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Free game from EA.

andre369andre369 .Member Posts: 970 Uncommon

Please don't turn this into a EA hate thread, thanks.


After a rough launch in Sim City those who bought the game gets to pick a free game. I have no idea which one to pick so just wanted to ask which one would you take?

They also offer Sim City 4 deluxe, Plant vs zombie, BF3 bu I don't want any of those^^


Thanks, chances are I will listen to one of you^^


I will vote for Bananas since they are yellow


  • sassoonsssassoonss Monroe Town Patricia Palace, NYMember Posts: 1,110 Uncommon
    i took dead space 3
  • ionxeelionxeel Member Posts: 303 Uncommon
    I also got SimCity, and for my free game I picked ME 3. I couldn't be happier. Really great game that deserves high ratings it got.
  • Sevenstar61Sevenstar61 Centreville, VAMember Posts: 1,670 Uncommon
    Mass Effect 3 hands down

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  • PurutzilPurutzil Member Posts: 3,048 Uncommon
    Dead Space 3. Partly due to me not liking mass effect much (sorry) and the 3rd having the well known 'bad' ending to it. Dead space 3 is pretty horrible in the horror catagory but its an entertaining action game and does provide some 'mix up' with having to aim for limbs and the likes and creating your own guns that can be quite fun.
  • just1opinionjust1opinion Kansas City, MOMember Posts: 4,844 Common


    I don't think there's really ANY question with the games you have listed that Mass Effect 3 SHOULD be the "winner."  So I voted accordingly.

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  • casual187casual187 omaha, NEMember Posts: 32
    I took Mass Effect 3 but dead space 3 is also a good choice.
  • ApekioxApekiox IstanbulMember Posts: 1 Uncommon
    Mass Effect 3 ftw! 
  • GrayGhost79GrayGhost79 Webster, MAMember Posts: 4,775 Uncommon

    If they fixed the problems most had with Mass Effect 3 it might not be a bad choice, but it wasn't received very well by the gaming community. A few diehards liked it but for most the game was bad. 


    If they fixed the problems most had with Dead Space 3 it might not be a bad choice. It was ok, but definitely not as good as the previous ones. Again it wasn't received overly well by the gaming community. The cash shop in a single player game was a big turn off for many. 


    Warfighter is about in the same boat as the above 2. 


    NFS: Most wanted was another in the same boat as the above lol... 


    Maybe I'm not a good person to ask. I found all of those games to be lacking oO even though I actually did like their predecessors. 

  • poupaspoupas trafariaMember Posts: 16 Uncommon
    Mass Effect 3 .
  • TheDarkrayneTheDarkrayne YorkshireMember Posts: 3,076 Uncommon


    Easily the best option. If you've played ME1+2.. you just have to play ME3.

    Like the ending or not.. it's the rest of the story. Gotta finish it.

  • nertholnerthol PortoMember Posts: 5
    Am I the only one disgusted by the end of the Mass Effect trilogy?? Anyways I picked Dead Space 3.
  • ReizlaReizla Posts: 3,778 Uncommon
    Mass Effect 3 I'd say...

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  • samuraislyr4samuraislyr4 san jose, CAMember Posts: 73 Uncommon

    I'd pick Dead Space 3 as it just came out and is $60 normally right now. 

    Best bang for your buck and it's a pretty good game. 

    Mass Effect 3 is another okay one, but depends. If you haven't played Mass effect at all the trilogy might be the best buy in that regard. 

  • NitthNitth AustraliaMember Posts: 3,903 Uncommon

    I picked mass effect 3.

    I actually thought it was pretty good. Diffrent sumwhat to ME2 mostly because most of the rpg elements were dropped.

    Don't understand how people can hate the ending. maybe the issue is they cant accept it.

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  • TorrmwyreTorrmwyre Wilmington, DEMember Posts: 66 Uncommon
    Dead Space 3 is probably the best value.
  • TillerTiller OregonMember Posts: 5,575 Uncommon
    I took NFS: Most Wanted for my kid who likes racing games sine I already own SimCity 4.

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  • GravargGravarg Harker Heights, TXMember Posts: 3,401 Uncommon
    I would buy NFS, but I already own that.  That's one of my most played non-MMO games as of right now hehe.
  • MaidenberryMaidenberry QCMember Posts: 30
    Bananas and Bejeweled 3 ^_^
  • stayontargetstayontarget Tacoma, WAMember Posts: 6,364 Uncommon
    My son choose ME3.

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