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Looking 4 Gaming Partner

ThePvPremadeThePvPremade HilversumPosts: 3Member

So easy summary, I am willing to play almost any game and I am looking for a few nice people to play with.


Hello I am looking for a 1-2 players to play MMORPG"s with on a day to day basis.

I would request that we level a new toon together

Games I have a licens of atm, Some went F2P though I have a original account from all these games @ launch

Also I don't mind buying a new game




The Secret World



Warhammer Online


Age of Conan

Guild Wars 2



Who I am

Nationality: Dutch

Age: 19

Gender: Male

I can speak english fluently and prefer to use voicecom, like teamspeak or skype.


Main interests in MMORPG's, PvP, Storyline, Graphics

What I dislike in MMORPG's, Asian Style


PC specs

8 core 3,6 ghz

16GB ram

Radeon HD 6870


  • LauraFrostLauraFrost New York, NYPosts: 95Member


    My partner and I are considering starting over in GW 2.

    We play in the Euro Region and during Euro Time. Send me a PM if you're interested!


  • ThePvPremadeThePvPremade HilversumPosts: 3Member
    Sure sending pm
  • gregofc93gregofc93 HombeekPosts: 3Member Uncommon

    I had an insane long text written , but then my internet failed me and i lost everything.. and sadly i cba to retype :(


    to make it short what i was trying to say , atm every mmorpg sucks balls , if you don't agree idc , ive played almost all of the 'good' mmo's till max lvl , end game (LOL if it even has endgame .. looks at gw2)..  tera , gw2 , swtor , diablo3, W/E . , 

    BUT IF you can play the game with 3-10 IRL friends then yes i suggest you play a mmorpg cause that's the only way you will enjoy it.


    gameing companies atm are just slacking SOOOOOO hard, but we idiots keep buying there products so they actually don't give a shyte.

    if i was you i'd play a RTS/FPS ANYTHING besides mmorpg game , there are ALOT of good ones out there .. lol/dota2/planetside2/SC2.. just stay the f away from mmorpgs cause they will keep you hooked for a good 1-3 months and then you'll be like why the f am i playing this enourmous bag of garbage and all your money invested/time invested will be wasted. DONT force yourself trough a grind to max lvl in a game just to experience 'endgame' , this term should just be removed cause it means everything besides endgame is actually not worth playing.


    i myself atm play gw2 because i don't have alot of time to game anymore cause of school , and yes i just bashed GW2 so why am i playing it? because this game is the god of casuals, even if you spend 10 minutes a day you will be as good as everyone else in the game. I enjoy exploring and doing random stuff cause it doesn't take really long.. and i also play a lol/dota2/sc2 match now and then cause i enjoy those games :) (don't go hardcore in lol unless your a 5V5 full premade , cause trolls /Afkers will make you ripp the hair of your head.) 


    but yeah since your LF a partner i expect you to play alot :) , therefore my advice is to stay away from all the mmorpg's atm and hope that TESO will not be another piece of garbage , sure Wildstar , Firefall , Neverwinter etc are all so being hyped , but really cmon..


    just look at the game itself , if that doesn't bore you out than ignore everything i just said and go play one of the crappy mmo's..


    ik spreek ook vlaams dus als je wil ,wil ik best wel eens praten over spellen die je misschien wil testen, ik heb me spijtig genoeg veel te veel bezig gehouden met mmo's omdat ik 'hoopte' dat er ergens wel een goede mmo was , but no , allemaal grind/brainless stomme games met bijna geen updates en slacker-devs.



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