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[VS] [Miller - EU] Vanu Corp [VC] - Turning the world purple since 2003

StanisStanis SomersetPosts: 3Member

Vanu Corporation


[VC] Vanu Corp - EU - Miller


Planetside 2 is a massive MMO FPS. Maps are huge holding hundreds of players.

This is a type of gameplay that you may not have seen before or experienced online. The core FPS gameplay is there but there is a great deal more tactical and strategic depth with Outfits (The PS2 equivalent of a guild) fielding squads of players and working with allies to dominate territory and control maps.

If you played the first planetside or seen some of the reviews here and are wondering what the game is like. We are happy to welcome you to play with us. We run a fairly disciplined game - teamspeak, tactics and teamwork. You could just run around killing, but nthis game offers you the chance to play alongside dozens of your close friends, in an army of hundreds of allies assaulting the enemy.



We continue to recruit players interested in squad based teamplay.

We don't require you to play every moment of the game in an outfit squad. We expect you will want to!

  • Get on teamspeak
  • Be active in our community/forums
  • Join outfit events and game nights
  • Have fun!

Come and play the game with us. See if we fit what you are looking for in PS2.


Join Us

Find us in-game on Miller - Press P and look for a [VC] Vanu Corp squad

Message an officer in game. Stanis, YonMan, Fiad, DrNickRiviera

Sign up on the Vanu Corp Forums and say hello.



Historically we are an Infantry focussed outfit. We get the job done.

Galaxy drops and Sunderer supported pushes are our standard MO.


We use combined arms where necessary.


Our objective is usually territory control.

We have an established team with command experience from Squad through Platoon sized forces for Outfit Ops and an established network of allies for Empire co-operation and dominance.


Players are expected to respond promptly to their squad leader - and get on with turning the map purple.





Our gaming community has grown since it's founding in the early days of Planetside 1 on Werner.

We returned to our roots with the launch of Planetside 2.


You will find friendly players that have played Planetside since the start.

You will find experienced players that have crashed umpteen times helping SOE develop PS2 since Beta.


We have a lot of PS1 vets. You can be sure that as the PS2 metagame develops our participation will grow with it.




The Vanu Accord

The Vanu Accord grew from the reformed Werner VS Alliance of Planetside 1


  • We are proud to be part of The Vanu Accord alliance and welcome new outfits to work with us on Miller.
  • We host a shared VS teamspeak server and work closely to co-ordinate our efforts in game.



Server: EU Miller

Outfit Tag: [VC]


Active Members: 150+

Active Players: 1 to 2 squads nightly.


Language: English

Specialization: Team focused gameplay. Infantry and Combined Arms.

Ages: 18+ Preferred. Maturity and Fun required.

Teamspeak: TS3 essential, Mic not essential

Outfit Ops: Daily Squads. Regular outfit events.

History: A respected outfit on Werner VS since the launch of PS1

Allies: The Vanu Accord - We are proud to be part of the reformed Werner VS Alliance and welcome new outfits to work with us on Miller



  • StanisStanis SomersetPosts: 3Member

    We sent the developers a t-shirt ages ago. They finally got it !


    T-Ray on Twitter (PS2 Developer)



  • StanisStanis SomersetPosts: 3Member

    Had a couple of players make contact because they saw this on MMORPG.


    Let me say that we're willing to welcome players that are new to the Planetside world and MMOFPS type games.

    If you've seen this and just want to give planetside 2 a try - feel free to make contact the game is a hundred times better with an outfit (guild) to play with.

  • DrNickDrNick BelfastPosts: 1Member

    Hi everybody!

    VC will be having our 10 year anniversary meet on the weekend of May31st - June 3rd in Nottingham. I'd like to extend an invite to any PS1 and PS2 players who fancy coming down and having a few beers and a bit of craic with us.

    It would be great to meet a few more players and swap some war stories. If you're interested send me a pm either here (DrNick) or on the VC forums (DrNickRiviera)and I'll let you know the details.

    All the best and take it easy,
  • VonatarVonatar Posts: 721Member Uncommon

    Tried to sign up with you guys this evening (am new to PS2) and register on your forums. For some reason it keeps tell me my answer to which PS2 server you are on is wrong, even though I'm sure it's right (I checked and double checked the homepage).


    What am I doing wrong?

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