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need WoW motivational coach

stuckeystuckey Toronto, ONPosts: 1Member

I've been playing WoW for more than a year but face a weird problem: I can never get my toons to max level. I've had one toon in the 50s and a couple in the 40s, but most of my toons don't even get to level 20 before I get tired of them and delete them. This is starting to destroy my playing experience as I'm getting worn down replaying the same lowb areas over and over.

I need an experienced player to team up with me and be my motivational coach in helping me get a toon to 90. I would prefer someone who has a mature attitude toward WoW and is him/herself a casual player rather than hardcore (as I doubt that being called a "scrub" all the time would motivate me much). You wouldn't necessarily need to roll an alt to quest  and dungeon with me or run me through dungeons or give me gold, just help inspire me to stick with the same toon until she hits 90.

If anyone is interested please either reply here or PM.


  • Psym0nPsym0n MaastrichtPosts: 242Member Uncommon

    I have been there. You can say that I have an altoholic problem. I've played WoW since closed beta and I never got a character higher then 30. In vanilla this took quite some time, and I've probably made 15 different characters which I really loved but couldn't advance.

    I missed out on all raids and instances with my own characters, played 'em all on my brothers characters but never done 'em myself. This started to annoy me the same way I see you are annoyed. And the best remedy for that is to just roll a character on a nice server, get some friends to play with you and level together. It'll get a lot easier if you have a target set. First target for me was getting level 40. Level 40 gave me a acces to mounts, but during vanilla it was 90g, and 90g was like 1000 euro's. 

    My next target was making myself useful for my friends and guild. And as I got higher level I started to enjoy the game even more. Because leveling is fun, but gearing up and seeing all the endgame stuff is even more fun. The game opens up if your at max level, and that should be your ultimate target. There is only one rule you should remember: Don't give up on your main, keep playing him, if you don't play you won't reach max level.

    I am currently not playing WoW anymore because my time is valuable now :(. Else I would have helped you ingame as well!



  • miguksarammiguksaram Fort Meade, MDPosts: 827Member Uncommon

    While I've had toons at max, depending on the current state of the game, at various points through out my play time in WoW I currently have zero.  I do however have at 10 toons between 80-88 and about another 10 between 30-70, all spanning both Horde and Ally.  You could say I am a bit of an altoholic, lol.

    What the previous poster stated is very true.  You basically need to find a decent server with a good guild that plays during the same hours as you.  The few times I've been at max level with any of my toons were specifically due to the two criteria I just mentioned.  If either of those were missing I would just create alts instead of working on the ones I was playing (and enjoying mind you).  Why, you might ask?  For me at least it was because when I started a new toon I kinda expected the initial levels to be spend solo so the lack of a decent server and guild members to group with didn't bother me as much.

    While I wish you the best in hoping to curb your own issues I don't really see the whole coach without being a steady play partner working out to well.  If that person isn't online the majority of the time you are it won't change much.  And if when they are online they aren't readily available to chat with due to PvP or instance/raid runs its about as useful as them not being online at all, though they might be able to respond between pulls or matches.  I'll assume you see what I'm getting at.

    Mechanically speaking WoW is probably one of the easiest games to play solo.  However, at least for me, trying to do so without at least some form of player interaction with people I care to play with on a regular basis has proven fruitless.

  • Mors.MagneMors.Magne LondonPosts: 1,544Member Uncommon

    I've only ever had 1 character and I can't find the motivation to level beyond level 86.

    So I'm now doing pet battles - that rewards with XP, so I could hit level 90.

  • GravargGravarg Harker Heights, TXPosts: 3,409Member Uncommon

    I'm an altoholic myself and what gets me to maximum level is to not focus on leveling.  I just focus on what i'm doing at that time.  Turn off the xp bar on the bottom, so you can't even see it, it helps alot.  Turn off the xp text when you get done killing something or turn in a quest.  I'm currently working on my 8th 90 and this helps me alot to stick to one character at a time.  


    It only took me like 4-5 years to figure it out.  The first years of wow, I had about 100 characters across like 30 servers.  I finally got to 60 on my hunter and was only playing him to raid with my guild, then I'd go play another character.  The problem was it broke up the story.  I went from playing a high level to a mid level character and it feels different.  One day I was just messing around and went to go get leather for my guild.  Afterwards I had gained 5 levels and it only felt like 1 level of questing.  I then noticed that I hadn't been paying attention to my xp or level at all.  I was so focused on getting the thousands of leathers for my guild, that I ended up grinding out levels just by killing beasts to skin lol.  After that, I turned off everything to do with exp notification, and I noticed that I could stay with a single character alot longer than I could.  Within a few months, I had like 6 level 60s and BC came out.  I played them one at a time through to 70, and ended up with most of the characters I still play today at 70 :D


    I hope this helps at least one altoholic.  Just remember, you are not alone :)

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