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This game WILL come out in 2013. Stop the rumors!

hMJemhMJem Marysville, WAPosts: 465Member

They said YET AGAIN today the game is planned to release this year. They have shown no indication that the game might be delayed. They've said over and over! Where are these rumors even coming from? Review sites that didnt get to play the game yet?


Here is how I expect things to go, and it is a very plausible plan


A week ago but just published today: More interviews and critics/popular youtubers getting to play the game and interview them. They want to get out of the "talking about it" process and people playing it. That is good. They want people to play it.


PAX: Hands on for the public, so expect more interviews, more gameplay talks, and maybe new info leaks since A LOT of people will get to play it. Booth for more questions to ask them.


Weekend after PAX: Closed beta invites go out.


June - September: Open Beta begins in June or July, ends in September


E3: They announce a release date and if it'll be free to play or pay to play. (THIS is the biggest one -- If no release date is announced, then there is reason to believe it's not gonna be out this year)


Game releases in November 2013.


We keep hearing more and more info, and they want people to be playing it. There is a lot of competition game-wise these next upcoming years, and you want to put your stamp and mark on it. If they were being hush hush about ESO, then there would also be reason to speculate that maybe they arent ready. But closed beta begins in around 1.5 weeks expected guys. It wont take the game a year from the start of its beta to come out, MMOs usually come out in timely fashion from the start of their beta process.



  • SaintWalker44SaintWalker44 Odym, CAPosts: 80Member Uncommon
    Thanks Captain Obvious..................

    All Will Be Well.....

  • hMJemhMJem Marysville, WAPosts: 465Member
    Captain Obvious? There is still a large majority (Even a recent thread on here) suggesting there is rumor that the game is going to be delayed, when there is nothing on ESO's end to support that. If the beta was starting a couple months from now that'd be believable too. But in 1.5 weeks ESO might be downloaded onto your computer to play for a weekend. The game is closer to being done than people think, and I have no diea where these "rumored to be delay to 2014" talks come from with no validity/source behind them.
  • SaintWalker44SaintWalker44 Odym, CAPosts: 80Member Uncommon

    Heres some advice kiddo......


    Major MMOs do NOT let gaming journalists play their game unless it was in a release/almost release state..........






    Bottom line? This is a business..........

    All Will Be Well.....

  • hMJemhMJem Marysville, WAPosts: 465Member

    Why are you talking to me like we dont agree? The most popular thread on this board opens up in bolded text in the original post  "BUT THERE IS RUMOR THIS GAME MIGHT BE DELAYED UNTIL 2014" with a lot of people believing it. And I just want to clear it up for them



  • Squeak69Squeak69 Colorado Springs, COPosts: 957Member Uncommon

    i dont know prob because thier latest interview they stated that they where delaying it.

    maybe thats where the rumors came from, you know the horses mouth

    F2P may be the way of the future, but ya know they dont make them like they used toimage
    Proper Grammer & spelling are extra, corrections will be LOL at.

  • hMJemhMJem Marysville, WAPosts: 465Member

    Are you deaf? Paul Sage said in the posted interview today the game is still coming out in 2013. He couldnt give a specific date when asked.


    Link me to "This game is going to be delayed" from Bethesda or Zinemax mouth. Twitter FB etc would be freaking out, and the ESO Facebook/etc would make an official statement/post if it was going to be delayed.

  • IselinIselin Vancouver, BCPosts: 8,676Member Epic

    This game may be farther along than you think. Prolonged betas are usually needed with low-budget MMOs when they don't have enough staff (+ friends and family) to test extensively internally. 

    This is a well-funded MMO not a kickstarter. I wouldn't be surprised to see a summer release. 

    And yes this is just speculation

  • QuizzicalQuizzical Posts: 17,328Member Epic

    That they plan to release it this year does not automatically mean that they will release it this year.  And even that they will release it this year would not automatically mean that the game would be ready to release this year.

    Maybe they will release a highly polished game by the end of the year.  I don't know.  But there's a huge gap between a company planning on doing so and actually doing so.  Every game company plans on releasing a highly successful game on time and on budget.

  • black777black777 Posts: 183Member Uncommon
    +1 for the OP.

  • hMJemhMJem Marysville, WAPosts: 465Member

    Actually, you're a little wrong. MMOs are some of the best games at releasing at a timely date from when their beta starts. I remember beta testing Everquest, a large MMO, and it came out a month or two after the beta.


    Again, I ask people who spread the rumors of a delay and such to show anything that points to the indication it would be delayed. There is more to support the idea of it coming out this year than delayed. Closed beta starting in March? Highly unlikely it takes the game a year to release after its beta starts.


    Influx of info to youtubers to get word out on the game: Check.


