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What are you SWG Veteran playing?



  • GreenHellGreenHell ludlow, MAPosts: 1,323Member Uncommon

    The NGE at the end wasn't all that bad. It really wasn't but that was in the last 6 months or so before it shutdown. It took a long time to reach that point after the NGE hit. SWG NGE still offered a lot more than just about any modern MMO.

    SOE always seemed to have one huge problem ( ok there were a lot of huge problems but one that bothered me the most) with SWG and that was a lack of direction or maybe it was that the direction of the game changed so often it lost its identity. There were so many things just shoved in to that game that didn't belong in that time period. It was like the Mr. Potato Head of MMOs. Put a piece here, put another one there. It didn't matter that none of them matched. Eventually what you had was a MMO that was sort of, kind of, sometimes based on the SW IP. SWG would have been a way better game with out the SW part in there. Obviously the IP didn't help it very much considering a much weaker IP kicked its ass and really tied SOE's hands on what they could and couldn't add.

    I'm not really interested in the SOE vs LA blame game. They both played their part I'm sure. In the end it doesn't matter. SWG is gone. So many really great ideas and concepts that over time got changed and twisted in to something very different. With EQ Next SOE has a chance to redeem themselves. I don't hate SOE. Ive been there, done that. If you look at the date when I signed up for these forums it was when the NGE hit. I was one of those bitter "vets" or whatever we were called. I hated SOE. As time went on though I started missing SWG more than I hated SOE. I was pretty happy with the game the last time I went back. No, it wasn't pre-cu or cu. It wasn't really NGE either. It was something different. Once again the direction of the game had shifted and it started to reseble the game I enjoyed.

    Sorry I rambled there but to answer the OP's question. There is really nothing like SWG. So I played some themeparks..ok I played just about all of them. WoW is still the best themepark around. I'm curious to see whats around the next corner for this genre. So many games with so many promises. Who knows what we will see in the next round of MMORPG wars. It's always interesting though.

  • ignore_meignore_me Apple Valley, CAPosts: 1,987Member

    World of Tanks, Guild Wars 2, DDO, Planetside 2

    waiting for: Repopulation, EQNext

    Survivor of the great MMORPG Famine of 2011

  • ShakklesShakkles Nowheresville, COPosts: 58Member Uncommon

    I think I'm going to have to start a new thread here, because there are still people who don't know there IS an actual "Star Wars Galaxies Refugees MMO" in development. It's even stated in narration at the end of video 2 on the site! go to and watch that stuff!

  • needalife214needalife214 Moorpark, CAPosts: 1,128Member Uncommon

    War thunder, Tf2, working on a 40k army (NEW TAU FTW) messing around with my WII U, playing pathfinder,


    MMOwise, i enjoyed the neverwinter beta, and If I had more time I would get back into GW2.


  • cewpacewpa IpswichPosts: 11Member Uncommon

    Waiting for Divergence



  • sarabearrahsarabearrah middletown, OHPosts: 22Member Uncommon

    Veers elite  is what Im playing now. 


  • SandboxSandbox SwedenPosts: 295Member Uncommon
  • ReklawReklaw Am.Posts: 6,495Member Uncommon

    Tomb Raider, Anno 2070, Mass Effect 3 are my currently played games, first want to finish TR and ME3 and then going to be playing Bioshock Infinity, already bought and installed, But bioshock games have alway's been my single focus game so have to finish those other 2 and well.....Anno 2070 never finishes apart from the campaing.

    MMORPG wise: Nothing

    Looking into:

    Wildstar....yes really....

    The Repopulation, from what I have seen/read seems like it might atract us SW vets..

    Elder Scrolls Online, am a singleplayer fan and glad they'are not going to do a SWtOR with the game and actually try to deliver something different compared to it's singleplayer part.

    Black Desert, really amazing looking fantasy MMORPG

    Star Citizen

    Pathfinder Online


  • MukeMuke Posts: 2,576Member Uncommon

    Currently, a SW mmo pre-dating SWTOR which I cannot name :), EVE, and GW2.

    All the above IF I have playing time, which is rare with RL atm.

    "going into arguments with idiots is a lost cause, it requires you to stoop down to their level and you can't win"

  • sylentnytesylentnyte The desert, CAPosts: 68Member Uncommon

    Been playing vanguard: saga of heroes.


    Awaiting EQnext with much fervor. Can't wait to here more about it!

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