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Neverwinter: The Jewel of the North Trailer Released



  • observerobserver Posts: 3,650Member Rare

    I was slightly interested in this game.. until i saw the Founder's Pack offer, which is nothing but a greedy marketing tactic.  A founder exclusive race is going too far.

    I didn't find anything wrong with the trailer.  It wasn't great, but it wasn't terrible either.

  • gillrmngillrmn ArnhemPosts: 250Member

    Just to make it clear to all - you guys can recreate the same video this beta. All of the video is from the game and can be recorded using demo tools.

    So the those saying it is not an ingamevideo are in the wrong.

    Infact, you can record even better looking video than this one. Just remember that cryptic has always been bad at detecting your system settings so make sure you increase them to max manually before recording the video.


    p.s. yes I was talking about those beautiful pan shots of the whole city and other places. They can be done with demo tools just to be clear.

    The last part was just a simple recording that any 3rd party tool can also do.

  • KossuthKossuth BrightonPosts: 53Member Uncommon

    Trailer seems accurate to the game. I enjoyed the game for the last 2 beta weekends but my two caveats are:


    I played STO and therefore PWE/Cryptic games before and am very leery of them - slow content release after launch and constant money grabs (most I could live with but the "boxes"... if you played STO you'll know what I mean for others I have friends that ended up spending $200 of boxes to get a single ship they wanted).

    The scope for solo playing seemed to run out fast. As soon as i went to the orcish areas everyone had to gang up or live with constant deaths. For some thats good for others bad, just be aware of it.

    Overall I'm still watching with interest - classes seem interesting to play and theres a definite challenge solo.

    Bjoern / Sir Prime

    Habitual Euthanasia
    Pandemic Legion

  • TithenonTithenon Everett, WAPosts: 113Member Uncommon
    <sigh> No.
  • marganculosmarganculos BrnoPosts: 243Member Uncommon
    tested... it's medicore MMO...
  • mgilbrtsnmgilbrtsn belleville, ILPosts: 2,840Member Rare
    Originally posted by DJMantiss
    Originally posted by mgilbrtsn
    I'm leary of trailers.  Too many times do they look great, and the game breaks down because of mechanics.  Hopefully lthis is one where the mechanics do the trailer justice.

    Haha as you should be! There are a few games with trailers out there right now where the betas are anything but what they showcase.


    I will say that so far everything you see in the Neverwinter Trailers is exactly what you get. Nothing is rendered differently, all cut-scenes or showcasing something that blatantly doesn't exist in game.

    That is good to hear.  I've been looking forward to this one.

    Concentrate on enjoying yourself, and not on why I shouldn't enjoy myself.

  • kylverkylver c, KYPosts: 1,344Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by staran
    Doesn't matter. After release there will be a dribble of repeatable content with queues ala cryptic.
    Oh and lookout for Lockboxes.

    Sadly, I had the same thought.

    It does look fun, however. Since we no longer have any Windows computers in our house, unless they release a Mac client, I won't be playing. 

    If I were playing, I would try and keep an open mind about Cryptic/PW and not hold their past actions against them. Companies are capable of change, just like people.

  • KareliaKarelia HeraklionPosts: 668Member
    Originally posted by Burntvet
    Let me say this: this is a perfect reason to never, ever, trust a marketing video put out by a game company. I have played the game, and it is at best, average (and in many places NOT). That is the gameplay, that is the game, not a shiny, "dog and pony" show video put out by the makers. The video does absolutely nothing to make the game any better. Nice video, borderline crap game (especially for a popular IP).

     i dont have an opinion for the game, but the sad thing is that most of opinions are the same with yours. i would like this game to be good but after so many negative comments i think it will not. i havent seen even 1 positive until now...

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