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got to admit this game is lookign pretty bad***. How many of you plan to preorder?



  • hMJemhMJem Marysville, WAPosts: 465Member
    Originally posted by Jyiiga
    Originally posted by hMJem
    Originally posted by Jyiiga
    Eurogamer review sounded like more of the same. Going to sit back and watch what happens. No real reason to pre-order right now. 

    How many MMORPG's do you start out and say "THIS IS EFFING AWESOMEEEE" within the first few hours?

    WoW is nothing special, Tera isnt that tolerable at the start, SWTOR wasnt tolerable at the start, Dragon Nest was eh at the start


    (On a non-MMO level) If I stopped playing Tales of the Abyss after a few hours, I would have missed out on an awesome game. Most games take a few hours to pick up. Heck, Tales of the Abyss takes like 12 hours to pick up because thats when the main character stops acting like a D bag, and that game is praised. Kingdom Hearts, Tales of.., and many more.


    Years ago, when they all didn't follow the same tired formulas I said that about most of them in the first few hours. The reviewer said it like it will be. This is not Elder Scrolls made into an MMO it is an MMO with an Elder Scrolls theme. Every thing that has been said about this game in previews and dev videos so far, screams... more of the same.

    See, I think this is the problem though. I've only played Skyrim (Which I enjoyed) but I've played Everquest, WoW, Tera, Dragon Nest, SWTOR, and dabbled in a couple others. People who are expecting "I just want a fully open world that me and my friends can adventure in" that is NOT what an MMORPG is, and I doubt you and your friend would subscribe to a $60 retail game at $15 a month (I am guessing it will be sub to play) for a year to do that. Would you? When I see and hear about this game, as an MMORPG player of a long time, it DOES have a distinct feel/look to it. The more I hear/read/see, I think "This is definitely in an Elder Scrolls setting and makes it feel like Elder Scrolls"


    You cant make Skyrim into an MMO because it isnt designed to be an MMO. Get your unrealistic expectations out the door.

  • NC-JohnNC-John burlington, WIPosts: 113Member

    After Diablo 3 debackle and TOR debacle, I think people need to let a game launch and watch how it goes. You can throw your money away if you choose to, it's a free country. But if you do please don't complain when your preconceived expectations of the game being something it's NOT finally hits you while playing, and you seek a forum like this to vent how you wasted money on another WOW clone.

    People that pre-order (me included) sometimes claim they do it for the swag, but in truth you know you wanted to get early access and grab your character names before other people do, so you could boast you were a founder. I don't know many people who like the swag but I guess a good cover story after the game tanks is good to save face LOL.

    Of course this is my own opinion, i could be a 100% wrong and would love to have a different viewpoint, but thats what I think.

    "Not even a cray super computer can make this game run well. Thats what happens when you code an MMO in pascal. " - miglor

  • loulakiloulaki PatrasPosts: 941Member Uncommon

    well the combat i read it sounds meh, only the finess point system sounds good

    the world divided and locked also the pvp focused on RvR and not between guilds, it sounds themepark like GW2 which is not bad, but there is not any competitve ...  but the locked regions its not acceptable ...

    the lack of holy trinity sounds good and i love more and more deisgners go this way

    i am not gonna preorder something it smells with subscription ...


  • LugorsLugors EarthPosts: 184Member Uncommon
    An MMO from a company with a history of making buggy, unbalanced, console focused games that they port to the PC.  This is game that you wait a year past launch and see if it survives, not pre order.
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