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SWTOR in Rift

velmaxvelmax palm bay, FLPosts: 216Member Uncommon

Someone made the starwars universe in Rift's Dimensions, check it out!


  • Slappy1Slappy1 columbus, OHPosts: 458Member
    Awesome stuff,just unbelievable!

    Some day I'm going to put a sword through your eye and out the back of your skull!

    Arya Stark

  • FromHellFromHell NY, NYPosts: 1,311Member
    really cool. Probably some SWG vets at work :D

    Secrets of Dragon?s Spine Trailer.. ! :D

    Best MMOs ever played: Ultima, EvE, SW Galaxies, Age of Conan, The Secret World

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  • catlanacatlana Houston, TXPosts: 1,677Member
    Rift players have produced some amazing dimensions. That designer did an amazing job.
  • Vunak23Vunak23 In your house eatin'' your cookies, FLPosts: 631Member Uncommon
    That is awesome haha. Ive seen some pretty elaborate dimensions, but this one is just above and beyond. 

    "In the immediate future, we have this one, and then we’ve got another one that is actually going to be – so we’re going to have, what we want to do, is in January, what we’re targeting to do, this may or may not happen, so you can’t hold me to it. But what we’re targeting to do, is have a fun anniversary to the Ilum shenanigans that happened. An alien race might invade, and they might crash into Ilum and there might be some new activities that happen on the planet." ~Gabe Amatangelo

  • SoulStainSoulStain Tampa, FLPosts: 202Member
    The dimension idea sounded cool to me but I had no idea it involved so much freedom. It looks like you can create virtually anything. Like RIFT meets Minecraft..only not so blocky.
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