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Looking for a Team to start an MMORPG Project

SynakalSynakal Toccoa, GAMember Posts: 14

Currently in the process of obtaining the neccessary hardware and software to start a project I have been putting together the last couple of months. To start off with, I woulld like to tell you a little bit about me and my company.

My name is Thomas Miles and I am 33 years old and currently reside in Toccoa, Ga. I attended Gaston University in North Carolina and I earned my Associates Degree in Fine Arts in 2001. I earned my certification in Creative Writing and Journalism at North Georgia Tech in 2003. I am currently in the process of returning to school to earn my Associates in Computer Science and Technology and plan to become Certified in Networking Systems and Web Development. I currently write for various websites that focus on Technology and Gaming. I also act as a volunteer journalist for some up and comming starter websites as well. My role in this project would consist of a few different catagories which consist of the following:

  • Game Design Elements, Direction & Web Marketing and Development
  • Story Board Director and Weaponry Design
  • Team Leader and Graphic Design Supervision
  • Software Distribution to Team Members if required
  • Network Server Hosting
  • Promotion and Advertisement
The following are the positions that are currently open for the project:
  • Video Editor
  • Sound Engineer
  • Game Engine Coding
  • Persistant World Creation & Managment
  • GMs
  • Forum Moderators & Adminstrators
  • Graphic Design and Art Direction
  • Graphics Artists & Character Designers
  • Item Creation
  • Currency Directors
  • Event Cordinators
  • Game Testers
  • Tech Support Agents
  • Customer Service Representers
These are just ball park estimates of the kind of things we will be working on. If you would like to take on more then one role let me know, just be sure not to overload yourself. I am looking for Team Oriented Individuals who love MMOs and are interested in getting into game design. A great attitude and a willingness to teach as well as learn is more important to me then experience. When all positions have been filled I will conduct a meeting and discuss what this project will consist of and where we as a team feel it should be headed.
*If you don't have experience or a degree from school or training in this particular field please don't let that keep you from applying. All applicants will be considered. Thanks for taking the time to review my post and happy gaming.


  • Dexter2010Dexter2010 Beverly Hills, CAMember Posts: 244 Uncommon

    I'm a Software Developer with web programming experience and HBSc with a Specialist in Software Engineering.  How many hours per week of commitment are you seeking and what is the compensation? By how much does it vary from position to position or role to role?

    Edit: I have also designed and built applications for people who are differently abled.

  • AdamTMAdamTM Frankfurt Am MainMember Posts: 1,376

    I'm a 2D/3D Design Generalist with 6 years experience as well as a traditional game designer with 2 years experience (4 games published).

    My specializations in GFX Design are 3D modeling, post pro, editing, motion design as well as traditional 2D ATL/BTL and concept art.

    I'm also active in diverse modding communities, the most recent one being TES5: Skyrim.

    I could also fill other diverse roles on the list as I have moderated forums, worked in tech support and am a frequent and commited MMO beta/alpha tester.


    I have the same questions about time commitment and compensation as Dexter.

  • Dexter2010Dexter2010 Beverly Hills, CAMember Posts: 244 Uncommon
    *High five Adam!
  • Crunchy222Crunchy222 new york, ILMember Posts: 386

    Buddy you might not want to take applicants from this website, unless your trying to make some kind of GW2/FPS hybrid with no progression.



  • DauzqulDauzqul Detroit, MIMember Posts: 1,506 Uncommon

    I wish you the best of luck.


    I personally yearn for a game with freedom, e.g., player cities, player economy, world pvp (no instances or dedicated areas), social professions or skills, and gigantic worlds.

    In all honestly, the best MMO, IMO, would be a SWG / EQ2 hybrid.



    I can't do another 100% theme park. Moreover, I can't do another Darkfall or Mortal Online. I want a blend.

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  • FromHellFromHell NY, NYMember Posts: 1,311
    Interesting, what type of setting will it be, fantasy, sci-fi? Something different?  I have a relative who was a quite accomplished c++ coder for games so he might be interested. Please PM me your e-mail if you want and I will forward it.

