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genoshangenoshan WollongongPosts: 51Member Uncommon

I read their website. I cannot find any information on the PvP in this game .


Anyone know if there is PvP ? Is there open world PvP ?




  • AsalzSyAsalzSy ChitungwizaPosts: 227Member Uncommon

    from there FAQ

    Dragon’s Prophet will offer a row of opportunities for players interested in PvP. Besides typical duel situations, there will be arenas and even an extensive conquering system for castles.

    also from

    Players should note that these conquerable islands are PvP-enabled, although personal houses cannot be destroyed. However, lords of the land can exact taxes and build guard patrol stations to help improve safety in the area. Players are also safe inside their personal housing lots. For those who do not want as much PvP with their housing, there will be isles that are safer to build homes upon.

  • ReizlaReizla 3,884Member Uncommon

    Indeed, the EU publisher gives more infor about DP than SOE does. I was looking for PvP as well and am glad it's not (fixed) faction PvP but more an open system. Only thing that's still fuzzy is if the PvP is open-world or only available in the conquer areas.

    Additional note:

    I hope the PvP mechanics used are not as broken as they are used in RoM, where bad reputation is a spiral down toward even more bad reputation with limited to no option to get rid of it...

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  • AsalzSyAsalzSy ChitungwizaPosts: 227Member Uncommon
    from what i understand ppl can conquer territorys only from the same server and there will be arenas for the cross-server pvp?
  • GormokGormok memphis, TNPosts: 379Member
    I don't think there is any open world ganking outside of the pvp islands.
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