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This is the Holy Grail of MMORPG's



  • Deerhunter71Deerhunter71 Richmond, VAPosts: 527Member
    Originally posted by kaiser3282
    Originally posted by Vorthanion
    Originally posted by Kyleran
    Originally posted by hammarus
    A game with only PvP and without PVE will not last.  Look to Planetside1/2, The Battlefields, etc.  All fun games, all great games, all played hard and then forgotten. You want a game with longevity, you need PVE content, and PvP with consequences ala. EvE Online.   You want to make a quick buck as a game company, crank out another Battlefield charge 50 bucks add a few maps and chargable DLC then move on to the next Battlefield.

    How long has League of Legends been out now, is it showing any signs of slowing down?

    Doesn't appear to have much PVE in it either.

    UO had PVE/PVP content and PVP with consequences.... it died.  Same for Shadowbane, Darkfall, and a few others, so other than EVE, that's no guarantee of success either. (EVE fills a very specific niche, and does it almost perfectly)


    Darkfall has proven what a niche PvP really is.

    A half-assed poorly developed, poorly funded game made by a small team of guys who have yet to fall within months of any of their deadlines on either of their games, have proven incapable of dealing with bugs and exploiters in a timely manner ( if at all), and who lack the ability to communicate and correctly implement feedback from the players proves what a niche PvP is?

    I wonder if you even played Darkfall. One of the major factors that killed it was that it was too much PvE not enough PvP. You had to spend months grinding mobs (or afk macroing) to catch up to everyone else and stand an equal chance in PvP. The game was 90% PvE and 10% PvP (usually involving gankers jumping you while youre still a lowbie) for the first few months. How exactly does it prove anything about PvP?

    Spot on there and there is no fluff or other stuff to do so you are not stuck doing the exact same stuff over and over and over....

  • RealLifeGobboRealLifeGobbo Yorktown, VAPosts: 218Member
    P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }

    I am imagining you would have to harvest components, which the rarer ones which would be deep in enemy territory.  That way, you are constantly looking over your shoulder or have a group/warband/zerg with you to gather these rare resources.  I also wound't be surprised to see epic "crafting stations" in the same regard.

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  • kylverkylver c, KYPosts: 1,344Member Uncommon

    I appreciate your enthusiasm, OP.

    However, I'll reserve my opinion for when I can download an actual game to demo. If like I it, I just may buy it.

    Until then, it's just another steaming pile of hype from a game designer trying to sell me their vision. Nothing more.

    I'm not interested in visions. I'm interested in results.

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