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General: Breaking News: EA offers SimCity 4 to SimCity 5 players


  • ComanComan Hattem, AKPosts: 2,152Member Uncommon
    I think this is kind gesture from EA. We only had problem with SimCity 5 for 3 days or something and there giving you a game worth of 50 euros (depending what you pick).
  • QuizzicalQuizzical Posts: 17,349Member Epic
    Basically, EA offers you your choice of games that you either already have or don't want.  If you did want them, you'd have bought them a long time ago.
  • IsturiIsturi Phoenix, AZPosts: 1,509Member

    Ya Sadly EA has been in the gaming world for a very long time. Can anyone say Apple II? Im talking early 80's and yes they had a few great games like Pinball construction set, Archon and Archon II and one of the very first RPG games ever that being Bards Tale.

    Like I mention sadly because they seem to loose their flare for beautiful games when they entered the MMO field. Of course that being WarHammer and SWTOR that just seem not to go anywere with players. Now the forced multi player Sim City 5 that should of been a game that did not require online to play it. Sigh I dont see a very bright future for EA if they keep on a downward sprial.


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