved spawns. This allows an engagement to make spawns come faster based on the number of players but for the number of spawns to eventually (optionally) cap out and stop spawning additional waves. There are multiple options here, such as spawning one wave of one type of mob, but 6 waves of another. 
    • Improved the engagement hook system so that additional data is passed to the hooks, allowing for greater scripting customization than was previously the case.
    • When parts of Plymouth are taken over, additional Peacekeepers will now appear to aid in retaking them. 
    • Added a new spin off to the Bombs in the City engagement. If you fail the engagement bombs will noticably go off throughout the city, and a new engagement to help clean up the rubble or aid the wounded will be given.
    • Several new engagements were added to the Hole on the Hill. These engagements will alter the mood and dilemma of Chip, affecting which missions and opportunities become available for characters based on how players responded to them. These engagements range from local gangs stirring up problems and dirtying up the town to issues with the Lesoo. These engagemenets also include spin off missions in some cases.
    • The Dead City features several new engagements. These center around the research facility in the area.
    • Fort Hudson can now be attacked by the Lesoo from time to time. This is a large scale assault, and if players allow the fort to be taken they will lose access to all of the NPCs in the area until retaking it. An hostile occupation does provide new boss opportunities, however.
    • Multiple new engagements were added to Mitchell's Farm, near Freedomtown. This includes combat and non-combat situations.
    • New engagements have been added to the Shed near Freedomtown. 
    • Added new combat and non-combat engagements to Camp Taak. This includes a new type of engagement where players need to keep raiders from reaching the base's supplies.
    • The PvP engagements in Kaavo have been improved and feature new sniping opportunities. 
    • Numerous adjustments were made to the Training Grounds engagements to make them more suitable for new players.
    • Internal engagement manipulation improvements for GMs. 
    • Fixed an error in the start event code for chained engagements. This was causing starting FX to sometimes not play properly. 


    • The weather system has improved for better rain support. Noticeable improvements include better sky and cloud blending, as well as more noticeable wind effects and sound.
    • New energy based melee weapons with particle effects have been added. 
    • Modified the emote scripts so they support targeting oneself and no longer allow you to do unrealistic emotes to yourself, like kissing your own cheek.
    • Improved Speed Hack protection.
    • Numerous new achievements have been created. This includes a variety of categories including Exploration, Reputation and Combat. 
    • Optimized area instancing code.
    • Improved internal logging support. 
    • The Reset Face button at character creation's random face selection should work much better than was previously the case. 
    • Large money transfers from trading or tipping are now logged internally. 
    • Numerous GM functionality improvements. 
    • Added a new player reputation trait: Honorable. Like other reputation traits this will change based on how players treat NPCs or complete missions. 

    Graphics and Animations

    • The DNA system has been renamed to Skill Imprinting to avoid confusion.
    • Added new three new variable speed swim forward animations and a new swim idle animation.
    • New and improved flight animations.
    • New rifle crouch animations.
    • New prone idle animations.
    • New melee combat,run, and backpedalling animations.
    • Added shadow detail to the Lesoo and Citizen shirt textures.
    • The knockback animation should no longer return you to starting position.
    • New diving suits have been added.
    • Many new special FX were added. This includes new explosion, shielding, flame thrower, harvesting, fire, smoke, water foam, atmospheric, spark, and waterfall effects. 
    • Updated female combat animations.
    • Improved Brachura animations. 
    • Floor Mist, Fog Emitter and Dust Cloud effects should now look better at night time.
    • Using stims will now properly give visual FX.
    • Fixed an issue that caused rifle run and idle animations to bounce out of your hand occasionally. 
    • Fixed some armor clipping issues. 


    • The structure GUI has been improved, adding some new elements and reorganizing it to be easier to use.
    • Ctrl+Shift clicking a structure will delete the object.
    • Many new types of furniture items were added. This includes showcases, pillars, cabinets, gardens, tables, chairs, sofas, bars and work stations. 
    • The housing interface now defaults to only displaying furniture items that you possess, rather than everything. 
    • Improved y offset calculations. 
    • Fixed an issue with the offset of the floating box above structures so that it will not get in the way when clicking.


    • Implemented a new timed mission system. This system allows us to place time limits on missions. 
    • The Clandestine Love Affair mission is now live. This mission has many branching outcomes and provides numerous ways to shape your characters personality traits. These will affect how NPCs respond to you in the future. 
    • You can now complete the first two missions in the Melanko series of missions.
    • The Dead City now features new missions that are only available when OWON controls the research facility. 
    • Clickable mission objects now properly ensure that a goal is active before allowing you to click them.
    • Corrected an issue with the FPR version of the Awakening mission that was preventing you from receiving an update when you fall in line next to the Drill Sergeant.
    • Choosing the not interested option when offered the Rifles or Rifle Use tutorials will now properly remove the mission.
    • Improved the text on several tutorial missions to make them easier to follow.

