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Feedback sought on Reward Tiers



  • PRX_sklurbPRX_sklurb New York, NYPosts: 167Member

    Personal private dueling arena portal to add to supporter homes.

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  • WicoaWicoa LondonPosts: 1,637Member Uncommon

    As Eddy Izzard pointed out in a sketch, flags are important

    My point! Flags and guild banners I assume will be important on keeps for ownership.  How about some nifty pole styles or unique flag emblems for guilds who have a particular type of founding member in their crew, the emblems could even glow a little so for example a Thors hammer as a plain emblem but it is layered with a blue hue lighting aftect.  These benefits should move on with the player when they choose to join another guild.

    Wicoa - Ex daoc  top 4 levelled scout prydwen albion.

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  • TuktzTuktz Atlanta, GAPosts: 299Member

    Well the first thing that pops in my mind, is that it should be readily visible to other players, to kind of "show off" in a way years down the line when the game is immensely successful, and later players can marvel at us backers. =) With that said, there are three main components of the game, the RVR combat, housing, and crafting. Therefor I think there should be rewards in each of those areas (or universal to all three).


    - Special dyes only backers get - pretty easy to implement, and as long as you don't make it available to other players later, it will be a kind of prestigious thing to have down the road

    - Title only backers can use - titles are always fun and very visible

    - Something cool (and possibly realm specific) you can mount on the outside OR inside of individual OR guild houses that makes it really obvious to people who see it that you were a backer.  Some kind of big banner maybe, with I don't know what on it? the game logo? the game AND realm logo? something else like realm specific leader portrait? Or instead of a banner, maybe a life size statue of something or someone, like the particular realm leader you belong to. Actually I kind of like the statue idea. You could put it in the yard of your house, or inside the house. Maybe a guild version that's twice as big? LOL not sure but there's a lot of cool cosmetic/fluff stuff you can do with housing.


    - Ok here's a cool and very visible idea I just came up with. You know how in DAOC you can put guild logo/colors on cloaks and/or shields? PERHAPS make some kind of backer only logo, possible tailored to your specific realm, that you can put on your cloak and/or shields (if that system is even in CU). That would be extremely visible to others in all aspects of the game, RVR, crafting, housing. Also you could maybe put this logo on a flag outside your house on a flagpole? LOL In fact, this kindof ties back intohousing, but a flag pole in general would be a cool thing to have in housing either outside guild houses or individual or both. Make it so you could have multiple flags, backer flag, guild flag, maybe certain flags you could earn from certain activities. Would be a very visible way to brag about certain stuff haha.


    - PLEASE NO IN GAME non combat PETS LOL. I've played world of pet/mount craft enough chasing that impossible goal. Also that reward has been hammered into the ground plenty in other mmo's, not just WOW.


    - Someone else mentioned this, but perhaps a realm specific HELM/HAT that only backers get. You could make it purely cosmetic to wear around the city, or housing, or crafting, or when not in a combat area. I actually kind of HOPE this game doesn't have a transmogrify type system, because I kind of LIKE the idea that specific items have specific looks. I think the idea that what you see could be anything under the sun is kind of silly. I want to see a particular weapon or armor, and go oooo I recognize that, that's a tough one to get.


    I think I've included a lot for housing and just general usage that would be seen in RVR, but I'm at a loss trying to figure out what crafters would find interesting. Something that only backers can craft that's cosmetic and doesn't affect balance? Or perhaps the option on all his crafting to add something purely visual to what he makes? not sure here.... Maybe the ability to add some kind of glowy effect to weapons/armor/other that only backer crafters can do? hmmmm. I'm trying to think what crafting recipes would be fun. Ability to make fireworks/flares?


    Oh, I think I read crafters will be able to set up shops to sell their wares? Maybe a cosmetically different looking backers only crafters shop that's tailored to each realm? So it just looks cooler and shows off that you're a backer? Doesn't give anything extra per say, just for show!

