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[Preview] Defiance: A Hard Look at Trion’s Gamble



  • BurntvetBurntvet Posts: 3,441Member Rare
    Originally posted by erictlewis

    II can honestly say the first beta weekend was a mess with the constant disconects that we all got.  The game was unplayable.  The second beta even it was put the nail in the coffin for me.  The UI out right sucks, end of story. If you are playing on the pc, Bill is right you will hate this game.  In fact on the beta forums there were several threads complaining about the UI.I will more than likely watch the new show, but with everything that syfy network touches, it will be dead in a couple of years.  I also expect this game will have the numbers that DCUO has, and I will say this I hatd that UI as well, but I like it a lot better than the definace ui. What can I say about trion yes total let down.  


    Yup. And especially at the full $60 box price. I would say wait until the Steam sale in the summer and pay $10, but by then, no one will be playing this thing.
  • orbitxoorbitxo fort lauderdale, FLPosts: 1,881Member Rare
    Originally posted by spawn12345
    a mmo that isnt a WoW copy? EVERYONE GO BESERK AND SPEW HATE!  

    so true, maybe if Defiance was a card game...LOL!

  • metalguy23metalguy23 Brooklyn, NYPosts: 90Member

    Tabula Rasa was actually an engaging and interesting game, that only had a badly coded engine and some bad choices in it's design. I actually had fun at first in it and though to myself "damn this can be a great game and it looks nice too". Unfortunately it didn't do well which is a shame because it had a really nice Sci Fi feel to it. Oh well. Sorry but Defiance is nothing but a cash grab it's not going to do well. I wish them well and hope things change since I thought Rift was a very well done game just not my type of game anymore but it's a nice game. Oh well we will see, not really too excited about it. Gameplay is meh, graphics are nice though but sounds, animations and ambiance is way off.  


  • orbitxoorbitxo fort lauderdale, FLPosts: 1,881Member Rare
    If the show is like the game trailer= ill give it a shot. but so far iam not thrilled wiht their main actors.
  • mindw0rkmindw0rk St-petersburgPosts: 1,352Member Uncommon
    Ive played 1.5 hours in beta and actually enjoyed it. It wont be my main MMO and Im not sure Ill even buy it. But shooting mutants and doing missions didnt bore me at all which is surprising (considering I hated both RIFT from same devs and PS2 that is same type of game)
  • ArtmangonArtmangon krakowPosts: 3Member
    Im active my account on trion site but i dont have any email with downloading game. anyone can put link here? thank
  • AcorniaAcornia Spring Lake, RIPosts: 198Member Uncommon

    I know Trion said that this weekend's test is a beta version and not the full retail game.  All I can say the full retail game will have to be much, much better in all areas on th PC if they want us to stay  with it.

    Some things that I seen that gave me heartach in the PC version.

    Opening cut scene, the earth ship looks like they were modeling it on Marcross from Robotech.

    Major lack of char design choices.  One  is no choice on how the hair looks, both style and color.

    Way PC mouse is set up in game makes it very had if not impossible to click on anything else but movement in the game screen mode.

    Could not find an exit button on game screen.  Had to go through four ESC screens to find it so I could leave the game.

    I find it next to impossible to get to the skill select screen to see/chose skills when I get the skill level up notice.

    Yes the music so far stands to be much improved.  So far the in game music dose not seem to fit the mood of the game.

    Lastly I find it a problem that there is not auto-run button.


  • ciidciid wtf mate, ALPosts: 184Member Uncommon
    Do not buy this shit. It will be free to play or dead in less then 6 months. With the exception of the main story line wich is not a good story you will spend 95% of the time doing the blandest fetch/kill quests mowing down  the same 10 npcs over and over. If you are intrested in the game and must try it please try the beta first. There are way to many good games out there that deserve your time and money over this pile of poop.
  • TheJodaTheJoda Nerak, awaiting a good MMOPosts: 567Member Uncommon
    Looks ok, but no collision or real driving physics from what the video shows, really what a waste?

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  • darqartdarqart reno, NVPosts: 5Member

    I have been playing the alpha for several weeks now. My thought is that with my limited funds i do not see myself buying this game. I have enjoyed playing it and doing my share of bug reporting but i just do not see this as a long term type of game.

    game weaknesses.

    I have been playing on the PC and has been stated, the UI is awful.

    very linear quest story line.

    episode missions fun but again, very linear.

    secondary missions are very quick, easy and get boring fast.

    no player economy.

    no crafting.

    due to problems with local chat and  lack of global chat i always felt that i was in a single player game.

    no reason to replay the game.

    very limited character customization.

    arkfalls are fun at first but get tedious after doing a few.

    game strengths.

    vehicles are kinda fun.

    going after new outfits is both fun and a grind.

    lots of weapons.

    terrrain is interesting.


    closing: i am not a shooter type of game player. i do enjoy them but i am much more of a rpg kinda guy. I was hoping this game would be more  of a rpg type of game or at least have some elements that i could expect in a mmo but it does not. as a shooter its ok but i had more fun back in the day playing marathon or doom or fear or stalker.