    Secrets of Dragon?s Spine Trailer.. ! :D

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  • GiltandGiltand BudapestMember Posts: 1
    Private Message sent!
  • SynakalSynakal Toccoa, GAMember Posts: 14

    Hello everyone, I apologize for the delay in a reply. I have been working on getting all the bases for the project covered. The server for the game will be up and running and online in 2-3 business days. At which point I would like to get in touch with everyone who wants to join the team and get the proper accounts added to the game development portal we will be using to collaborate and work with. I will explain more about what game engine we will be using and how to log into the online client portal later in this post.

    As for the questions you have about time and compensation, I plan on spending 20-30 hours per week over a 5 business day a week period. The entire project should, and this is just an estimate, should take around 10-15 months to be ready for release and the servers to be live. You can work as little or as much as your time allows. I do ask that you spend at least 15 hours a week performing your desired role and be available for confrencing with everyone 2-3 times a week so we all know where we stand and any problems can be addressed.

    As for compensation I will be handling the upfront costs personally. The bandwidth, server, marketing, game licenses and all other back-end business has already been paid for. The company we will be using recieve 30% of all revenue the game earns and the remaining 70% will be divided evenly among the team. I will be providing the game engine and development software for everyone in addition to the software you currently use. As this is a start up company and we are just getting started on our journey, paid compensation will be provided when we begin to recieve our royalties, player subscription payments etc.

    Our company logo and name is DarcStar Games and the world is titled Syleria. The actual game title is still being decided. We will be using the Hero Engine and working with the Hero Blade client, Hero Cloud portal etc. I will provide the link below so you can get aquainted with our new partnership, read about the Hero Cloud Server World and address any questions you may have. The story and features of the game is still being worked on but I will update you in our first conference meeting on the entire project and everything in between.

    I am going to be going through emails today and I will be contacting you guys through out the day. Our world goes live in 2 days so please keep a check on your email in the next few days so we can begin working as soon as the green light is lit.

    The team isn't completely filled up yet and positions haven't been confirmed so don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to be included in this exciting new adventure we will be embarking on.

    I hope I answered all your questions and concerns and look forward to hearing from those who would like to confirm their position on on the team. Once you have confirmed I will add your account to the development portal and email your login information to you. Thank you and have a great day!

  • SynakalSynakal Toccoa, GAMember Posts: 14

    Just a little update for everyone who is interested in the project. We now have the following posistions filled.


    • System Mechanics Programmer
    • Combat/Skill System Producer
    • Game Master
    • Closed Beta Development Tester
    • Story Designer
    • Weapon and Armour Designer
    • Character Biographer/Lore Author
    • Promotional Marketing and Video Production Producer
    We also now have an offical trademark logo which is pictured below made by ©twentytwomedia
    New Logo
    Well thats all for now if anyone is interested I will be starting a developer blog on with periodic updates on the game. Thanks for the support everyone.
    -Thomas Miles

  • DarkcrystalDarkcrystal Member Posts: 961 Uncommon

    Being  a Developer myself, my plate is full, I'm an artist, from 3D modeling, texture artist, and I do coding, C# , Java etc,  I also have my BA in Game Production, going for my Master.   I work for a few companies as  I freelance, so if some time free's up I may be able to help, feel free to PM me, I also do alot of digital painting for 2D and 3D art as well User Interface is the most common thing I do for alot of company's.., so I'm well rounded since I freelance.  I tend to work for alot of indie's.   I been a gamer for 30 years, I also been a paid tester, now I test games for fun when I can and have the time..    I mostly have been into MMO's since the UO days and Asheron call 1 for 7 years.



    Anyways if you need any advice or need some smaller work done, I may be able to fit some of it in.   Feel free to Pm me, I have worked with Unity 3d and 4, UDK, Unreal, Hero.  As well as Cry Engine 2 and 3.


    PS: Make sure you have proper documention for your game goals, marketing strats etc... This is were alot of indie's mess up.. But by reading you post you sound very organzied which is rare, and the reason most people fail, so keep up the good work..



