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Looking for something different.

nicariftnicarift douglas, WYMember Posts: 70 Uncommon
Im looking for a game that has a bit more complexity to it. Such as Ultima Online used to. And eve has. I already play eve and enjoy it but there are LONG periods of time with nothing really to do but wait on training. SO im looking for a good game with a little less of the hand fed ease that others are giving people at the moment. Any ideas?


  • TeleportistTeleportist LondonMember Posts: 1

    Why don't you give Drakensang Online  a go.

    I'm currently hooked.


    There are 3 skill trees (1 for pvp), equipment is customisable via crystals

    and the combat can be quite strategic once you've aquired a few skills.

  • phobossionphobossion PragueMember Posts: 56 Uncommon
    Have you alredy tried DDO? If you are looking for complex mechanics and group-based gameplay you may want to give it a chance.
  • CaldrinCaldrin CwmbranMember Posts: 4,505 Uncommon

    Mortal Online.. its now f2p to a point.. so give it a go..

    Ignore all the haters and give it a go yourself you might be suprised.. but please if you do try it get past the frist few hours of character development :)



  • benseinebenseine HaarlemMember Posts: 243 Uncommon
    Try out Darkfall: Unholy Wars when it releases and keep an eye out for Gloria Victis
  • JamesPJamesP Portland, MEMember Posts: 479 Uncommon
    Greed Monger might be something to keep an eye on as well!

    Company Owner
    MMO Interactive
    Greed Monger

  • QuizzicalQuizzical Member Posts: 16,844 Epic

    Uncharted Waters Online.

    If you play for a week and then think you understand the game pretty well, it only means that you're so confused that you don't even realize how confused you are.

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