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Quest for Territory

QuestForTerritoryQuestForTerritory Cincinnati, OHPosts: 7Member

The game is now in closed testing, mods feel free to delete this thread, thanks to everyone that tried it.


  • waffleyonewaffleyone Edina, MNPosts: 29Member

    I'm a little interestedd and will bite because it looks like it may be sandboxy from the patch notes, however...

    Can we get some description somewhere? Goals? Existing/Planned features?

    The screenshots are nice and all but there's not quite enough information to download the client and see what happens. Also your forum's registration is broken.

  • QuestForTerritoryQuestForTerritory Cincinnati, OHPosts: 7Member

    Thanks for the heads up about the forum registration, it should be fixed now.

    I will add a FAQ to the forums that explains the current mechanics of the game and the direction that it is going.

    Basically the game is about city building rather than character building.

  • pandaeyes25pandaeyes25 NewYork, NCPosts: 8Member
    i like the style in your pic
  • rusmurfrusmurf Kensington, MDPosts: 18Member Uncommon
    PvP with free aim? Loot? How many people can play at same time?
  • QuestForTerritoryQuestForTerritory Cincinnati, OHPosts: 7Member

    There is no loot, basically when you kill someone your guild house gets 50% of the resources used to spawn that character.

    I have no idea how many people can play at the same time, overall n^2 stuff has been avoided on the server and client, so the game can scale. I have spawned 300 AI bots in a small area and that makes the client crawl on a midrange system but the server is fine.

  • rusmurfrusmurf Kensington, MDPosts: 18Member Uncommon
    Ok, so if I install this are we playing online or a single player instance? I like the idea of fighting for territory and resources. I'm not really a crafting person or sim person, I just like combat etc.
  • QuestForTerritoryQuestForTerritory Cincinnati, OHPosts: 7Member

    Its online only, no instances, no zones, no loading screens. I suggest finding someone else to try it with you, otherwise you will be bored.


  • rusmurfrusmurf Kensington, MDPosts: 18Member Uncommon
    Combat is fast, good movement, could be alot of fun fighting other people with full skills and spells.
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