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Seeking the higher levels for info

ElesdeeElesdee Massapequa, NYPosts: 44Member Uncommon

After playing myself to level 11 and reading on the forums I got the impression myself as well as read accounts of others that the overall combat was a bit too easy. I personally aim to not use potions when I play because they are truly overpowered this early in the game.


My question im wondering is, from the higher level crowd does it get harder? I do enjoy the game, and for a free game its really fun and im gonna play regardless of difficulty but I really am just curious about how the combat scales up later on. Also concerning dungeons I hear the first one is simple so do they get harder as well?


  • mistersalty1mistersalty1 South Windsor, CTPosts: 26Member
    im lvl 38 atm and let me just say one thing. if you are finding it hard to play the game using potions.....then this game is not for you. 
  • ElesdeeElesdee Massapequa, NYPosts: 44Member Uncommon
    You misread ill clarify. I currently find the game too EASY with potion, so I choose not to use them as a way to increase my own difficulty. Hope that clears up some confusion
  • ste2000ste2000 londonPosts: 5,845Member Epic

    After lvl 20 you will need the potions to kill the Bosses.

    It gets harder.

  • ranncoreranncore omaha, NEPosts: 93Member
    In my experience (to level cap a few times now) the solo-friendly content is always mind-numbingly boring and easy in this game. Where it really shines is the dungeon delves and zone events. The first delve is deceptively easy. In the second, if your party doesn't know their roles, know how to flank opponents, avoid environmental hazards, red splats and traps, and take potions in times of need, you will not succeed. 
  • gillrmngillrmn ArnhemPosts: 250Member

    First of all, difficulty depends on class. This leads me to believe that balance issue has not been completely addressed yet.


    The cleric is pretty easy compared to control mage. Rogue is easy too. Guardian Fighter has a certain clunkiness - but it is in between - nether easy, nor hard.


    For the mage, the difficulty is too easy earlier, then suddenly it shoots up after every quest. It ramps up too quickly. At earlier level, it is more of a walkthrough at god mode, while at later levels you try to get everything out of your potions, your feats, cooldowns and still die due to mobs mobbing you.


    For the mage, you need to try every power and match it to your playstyle just so that you have a chance at survival. For me the options were Spell mastery-Repel, darth vader grip like power, ice shards, time steal. I tried swapping other powers, but either those powers were too nerfed or they didnt atch my playstyle - switching away any power and I always died (even after potions).

    Compared to earlier before 20, when I used to teleport in between the mobs fearlessly to quickly kill them, the difficulty ramped up too steeply ...

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