    Non-Player Characters

    • Streamlined the spawn system. Previously NPCs were created at a preset origin and teleported to the intended location. This caused some spatial awareness timing delays the further you were from origin. NPCs now spawn in the intended location, correcting the delay.
    • Introduced a new species to the game. The Lingmaa are a small new semi-intelligent species. 
    • The following dilemmas have been added to the NPC trait system: Lost Pet, Too Busy, Injured.
    • The following moods have been added to the NPC trait system: Resilient, Edgy, Grateful.
    • Added an Athlete profession to th NPC trait system. 
    • Lesoo Flash Bombers have been appearing in a number of areas recently. This special type of Lesoo will detonate themselves, taking out a large area around them. These are being used in several new engagements.
    • Honoka (a large poisonous serpent like sea species) can now be found in the waters of Loch Aza.
    • Peacekeepers can now fire from significantly longer ranges. 
    • The Peacekeeper Commander now has generated raid boss abilities. 
    • A Nurse is now on duty at the Pontoc Medical Labs.
    • Reduced the size of Lurkers in Koleyna.
    • Many new NPC speech and voice options were added. 
    • Chip at the Hole on the Hill is now more talkative. Pay attention to his mood as it may have an affect on the situations in the area.
    • Dr. Sykes and Lisa Messer at the Hole on the Hill will now take advantage of their medical expertise if a fight should break out. 
    • New shoes have arrived in the Training Facilities. 
    • New mutant species have been spotted around the Dead City.
    • Vultures, Lesoo, Brachura, Scaed'ecoo and Setlang now move more quickly. 
    • Domesticated T'Seef can now be seen wandering around numerous farms and towns. 
    • Corrected a floating NPC issue.
    • Scout Bots are now being listed as the proper faction.

    User Interface

    • You can now adjust the color of your UI through the Interface Options window. You can use the reset button to switch back to the default blue UI. 
    • Added cascading chat bubbles. These will now stack into new bubbles rather than combining multiple inputs into a single large bubble. Each bubble will burst one at a time. Clicking on any of the individual bubbles will cause them to go away.
    • The vulgarity filter now works properly with chat bubbles. 
    • Renamed the Tip system to a Hint system to avoid confusion with tooltips. 
    • The Hint window now supports using new arrow buttons to cycle between known hints. 
    • You can now disable the display of Hints through the Interface Options window.
    • Added a new option to the Interface Options which allows you to (optionally) automatically hide action bars when you enter into action mode, and redisplay them when leave it. It will also automatically toggle them on any time an interface is open when in action mode.
    • Added a new key binding that will toggle action bars on or off. This is for pure FPS fans who don’t want the screen clutter.
    • The Action Mode ability panels have been updated to add padding and better fit the screen.
    • Adjusted the Interface options so that the Action Bar settings are in order with no unfilled space.
    • Improved the Key Binding GUI.
    • Nameplates should now be better positioned on models that do not have a head bone. 
    • Buttons now support highlighted borders. This is on display in the new key binding GUI.
    • Removed unnecessary extra space and adjusted the ordering of the Interface Options window.
    • Improved tooltip support. 
    • Added new window tabs. 
    • The character creation interface has been reorganized to be more visually appealing.
    • Checkbox and drop down buttons have been upgraded to better fit with the new UI.


    • You can now properly mount into both driver and passenger slots in vehicles.
    • Added a two passenger transportation vehicle.
    • Fixed some vehicle rubber banding issues.
    • Fixed an icon related issue on te vehicle window.


    • Introduced a large new underwater area neighboring with Loch Aza.
    • A large new swamp area has been discovered in Fal Sept. 
    • Mitchell's Farm can now be found in the stretch of land between Freedomtown and The Shed. This hub features NPCs and new engagement opportunities.
    • Camp Taak is a new military base in the Plymouth area. 
    • New light leaks and flickering torches have been added to the Tikt Tunnels. 
    • Added new bridge models, generators trees and foliage to the Aemar Hydro Plant. 
    • Ammann Village has received a content pass. It features an improved layout, larger town area, and new mission and den opportunities. 
    • You can now sit in the benches at the front of Plymouth City.
    • The Dead City now supports variable footstep sounds based on if you are on concrete, dirt or in the water.
    • Adjusted the cover areas in the FPR Training Grounds so that they are all within handgun range. 
    • Added planter boxed trees to Freedomtown.
    • Optimized Freedomtown with the addition of new rooms.
    • Corrected a number of rooming issues in the Plymouth area that were causing models to pop in oddly.
    • Many new cover areas have been added throughout the world. Areas where this is most noticable include the Dead City, Fort Hudson, Hole on the Hill and The Shed.
    • New shadowed areas have been added throughout the Plymouth area. These areas improve stealth performance.
    • Parked vehicles can now be found in numerous new locations including Fort Hudson and Plymouth City.
    • Additional locations in Kaavo have been populated and decorated. 
    • The Plymouth Pond area has been improved and features new dens, resources, and engagements. 
    • Added falling leaf particles to applicable locations in the Plymouth area.
  • bliss14bliss14 eleva, WIPosts: 572Member Uncommon
    That doesn't look nearly as interesting.
  • LoregabaLoregaba temiscouata-sur-le-lac, QCPosts: 19Member Uncommon

    ahaha! I liked it!


  • darker70darker70 stokePosts: 804Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by emperorwings
    Anti-decay skill, nope. Was gonna rage but kept reading then realised April Fools. Woulda had me if I stopped reaqding lol.

    Lol,so you read the first two points and actually believed it was the real patch notes pretty much think the time going backwards thing might have been a tad suspicious.


    Added a stackable speed-debuff skill that will slow opponents down. When enough stacks have been applied, the negative speed debuff will cause time to go backwards. image

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