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Poll: Do you want pulls, knock backs, and leaps in CU?

OdamanOdaman Satesboro, GAMember Posts: 194
Since these are tied with Collision Detection, I wanted to focus on them since some hate them and some people love them. Personally I think they were a step in the wrong direction the moment they entered the genre.


  • Niix_OzekNiix_Ozek Calgary, ABMember Posts: 397
    Hate them, almost as much as I hate CD

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  • Niix_OzekNiix_Ozek Calgary, ABMember Posts: 397
    If people who want CD because it is more realistic also want this, I will call BS

    Ozek - DAOC
    Niix - Other games that sucked

  • KappenWizKappenWiz Pittsburgh, PAMember Posts: 162 Uncommon

    Again, this is way too early for these types of questions, but in a (very) general sense: Not too crazy about pulls or leaps, although if implemented in certain very limited ways, could see them expanding playstyles and strategy.

    Knockdowns, not AOE knockdowns or knockbacks, but, single target tripping or knockdown for a second could change a lot of things, including tank trains and running healers. Again, how it's implemented is key and therefore way pointless to discuss at this juncture. There was a shield trip in DAOC. It has a slightly different mechanic than what I'm talking about, but its not entirely out of the question here.

  • OdamanOdaman Satesboro, GAMember Posts: 194
    Knockdowns are just another way to implement stun, so I didn't include them. The question is just for things that seem mandatory for a collision detection based combat system to work.
  • TokkenTokken Portland, ORMember Posts: 1,354 Uncommon
    and swimming.
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  • Ice-QueenIce-Queen USA, GAMember Posts: 2,442 Uncommon
    No thanks, they're all cheesy.


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  • CananCanan Wedowee, ALMember Posts: 95 Uncommon
  • Plastic-MetalPlastic-Metal Highland Heights, KYMember Posts: 405
    No thanks.  Knock backs in WAR were absolutely terrible.

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  • BowbowDAoCBowbowDAoC Granby, QCMember Posts: 470 Uncommon

    It was the thing tha ti hated the most in WAR, it was simply awful.

    that fact alone would make me out of CU.

    So hopefully it wont be present.



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  • CluckingChickenCluckingChicken Calgary, ABMember Posts: 54
    Mark mentioned that he would like knockbacks, so you grumpy old men that fear change are gonna be upset.
  • JayFiveAliveJayFiveAlive Arvada, COMember Posts: 562 Uncommon
    I loved the knockbacks and leaps in WAR. I really hope we see them in CU... <3 miss my lion dude. He was so much fun!
  • Riposte.ThisRiposte.This Toronto, ONMember Posts: 192
    Really? People actually have an issue with these things? No wonder MMO's suck, so many pussies playing them these days.

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  • BentBent Raleigh, NCMember Posts: 581 Common
    I like to be able to see where what is affectting me is coming from.  As such I am okay with melee knockbacks or leaps.  I am not a fan of pulls, as that IMO takes way to much control away from a player.  I think any movement skills should depend on armor.  That is a heavily armored toon want get knocked back as much or at all as a lightly armor toon, but they also won't be able to leap as much either.
  • tokeshtokesh Vancouver, BCMember Posts: 35
    Originally posted by CluckingChicken
    Mark mentioned that he would like knockbacks, so you grumpy old men that fear change are gonna be upset.

    It seems that the old people are the ones advocating CD and knockback stuff.

    Maybe they're too old to remember how garbage AoC combat was?

  • JayFiveAliveJayFiveAlive Arvada, COMember Posts: 562 Uncommon

    If you have no knockbacks or leads, what kind of gap closers or disrupters are there? Being stunned and not able to move is better?

  • OdamanOdaman Satesboro, GAMember Posts: 194
    Originally posted by CluckingChicken
    Mark mentioned that he would like knockbacks, so you grumpy old men that fear change are gonna be upset.

    Source? I've read almost all of his posts here and watched/read a few interviews as well as the FP. I have yet to see him mention anything like that. My issue with them really is they cannot be countered. You can't purge a kb or a pull which is why it's another beast of cc... one more annoying than mez, stun, root, and snare. I'd still play the game with them... I just think they're more of an annoyance than adding to the game.

  • TumblebutzTumblebutz Henderson, NVMember Posts: 322 Uncommon

    Put this on the list with graphic pets, flying mounts and Trials of Atlantis!



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  • fanglofanglo Virginia, VAMember Posts: 295 Uncommon

    Generally I don't have a problem with these 3 abilities but there are certian situations which you can't avoid which make them extremely annoying. It takes no skill to punt someone off a bridge, crippling that group. In War there was a particular bridge where it was ridiculous with the punts. you could punt off whole groups and such utter garbage.

    As for the pulls, horrible idea. I even played a pull engineer in War for a while. pull everyone in and let the aoe casters finish em all off.

    As for Leaps, I'm sorta on the fence. In rift there are leap backs which help you get away from the front lines. That has been abused though to help players jump up hills. I just think you need something to help the melee dps to close the gap and a leap is a viable way to do that. Though you could always use my suggestion of a burrow charge :p

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  • CluckingChickenCluckingChicken Calgary, ABMember Posts: 54
    @Odaman, sorry, no quote button on the mobile site for whatever reason. It was one of his first interviews about the game I believe. He mentioned that he wanted to be able to knock people off of cliffs. I'll try to find the interview when I get home.
  • SpeelySpeely Seattle, WAMember Posts: 861 Common
    Oh for fuck's sake just make it like DAoC on steroids. There is a reason it is the most venerated modern pvp mmo ever. Ahem. Sorry.

    As to the question at hand: it all depends on how pvp works mechanically. Any of those things could work or not work within the framework of what MJ and CSE are designing. We basically know nothing at this point.

    In a vaccum? None of those options appeal to me, but if balanced within the dynamics of a fun rvr system, I would could potentially embrace any of them.

    Call me crazy, but I think the creators of CU know a wee bit more about making games than we do. Just a little.

  • meddyckmeddyck USAMember Posts: 1,190 Uncommon
    Hell no to pulls. Having enemies pull you into a death trap or gangbang is BS. I can live with a few knockbacks as long as they don't turn RvR into a game of pinball. Leaps are fine.

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  • morfidonmorfidon BochniaMember Posts: 245

    Knock backs - yes others for sure no.

    Why? Because knock backs would give a good utility for tanks there we missed in daoc.

  • AntiquatedAntiquated Member Posts: 1,412 Rare

    Would be interesting from a 'way old skool' point of view. But strictly for nostalgia's sake.

    Next poll on Crowd Control?

  • SaaboSaabo DuisburgMember Posts: 35

    CC is fine as long as there are CC immunities/heavy diminishing returns

  • JimmacJimmac TXMember Posts: 1,667 Uncommon

    If pulls and knock backs can be left out, it would probably be better. CU might be able to make these mechanics work, but usually when I see them in other games it makes the combat kind of ridiculous in a bad way, like a game of pinball as someone else said. If there are better ways to accomplish what these abillities accomplish, or if those things can just be left out entirely then leave them out.

    Leaps might be okay but it's impossible to know until we see how the movement feels and what other mechanics are available.

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