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[Column] WildStar: It’s All About Soul



  • KareliaKarelia HeraklionPosts: 668Member
    Originally posted by Xiaoki
    Do agree that a lot of MMOs take themselves too seriously.
    Im playing Rift Storm Legion right now and it perfectly exemplifies whats wrong. Storm Legion is a great expansion but it has no personality. Everything is well crafted but rather bland so I do get bored easily while playing.
    I hope Carbine can deliver a personality to the actual game on an equal level of the great faction videos they did.  



    i like rift and other games too, but the lack of a game personality is more than obvious to each one of them. i hope wildstar get it right. its already a promising tittle.

    tordurbar wrote above about "different" and he is right. imo we dont need something much different than we liked to play since today. we need something better, even if its not much different. focus on quality when advertise a game and how well you apply things even if they are not new.

    i for example liked eq, eve and wow more than any other mmo's. i dont have a problem to play a new game without having nothing tremendous different. i m ok with just better things. same things that made those games successfull. with some minor? additions and much more quality, as a new game must offer. either it is graphics, raids, dungeons, guilds or what ever else. see what ppl like or liked more, add it to your game and wrap it with more quality than an old game.

    so to conclude i dont think mmo studios must discover america once again. wildstar looks thats in the right direction but lets wait to see :)

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