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Favorite food and beverage while gaming??

BethelsBoyBethelsBoy Member Posts: 232 Uncommon

Going along with what the title says, what is your favorite food to snack on and also your favorite beverage to drink while gaming either on your pc or console??

What do you NOT like because it gets all over your keyboard, mouse or controller?

Hot Pockets? Nachos? Cheez-Its? Chocolate? 

Monster? Red-Bull? Pepsi? Coke?

Personally, my all-time favorite selection is Pepperoni Pizza Rolls with a big frozen mug full of Mountain Dew :) ahhhh



  • CleffyCleffy San Diego, CAMember Posts: 5,230 Uncommon
    Coffee, Mike and Ikes.  High-quality Soda like Virgil's Rootbeer.
  • BethelsBoyBethelsBoy Member Posts: 232 Uncommon
    Fruity Mike and Ikes?? Those are my favorite flavor


  • delete5230delete5230 Member Posts: 3,527 Rare
    I usuilly, drink water and chew Copenhagen tobacco........For some reasion it helps me think.....Try and figure that one out, but it does !
  • TealaTeala SomewhereMember Posts: 7,554 Uncommon

  • GruntyGrunty TexasMember Posts: 7,725 Uncommon
    Whatever suits my fancy on that particular day that I either have in the house or am willing to go get. Good snacks don't stick around long enough to gain a spot on the pantry shelf.
  • zethcarnzethcarn Kentucky, KYMember Posts: 1,558 Uncommon
    Originally posted by BethelsBoy
      Hot Pockets?   

    I'll have a hot pocket for breakfast, one for lunch, and be dead by dinner :)

  • AnslemAnslem Ft. Lauderdale, FLMember Posts: 215 Common
    Red wine and babybel cheese.

    Played: Ultima Online - DaoC - WoW -

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