    Good luck.


  • SynakalSynakal Toccoa, GAMember Posts: 14

    Thank you for the advice Darkcrystal, I will defenitely incorporate that into my structure and plans for the company and the project as well.

    I would love to bring you on as a corospondent if you would like too and I could definitely use some help on some of the smaller art projects I am setting up for the game. I will send you a message about that in a bit. If you have time I would like to connect with you and discuss some issues about game engines that I am having. Just send me an email when you will be available.

    Thank you for the motivational words, it is always nice to hear compliments on my projects from other developers especaily good ones.

    I will send you a message in a bit


  • SovrathSovrath Boston Area, MAMember Posts: 20,890 Epic
    Originally posted by Darkcrystal

    PS: Make sure you have proper documention for your game goals, marketing strats etc... This is were alot of indie's mess up.. But by reading you post you sound very organzied which is rare, and the reason most people fail, so keep up the good work..     Good luck.  

    ^ this as well as a sound business plan.

    Quite frankly, I wouldn't buy one piece of equipment until you have a business plan in place, make sure you create some sort of legal company, be clear about your contracts, what happens if you start paying people and "suddenly can't", marketing plan (which was mentioned) or someone who knows a bit about marketing, etc.

    Basically be crystal clear about every aspect of the business side of this endeavor. Not the fun part but an important part.

  • SynakalSynakal Toccoa, GAMember Posts: 14

    Thank you for the tips I am in the process of getting some promotional videos put together and an informative orientation for everyone involved next week. I am trying to take things a step at a time right now and everything will be discussed before we touch the actual development. Thanks again guys.


  • waynejr2waynejr2 West Toluca Lake, CAMember Posts: 6,725 Rare
    Originally posted by Sovrath
    Originally posted by Darkcrystal

    PS: Make sure you have proper documention for your game goals, marketing strats etc... This is were alot of indie's mess up.. But by reading you post you sound very organzied which is rare, and the reason most people fail, so keep up the good work..     Good luck.  

    ^ this as well as a sound business plan.

    Quite frankly, I wouldn't buy one piece of equipment until you have a business plan in place, make sure you create some sort of legal company, be clear about your contracts, what happens if you start paying people and "suddenly can't", marketing plan (which was mentioned) or someone who knows a bit about marketing, etc.

    Basically be crystal clear about every aspect of the business side of this endeavor. Not the fun part but an important part.

     Watching costs is important.  I have seen way too many startups overspend on hardware AND software.

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  • sacredcow4sacredcow4 Amherst, OHMember Posts: 193

    So... what current games on the market have your programmers worked on? Can you list successes your network programmers have had in other games on the market? I made a simple "mmo" during a 48 Game Jam competition that "worked" but had absolutely no production quality code that could be used in a large scale commercial environment. Unless the programmers you have hired have DOCUMENTED PROOF that they are capable of delivering production quality code stop hiring now. Anyone can throw something together by following a tutorial, but creating actual mmo code that is production quality and adaptable is hard to do... just look at how many problems the TOP companies with the TOP engineers have with mmorpgs.

    I'm not trying to discourage you, but realistically it sounds like you have some ideas that are extremely optimistic even if they came from a veteran programmer.

    I can also say that coming from a school specializing in game development, the majority of kids graduating with a degree wouldn't be capable of even programming standalone games, let alone even a simple 2D multiplayer game. I highly suggest talking to some devs who have actually done it. Most will be willing to give you advice. 

    If you have experienced programmers with prior lead roles on MMORPG projects disregard my advice(but judging on the 70% of profits being split by the team that doesn't seem to be the case). I strongly suggest you take your investment and create an iOS game to get your feet wet and get an understanding of what making a game actually consists of.

    P.S. I'm not writing this to tear you down, I wouldn't spend my time doing that. I'm writing this because I was once in your shoes, had a team, tried to make a game FAR beyond any our of capabilities, and ended up with wasted hours. Without prior industry experience attempting to make an mmorpg probably won't happen, and everyone who works on this will leave with a sour taste in their mouth and not want to work with you again.