    Tuktz -

  • RaventreeRaventree Yourtown, MNPosts: 456Member

    I would suggest things like:

    1)  A unique title.

    2)  Bonus XP potions.

    3)  Free additional character slot.

    4)  Improved cooldowns on dungeon or raid access.

    5)  Bonus starting money (founders get an addition 1,000 gold!  WOO!)

    6)  A unique set of costume gear.

    7)  A unique Mark Jacobs pet that can follow you around all day and tell you that you are doing it right.

    8)  A unique mount with a "Founder" banner.


    Just a few ideas.  If it were me, I'd feel pretty good about getting a combination of these things when I started the game for the first time.

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  • SpeelySpeely Seattle, WAPosts: 861Member Common
    Some great ideas here guys! And thanks for asking for this input, Mark!

    Any cosmetic boons would be welcome, whether emotes or skins, would rock.

    Realm-specific funder chat maybe?

  • BenediktBenedikt PraguePosts: 1,406Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Raventree

    7)  A unique Mark Jacobs pet that can follow you around all day and tell you that you are doing it right.

    rofl :)

  • fanglofanglo Virginia, VAPosts: 295Member Uncommon

    How about design a quest similar to how you guys did Zaree's make a wish foundation quest in daoc. Also speaking of that quest how about a long duration cool down teleport to the main city. Or maybe for the super high tiers design a class.  Or design a structure or weapon. Or design a race. 


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  • dynamicipftwdynamicipftw Arrow, ALPosts: 206Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Raventree
    I would suggest things like: 1)  A unique title. 2)  Bonus XP potions. 3)  Free additional character slot. 4)  Improved cooldowns on dungeon or raid access. 5)  Bonus starting money (founders get an addition 1,000 gold!  WOO!) 6)  A unique set of costume gear. 7)  A unique Mark Jacobs pet that can follow you around all day and tell you that you are doing it right. 8)  A unique mount with a "Founder" banner.   Just a few ideas.  If it were me, I'd feel pretty good about getting a combination of these things when I started the game for the first time.

    2), 3), 4) (lol@dungeon/raid) and 5) are P2W.  About 8): I really hope they don't WoWify it with mounts.

  • Kryptonite_HiloKryptonite_Hilo Phoenix, AZPosts: 47Member

    This isn't really a a tier reward, but it'd be kind of cool to be able to contribute and select which realm I'm donating to. Then post the results of which realm brought in the most contribution. If Sigurd brings in the most money then maybe his supporters could have an additional goodie that other backers wouldn't have. Like a visible bag of coins on their waist because they're filthy, stinkin' rich in addition to titles and things?


    Plus it'd be cool to see which realm pulls the most support/population right off the bat.

  • PRX_sklurbPRX_sklurb New York, NYPosts: 167Member

    - NPC's with supporter names ( if they fit criteria? ie: not "Boobjob4u" )

    - Realm named after topmost tier supporters

    - ingame statues of top tier supporters' characters

    - Special NPC guard skins for guild keeps or player homes.

    - Personal repair vendor

    - Housekeepers / butlers

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  • CluckingChickenCluckingChicken Calgary, ABPosts: 54Member
    Lifetime subs for the big donors.

    VIP forum status that carries over to the game launch.

    Various titles.

    Various exclusive housing items.

    The ability to log in a day early to reserve ONE character name. Maybe let you customize the character as well so you can start playing the moment the servers open up on release day.

