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Whats your overal score?



  • Asm0deusAsm0deus BaatorPosts: 1,754Member Rare
    Originally posted by gr0und3d
    Originally posted by Hiron
    Originally posted by gr0und3d Well, I guess there already is more to the game that you thought.  It's a neverwinter game, every time you enter a new instance there could be hidden passages or treasure.  We found extra bosses in the lvl 30ish dungeon that the golden trail totally missed.  It starts to feel as linear as you want it to be.


    Have you played NWN 1/2 and DDO? What you call hidden passage/treasure or secret bosses is laughable. I dont think after 30 Cryptic dungeon design will magically turn 180 degree and add loads of secrets. Its sufficient for you but for someone who has played other D&D games where the dungeons truly have a bunch of puzzles and secrets NWO doesnt even come close.

    Could you tell me how many puzzles you found in the first 30 levels?

    Yes I did play NWN and no this MMO does not have as many puzzles.  But it does have them.  There were a few places where switches needed to be aligned, dungeoneering to open walls, alternative paths with traps, and then plain old exploring.  It was quite fun if you explored, and from your posts it sounds like you barely made it outside the city.....

    edit: clarification about switches.  They all did different things, some switched 2 or 3 at a time, etc.  Not hard by any means, but you got a chest to open if you did it right.  Also, the foundry already has an author or two that is creating maps with tons of puzzles. 

    Well I have played past 30 much much further in fact and Hiron is right. The dungeons are quite boring and linear. Btw the "but after 30+ argument" is quite lame as that is essentially half the game as of now.

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  • JasonJJasonJ New Port Richey, FLPosts: 395Member

    An easy 8 out of 10 so far. The game is basically NWN 2 with better graphics, online, and with a foundry that allows the creation of unlimited content. Having played some of the longer foundry conten I can say there are plenty of tools there to create some great content.

    The vast majority of complaints are coming from people that haevnt learned the new combat system. Most healers having issues healing must have never played Vindictus, Tera or GW2....healing is easy in this game, I had no problems keep my group up in the Tower dungeon, whateer it was called. next most complained about things is content, as if any MMO is released with a lot of it.

    Does it need some work? Hell yeah...there are MMOs that have been out for 6 YEARS that needs work...The fact is, its combat is fun, the story is good, the graphics fit the D&D setting, the sounds are spot on and up to level 23(as far as I got) the zones and creatures are varied. And thats all an MMO needs.

  • TokkenTokken Portland, ORPosts: 1,428Member Uncommon
    7 out of 10 for now.
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  • KareliaKarelia HeraklionPosts: 668Member
    i will try it this weekend for the first time. i hope its not that bad as most of the guys comments here...
  • Allacore69Allacore69 Casselberry, FLPosts: 839Member

    My overall score for Neverwinter is a 10/10


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