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Neverwinter: Devoted Cleric Montage Trailer Released

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe Land of AZPosts: 17,584MMORPG.COM Staff Uncommon

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have released a new trailer featuring the Devoted Cleric in action all around Neverwinter. Wielding the power of the gods, Devoted Clerics are a powerful force against evil. Check it out!

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  • AerowynAerowyn BUZZARDS BAY, MAPosts: 7,928Member
    i dunno who came up with the slide dodge but i really do not like it.. aside from that class is pretty fun to play

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  • ReizlaReizla AlkmaarPosts: 3,384Member Uncommon
    Played a Control Wizard till 17 or so during BW2+3. Played a Devoted Cleric only through the instroduction and I gotta say that the cleric felt much better in gameplay than the wizard...

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  • nuttobnuttob Plantation, FLPosts: 291Member
    I agree with Reizla.  It's the first time I played a cleric class (which is usually last on my list) and felt that I could really kick some butt and have fun with.
  • TorvalTorval Oregon CountryPosts: 7,587Member Uncommon
    I like the devoted cleric.  I don't like the dodge animation though.  The sliding thing looks weird.  I would rather see a jumping sort of dodge like the Tera archer.  It's a minor nitpik though and won't stop me from playing the class.
  • birdycephonbirdycephon Salt Lake City, UTPosts: 1,314Member
    I think the sliding is fine, but uses too much stamina for a class that is absolutely necessary to stay alive for the party to succeed.
  • TorvalTorval Oregon CountryPosts: 7,587Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by birdycephon
    I think the sliding is fine, but uses too much stamina for a class that is absolutely necessary to stay alive for the party to succeed.

    Yes, you really need to build into Strength and stamina traits.  Having a fast stamina regen is important I think.

  • DJMantissDJMantiss Tracy, CAPosts: 100Member

    Its a fun class, game is still being balanced though and Clerics seem to change every patch in pretty drastic ways.

    Right now they are tanks that can't heal themselves well due to very wonk aggro mechanics. So we shall see next patch/test if this is fixed. 

  • GamerToonsGamerToons Chaska, MNPosts: 30Member

    Does anyone know how many classes they are thinking?

    I like this game but there are only a couple classes that I liked when i got to play this last weekend.

  • IixiaIixia Alto, NMPosts: 34Member
    I don't want a video, i want a release date :(
  • budanightbudanight waite park, MNPosts: 1Member
    still waiting for the release date.. should be like 1 month and 1 week from now if calculated right with the tests their running.
  • TheOctagonTheOctagon Arcade, NYPosts: 286Member Uncommon

    I want my mace and shield back.


    This version of cleric is a devoted/holy magic user.

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