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  • AlberelAlberel LondonMember Posts: 1,121

    Thanks for compiling all the links, the Massively article in particular gives a great deal of information.

    It's depressing reading the comments though... there are still a lot of people out there dismissing the remake without a clue about how much has been changed.

  • drivendawndrivendawn montgomery, ALMember Posts: 1,768 Uncommon
    Its ok there are still alot of people looking forward to it as well, just as many positive posts if not more than negative.
  • RalstlinRalstlin Las PalmasMember Posts: 234 Uncommon
    negative comments are based on old FFXIV 1.0, and of course that version deserve it, but i played alpha and is totally on a different world. i have an "old" computer and it work SO GOOD..
  • drivendawndrivendawn montgomery, ALMember Posts: 1,768 Uncommon
    Updated with 4gamer interveiw.
  • drivendawndrivendawn montgomery, ALMember Posts: 1,768 Uncommon
     JPGAMES added
  • nbtscannbtscan Phoenix, AZMember Posts: 855 Uncommon

    People should just really give the open beta a try without making snap decisions.

    Then you have the younger generation out there who will never even give the game a try because it's not going to be F2P.

  • arslesmetenarslesmeten GöteborgMember Posts: 4

    Thanks for the articles! 

    I've become hyped about this game in the last weeks although with the feeling that this probably won't turn out all that great. But in the last days and after reading through the Massively articles I'm beginning to feel more genuinley excited, believing this may actually become the the long awaited MMO worth spending some serious time with.

  • RalstlinRalstlin Las PalmasMember Posts: 234 Uncommon

    lately all the games are too hyped and in the end all what u get is dissapointment. (SWTOR, TERA, GW2... and probably TESO)

    FFXIV come from a bad launch, we all know this and people is not expecting too much.. maybe this is good, because i am testing it and is surprisingly good. Todays MMO Killer is not wow.. are Expectations

  • arslesmetenarslesmeten GöteborgMember Posts: 4
    Yeah I know I'm probably making myself a disservice by getting hyped about this game (like with others). It's just that I want this so badly to be good .. and I'm starved on final fantasy-magic as I havn't really enjoyed any FF games since XI.
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