    Getting to play the game and them having a booth at PAX East to get more people to review/play the game/get word out on it: Check


    Beta starting in 1.5 weeks barring a last second delay: Check.


    E3 is still the biggest one. If a release date doesnt come out by E3 or during E3, then I have reason to start to doubt the game is coming out this year. But when I play both sides, I find much more info to suggest the game is on time and coming out this year than delayed.

  • MaephistoMaephisto somewhere, DCPosts: 632Member
    Originally posted by SaintWalker44
    Heres some advice kiddo......   Major MMOs do NOT let gaming journalists play their game unless it was in a release/almost release state..........   Bottom line? This is a business..........

    GW2 revealed raw gameplay and a public demo 2 years before release (gamescon 2010).......champ/skipper/sport



  • hMJemhMJem Marysville, WAPosts: 465Member
    Still no evidence to support anything that suggests this game is being delayed, and much more info to suggest the game is on schedule. Paul Sage just said today the game is coming out in 2013. Yes, I know people will say "Doesnt mean its definite" That's true, but it makes it much more valid than people who say "The game rumored to be delayed" but their source isnt a statement or article from Bethesda or Zinemax.
  • BrixonBrixon Myrtle Beach, SCPosts: 259Member
    A release around Christmas time is always good for sales.
  • hMJemhMJem Marysville, WAPosts: 465Member
    Originally posted by Brixon
    A release around Christmas time is always good for sales.



    However for some reason I'm feeling it'll be November. Just my gut feeling.  Anything before November is a true gift.

  • waxmaskwaxmask HelmondPosts: 54Member Uncommon
    IF it releases in November don't expect a finished product, but (my assumption) a Alpha build. IF it releases in November don't expect a smooth gaming experience till well into 2014.
  • hMJemhMJem Marysville, WAPosts: 465Member

    Longer doesnt always mean better. Just because they revealed it at E3 2012 doesnt mean they havent been working on it for a few years. (In fact, isnt that the case?)


    Diablo 3  (Not an MMORPG though) was delayed 2-3 times and still didnt launch smoothly. Longer doesnt mean youre gonna fix it.


    ESO will be awesome and fun when it releases this year :)

  • BrownAleBrownAle fantasyland, MEPosts: 399Member

    Who cares when it comes out...will come out when its ready to come out or will face the rage from all those who demanded them to release...


    IMO i wouldnt ming seeing the game go back in the oven for a year.  Come back with something unique.


    Assumptions aside, typically longer delays have nothing to do with smoothness of usually means something major is being redone.  I remember GW2 did it, Darkfalls doing it now, Diablo 3 did it,  Hell even Starcraft (the first one) did it....and i know a few other games that go back in the over and cook for a while...

    This game worries me because its a community divided by faction, with the same race though storyline to endgame mechanics that fail over and over, and by fail i mean in failing to keep most launch players past 3-4 months.


    I had hopes to see something significantly new to the genere, what i think were getting is a 3 faction GW2 with more depth.  Perhaps if they make character progression super complex it will be interesting, but i forsee autostating and your choice of two skill trees.

    I agree game will be awesome your first few runs through the story.  SWTOR was like that hopefully endgame actually works in this one.

  • hMJemhMJem Marysville, WAPosts: 465Member

    SWTOR doesnt even deserve to be mentioned ever. That game was a total flop and clearly tried to copy WoW. It didnt feel like Star Wars, it felt like a single player game, and the planets all felt empty and like they were playing a sick joke on you thinking you were online. Also, end-game was a total flop. ESO has consistently said End Game is super important. And good for them, because its the hardcore players that keep your game going.


    When I see and hear about ESO, it feels like its its own MMO with obvious MMO staples that make MMOs great. As someone whose only played Skyrim but played lots of MMOs, I am excited because I like the Elder Scrolls appeal but at the end of the day, this is an MMO, not an add-on or sequel/direct prequel to Skyrim. Elder Scrolls lovers who think this will just be Skyrim but with other human players to talk with while they do their thing are mistaken, although it is nice you can isolate yourself if that be your choice, but they'd be mistaken to think Zenimax is only trying to cater to them. MMO has to have longevity, and its the MMO crowd that will keep it strong. If the MMO crowd dies off from ESO, then its just another super small populated game that would be forced to go F2P if it wasnt already.


    Also, I very much care when it comes out. I don't forsee myself playing two MMOs at the same time, and Everquest Next is also supposed to release this year. So if I have to pick between Everquest Next and ESO at the same time, ESO gets the nod. But if EQ comes out first, then I give that it's fair shot first. I'd be pretty disappointed if the game isnt out this year.