    P.S.S.  Get your feet wet with CoronaSDK or Unity3D if you don't have games on the market already. From there, think about an mmo once you start turning a profit(which is a feat in and of itself).

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  • SynakalSynakal Toccoa, GAMember Posts: 14

    I don't really know what to say honestly. On one side I understand your point of view but on the other side I don't feel that ambition should be muzzled. I agree with your opinion about the 70% split but I have since corrected that and everyone is now getting paid on a structual payroll plan. It isn't much but it is a start.

    Right now this project is just that. A project, if we fail then we rinse and repeat. I am going at this with a long term plan in place and I am not just hiring every single user that emails me. I do reply to all emails out of common courtesy though.

    I'm sorry you had a bad experience with your MMO endeavors but being an indie developer and working on a non-commerical game with the goals to transition to commerical products is not just a random thought I had. I have been organizing this project for quite some time before I even thought about hiring anyone or forming a team. Weeks of research, legal consultations, and the back-end business was conducted before I had even made up my mind about what direction to go with my game. I am not doing this to act high society. I am doing it because it is what I want to do with my life and being disabled I don't have a heaping load of oppurtunities. I am using a legal settlement to secure a career doing what I love doing. I see nothing wrong with that. I am not trying to throw a pity party or act weak I just want you to understand this is a dream I have and I am pouring every resource within my capability to do whatever I can do both for my company, my team and my future. I have a 6 month old son and I don't want him to EVER think he can not do whatever he sets his mind to do.

    I am not trying to argue with you or start any kind of argument. I just think honestly and I apologize for the blunt of it all, you wrote a big long post of anything and everything you could think of to discourage a group of individuals from aspiring to do something they care about. Why does it  bother you so much?

    On a happier note Darcstar Games™ is still looking for web designers, forum moderators, GMs and creative writers for script, story design and beginner guides.

    Thank you for your interest in Darcstar Games™©2013

  • majimaji CologneMember Posts: 2,059 Uncommon

    Well, just wondering... If people join that project and work for it for a year or so, without getting paid because the game doesn't generate any income before it's finished. And then it turns out that things don't work well for any reason, and the project gets abandoned... What then? Just the typical risk? What happens to the code and all the other stuff that was created, that might be still worth anything or used for anything?


    The project does sound interesting, but the thought of working for a year for nothing, while one or two persons then make good use of everything that was achieved... That does sound unfunny.

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  • DLangleyDLangley Beaumont, TXMember Posts: 1,407
    I've emailed you. Any response is appreciated.
  • SynakalSynakal Toccoa, GAMember Posts: 14
    no problem :)

  • asmkm22asmkm22 Anchorage, AKMember Posts: 1,788

    Look, it's yet another random guy looking to build an MMO without having ever shipped another game.  Better yet, he seems to lack any actual programming skills, which basically means he just wants to get others to create his little pet project.

    If you want to build a team (a quality team, not just a bunch of nutjobs who will leave as soon as they realize there's no actual schedule for the project), you had better be able to contribute more than just "ideas" and "designs."  Everyone has ideas.

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  • SynakalSynakal Toccoa, GAMember Posts: 14

    look it is another guy that wants to fit in with everyone else and decides to look like a fool when he doesnt really even know why hes talking smack...but hey more power to ya im sure with 1000+ posts you need friends...but get a lfe first or its

    Thank you for contributing to my block list :)

  • NeirvashNeirvash Salisbury, NCMember Posts: 1
    The lead design position is very important, and often times the lead designer as well as other lead positions don't involve actually writing code or anything, but directing his team to make sure they are on the right path. This is extremely important in making games because it's crippling if your designers and coders are not on the same page. Do your homework, there's is a huge hierarchy to game design and if he's got sufficient help he doesn't need to waste his energy on coding if he's a much better leader. So don't come into some ones post and flame it with your ignorance.
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