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What class in Daoc you like most and why?



  • shaodrinshaodrin sdf, AKPosts: 30Member Uncommon

    warri ... loved these situations where a zerg of 100 ppl inced my group we had nearly no chance to escape i kicked my rr5 ran into the zerg and the zerg with 80% of em attacking me needed like 1 min to kill me

    oh and taking 3 off tanks out of the battle via snare styles was just awesome


    i think most of the hybrid classes in daoc were pretty nice since most of em had a unique skillset wich you didnt found in any other game (well most of the daoc classes beside full tanks/offtanks and some caster like wizz had a very special gameplay/skill set wich you dont find in most games)

  • steelwindsteelwind Posts: 352Member Uncommon
    Mana Chanter and Bard
  • evilastroevilastro EdinburghPosts: 4,270Member
    Originally posted by wackypogi
    What class in Daoc you like most and why?

     Animist. Always loved nature classes. My fave in EQ was a druid, and Fury in EQ2. Shame that decent druids / nature magic has been neglected lately.

  • KanethKaneth Posts: 2,199Member Uncommon

    Valewalker - Scythes, Magic, Cloth that could be hardened into chain with spells, positional attacks that had some neat effects to them.

    Animist - How unique is a class that uses Mushrooms as a freaking weapon? I remember being in the level 20 battleground and setting up choke points with mushrooms.

    Nightshade - Stealth and Magic. I remember playing cloak and dagger (literally) with stealthers from other realms during day hours out in the frontier.

    Hero - I played a pierce hero before Lurikeens were able to be heros. I was typically an offtank for my group, so I got to use the positionals quite a bit. It wasn't super effective, but it was still fun.

  • Niix_OzekNiix_Ozek Calgary, ABPosts: 397Member
    Berserker, Savage, Hero

    Ozek - DAOC
    Niix - Other games that sucked

  • Kryptonite_HiloKryptonite_Hilo Phoenix, AZPosts: 47Member
    My luri champ first and foremost then savage and minstrel.
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