  • VolgoreVolgore Posts: 3,821Member Epic
    Originally posted by Artmangon
    Im active my account on trion site but i dont have any email with downloading game. anyone can put link here? thank


  • besteverbestever Las Vegas, NVPosts: 847Member Uncommon

    I love how some of you say its not a mmo. How's it not a mmo? Just because its not like wow,eq,rift. 

    Its real simple and mmo is an abbreviation of massively multiplayer online game and thats what the game is. Its not a mmorpg its a mmotps. I know most people think its need to be some guy running around with a sword killing a dragon or some dumb shit like that but thats not what a mmo is. 

    Massive amounts of people playing a game online at the same time is a mmo so get over it. 

  • johnismejohnisme ladysmith, BCPosts: 107Member Uncommon
    Can't believe people don't know how to us alt + f4 to exit the game,did that in most of the mmo's i played.
  • besteverbestever Las Vegas, NVPosts: 847Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by johnisme
    Can't believe people don't know how to us alt + f4 to exit the game,did that in most of the mmo's i played.

    lol no shit it was a troll in wow forever.

  • DeadlyneDeadlyne Rochester, NYPosts: 232Member Uncommon

    Played the beta on my pc and it ran flawlessly.  I was attempting to "play" the beta on my xbox and there were 5 second delays to nearly every action during quests.  Sometimes a lot longer.  I don't know what's going on there a few people I convinced to sing up to the xbox beta also reported to me that the game is unplayable because the delays to enemies dying, items activating and so forth are so lagged behind.  I waited a good 30 seconds just for my character to dismount his vehicle.  On the computer, it happens immediately.

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  • KatlaOdindottirKatlaOdindottir essexPosts: 144Member
    This is not an ambitious project at all, it's same old, oh lets not forget everyone can drive through each other! Lame!


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  • observerobserver Posts: 3,650Member Rare
    Originally posted by nttajira
    you guys hype bad game amazing like alway , you have make me buy so many shitty game since 2 year ... i will reply because i have play this game in all the beta . first 1- that in no way , shape or size a mmo game , if you call that a mmo then all shooter game online are also mmo , because most of them are more mmo that defiance , in defiance you pick skill nothing else , are you kidding me for calling that a mmo ??? . you got no item with stats customization , nothing  2- console GAme , warning WARNING , console port , here you go for update and so on , that not something nice when you play a pc game trust me 3- console UI , the computer ui are the worst you can ever get , all screm CONSOLE . 4- in this game you shoot monster , get exp , pick skill , and kill some player , get some poor done quest , get exp , kill , pick skill , NOTHING ELSE TO DO . also they are no chat channel , you feal like you are playing a single player realy fast .... hope i have save some money for some people , dont buy into the hype guy !!  

    Did you even read and comprehend the article?  They listed STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES.  Use your own judgement when purchasing.

  • NobleNerdNobleNerd Wolcott, NYPosts: 755Member Uncommon
      Played last beta they had. I am not a fps player, but I was not impressed at all from a MMO player view point. The many reasons stated above were also mine. Story lacked interest. Combat was easy. At times (especially with vehicles) the controls felt clunky. I guess coming from Trion and knowing the mess they are making out of Rift I am not surprised. I wish them well, but it was not a game I will be buying.

  • DraemosDraemos Antartica, AKPosts: 1,498Member Uncommon
    Pretty good review.  Longevity is also a big concern with me,
  • GressGress L, BCPosts: 12Member
    amazed at the difference between the pc and xbox version, had it preordered for the 360 but gonna swap it for the pc version.
  • ElikalElikal ValhallaPosts: 7,912Member Uncommon

    As I understand it the TV show and the game will happen sort of simultaneously. But what about us non Americans? I mean, is Sci-Fi channel putting the TV episodes online? If I get the TV show translated 2 years later it's sort of pointless.


    Note: I totally didn't like the foggy background. That looks so unrealistic.

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  • muffins89muffins89 Yakima, WAPosts: 1,585Member Uncommon
    this and end of nations has me wondering what the heck trion is doing.  hopefully they can right the ship again with archeage.
  • stayontargetstayontarget Tacoma, WAPosts: 6,427Member Uncommon
    Perhaps they should have left this as a console only game.

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  • BaitnessBaitness Posts: 656Member Uncommon

    ...really saddened by how generic and uninteresting this game feels so far : (  I hope it gets better, but the floaty jumping, boring combat, and simplicity make me feel like this was not intended for PC players.  Even though Rift had a lot of generic aspects to it, it was still fun.  Unfortunately, this is more generic, and so far it is missing the fun.


     And oh god the UI.  What was going through their minds...


    The lone good point of the game is it feels lag-free as far as the shooting is concerned.

  • erikk3189erikk3189 New York City, NYPosts: 306Member
    Bah! I was hoping you were able to equip guns and stuff on your vehicles.  They said only in some special instance or something. This suks. It would of been nice had cars had weapons, sort of like Mad max.
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