  • DAS1337DAS1337 Posts: 2,514Member Uncommon

    It comes out when it comes out.


    As far as I'm concerned.  Housing or bust.

  • hMJemhMJem Marysville, WAPosts: 465Member
    Originally posted by DAS1337
    It comes out when it comes out.   As far as I'm concerned.  Housing or bust.

    I've never cared for housing in MMOs or Elder Scrolls games. There are no deal breakers for me, because I'm a fan of VIDEO GAMES. I dont have Elder Scrolls biased-ness or certain MMO biased-ness. I've played WoW, Everquest, Dragon Nest, Tera, SWTOR, etc. In fact, I cant even really remember much of Skyrim's story. The lore/story isnt even that important to me, and I'll know none of the references towards Oblivion and Morrowind since i never played them and am totally fine with that or if they break lore.


    DIdnt they remove bag space weighing you down in ESO? I could forsee there being no housing. Wouldnt they have to phase it off too? That doesnt seem that cool if its phased off away from everyone else.

  • SaintWalker44SaintWalker44 Odym, CAPosts: 80Member Uncommon

    I remember this discussion when RIFT was getting ready to go into public beta.

    We had a few members on the forums look at past MMO's and average out the time from public beta to launch. If I remember correctly, it was four months. Around that time frame.


    That being said, most of the 'bigger' mmos launch around year end to take advantage of Xmas. Same with expansions.......



    Maybe someone here with some time on their hands could do an update on when MMOs went from public beta to launch....Just for the hell of it...........

    All Will Be Well.....

  • hMJemhMJem Marysville, WAPosts: 465Member

    However this thread is mainly to try to de-bunk these "Rumors"


    What, did a guy leave a comment "I think it will be delayed" and everyone took it to heart?


    At the end of the day, there is more evidence to trust the game is coming out this year as they said no less than a week ago, than some random person trying to rustle your jammies or spread fake rumors so they get internet hits/views/popularity. No statements have been made by Zenimax/Bethesda except that the game is coming out in 2013. and that's the bottom line.

  • azarhalazarhal Somewhere, BCPosts: 1,075Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by hMJem
    E3 is still the biggest one. If a release date doesnt come out by E3 or during E3, then I have reason to start to doubt the game is coming out this year. But when I play both sides, I find much more info to suggest the game is on time and coming out this year than delayed.

    E3 isn't a cutoff date and never was when it come to MMOs. Most recent examples:

    • SWTOR announced its release date on September 24th 2011 for December 2011 . They opened pre-orders end of  July 2011.
    • GW2 announced its release date on June 28th 2012 for August 2012. Official pre-orders started in April 2012.

    MMOs announce their release date close to when they will release. The average is around 3.5 months, with some case of less than 2 months. Pre-orders are around 6 months before release too.

    So don't expect an announcement before August/September for a November release and if TESO have pre-orders, they won't open before June.

    As for the rumor of a delay, it won't happen (unless the game is utter crap). Yesterday info dump shows the sacrifice they made to make launch deadline: no raids, only 9 level 50 dungeons and not 15, visiting other alliances at level 50+ (re-using content for endgame), adventure zones are promised but apparently won't be in at launch (ZAM preview), only 4 classes (down from 6 talked about last October), etc.

    Thieves guild, Dark Brotherhood guild and Housin was already said to be post launch implementation a long time ago, so I'm not counting them.

  • hMJemhMJem Marysville, WAPosts: 465Member

    I don't think its terrible if the game is missing some stuff it plans to add in either. Good to know on when companies announce it. For nostalgia purposes, have the info on WoW and Everquest in those same circumstances?


    Personally, I want to try this and Everquest Next. Everquest Online Adventures was my first MMO, so I have a special fondness for that, and EQ Next is supposed to have tha tfeel. Same with Vanilla/BC WoW after that. But EQOA.. Despite some problems and such with that game, I remember before school since I was a young teenager when EQOA was fresh, I'd just run around the world before the bus came for 20 minutes and go places where I was under-leveled. Then log out as I had to go to school. It was awesome, so much freedom.

  • KyleranKyleran Paradise City, FLPosts: 23,951Member Epic

    You are new here OP, you'll learn it doesn't take much of a rumor to spread widespread on these forums.

    Also, I can see you are one of those "defenders of the faith" type posters, you strongly believe in this title and as such probably won't see it in the same light as some of the more "jaded" veterans on the forum.

    Expect there to be lots of negative information posted in the coming months, some of it won't be true, some will be more based on people's opinions and preferences, and once in a great while, something based on fact will occur.  Trick will always be to discern between the three.

    Whether this game comes out in 2013 is something worthy of betting on, and until a date is confirmed we'll all just keep guessing.


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