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Crosshair, what is the use in TESO ?

wutaewutae athensPosts: 74Member Uncommon

From various press reviews i read all around the net, i have seen in multiple reviews that in the HUD u can see a crosshair, but at the same time i read that the game uses a tab targetting system, now i am quite confused, if you use your left click to attack, and right click to defend, and at the same time you have a crosshair, how the tab targetting is implemented?

At the same time, if there is no tab targetting, how spells/ranged weapons are beeing fired/used? like an FPS game? like skyrim for example? or there is a different system ?

Even if many players like TERA combat system, i know quite many that hate TERA system, so i just wanted someone to clarify to me and the community i belong to, what is the current target system for attacking with ranged weapons in TESO ?


Many many thanks in advance, for any clarification been given to this matter.

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  • WellzyCWellzyC Stillwater, MNPosts: 588Member Uncommon

    This is how I *think* this is designed to work.


    You have a cross hair, where, if you have nothing targeted you will hit what you are pointed at.


    If you have something targeted, for example a zombie in a horde of zombies, you have to point the crosshair at your tragetted zombie, but you will only hit your target if any other zombies are in the way


    so in a nutshell, you still have to aim at your target, but softlock will ensure you are hitting what you intend to hit,.

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  • wutaewutae athensPosts: 74Member Uncommon
    As at Pax East right now many people managed to play TESO, can someone give as many details on the question i made on my initial post? If possible if you think more details to give about ranged combat by yourself , feel free to give as many details as possible.

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  • deakondeakon birminghamPosts: 583Member

    Scott from ZAM explained it pretty well on "this week in mmo" on gamebreaker last night (its not posted yet but its archived on their twitch channel). Even when you have someone targeted with tab you still have to aim at them in order to hit them, tab just prevents mobs/enemy players from getting in between you and your target and helps you sort between stacked targets, if you tab target someone and aim at someone else you will hit what you are aimed at not whats tab targeted.

  • SpeelySpeely Seattle, WAPosts: 861Member Common
    I have also read that if you have "softlocked" someone, your spells wiill follow them they strafe/run. However, there are said to be dodging skills that could possibly shake this trajectory-tracing.
  • BetakodoBetakodo Poor land, FLPosts: 331Member Uncommon
    I think soft target shouldn't exist. One thing Guild Wars 2 did right was projectiles. If you shoot an arrow at someone but another player is standing infront of them, the arrow should hit the person in the direct path.
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