    An in-game statue of your character in a special "hall of heroes" area that contains statues of all the other backers of your realm.
  • Ice-QueenIce-Queen USA, GAPosts: 2,451Member Uncommon
    1. Npc with your choice of name within your restrictions.
    2. Founder's Cloak that has a design that you can't get ingame, only from funding kickstarter.
    3. Special Founder's "Stake your Claim" stake with flag. Can be placed where you would like your house to be, you still have to pay and have your house built, but you have staked your claim early and it's yours.
    4. Cost to put your goods in your player ran store, is slighly cheaper.
    5. Pwn'd flag to place on your enemies corpse after you have defeated them.
    6. Since your crafted items will probably be able to have your name on them already. Perhaps if you are a funder at a certain level, you will be able to also place a small icon of your choice beside your name, such as a small dragon symbol, a cross, decayed tree, moon/sun symbol, things of that sort.
    7. You have a special glow color for your weapon that is not available ingame.
    8. You can reserve 1 character name.
    9. You can reserve 2 character names.
    10. You can reserve 3 character names.
    11. You can reserve a guild name.
    12. You can choose a special starter weapon for each character, purely cosmetic.
    13. A special lute (or some other instrument of your choice) that when played makes everyone around you "roar" sounding as if they are charging into battle, or has them "cheer" vicoriously.
    14. You can create a campfire without having to have materials.
    15. A t-shirt for all characters you create that says "I gave money to CU Kickstarter and all I got was this t-shirt" . You could also get a real t-shirt as well with the same quote.
    16. A title " Noble Founder ".
    17. You get a statue of one of your ancestors with your name choice, in honor of your donation in your realms major city.
    18.  Beta key for 1 friend or family member.
    19. All seige equipment you create have a unique look of "Made of skulls and bones".
    20. You receive an outdoor fishing chair of a unique look for your fishing adventures. (Assuming there is fishing ingame for cooking and trophy purposes). There can be many styles of these ingame, but the kickstarter one would be unique to funders.
    One extra note, I really hope you have a nice giant poster and t-shirts for sell for CU. I still have my DAOC Live the Legend Poster in our home's gameroom, I even went to ebay to buy another (which took forever to find) just so I have a back up poster in our safe just in case something happens to the current one. That's how much DAOC meant to me, lol. I'll gladly pay whatever the cost for a poster and T-shirt, lol.




    What happens when you log off your characters????.....
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  • HokibukisaHokibukisa Midland, GAPosts: 185Member

    To make myself my clear, whenever I say "noble" in my posts in this thread I'm refering to contributors of whatever contribution level deemed necessary.

    Whenever city state wants to poll its players for something, instead of asking through a sort of camelot herald or launch window, ask in game and have players vote during ceremonies.

    Players would be asked to vote in game at a special area of the city. Like voting IRL, there is a voting window, which I think would be pretty cool to get all the players in an area around the same time.

    In order for a noble to vote, they must wear their special regalia, and proceed to a special tent/building, where their character must perform a kegstand (or something a little more roleplayish) before being allowed to vote.

    Historically accurate.



    Also send us pizza rolls in the mail.


  • audizmannaudizmann AalborgPosts: 24Member
    A unique sitting posture (assuming characters in CU can sit down to rest). This could be a kneeling posture or something that displays allegiance to your realm. If there is no such thing as "sitting" in CU it could just be an emote.
  • JimmacJimmac TXPosts: 1,667Member Uncommon

    I don't really care about vanity rewards one way or the other as long as they are not very immersion breaking. NPC's that players get to name without heavy restriction might not work out so great - "Joseph from Ohio" or "Yomama Awhale". Or flags you can put down on enemies that say "you got pwn'ed"? That would be a mixture of facepalm and broken immersion all over the place.

    Otherwise I am indifferent to vanity rewards entirely.

  • RaagnarzRaagnarz North Las Vegas, NVPosts: 275Member Uncommon
    Most of the good stuff has been covered, skins etc. Personally I'd like unique cloaks or warbanners that can be flown on keeps by KS backers. Some of the slightly higher tiers I'd like to see something like to see something like Path Of Exile. While they didn't do a KS they gave the opportunity for the backer to work with the dev team to design a unique item (their highest rarity). Now while CU's itemization is going to be nothing like their the idea is an interesting one. What if you allowed a KS backer to work with the art team for a unique skin that can be applied to weapons/armor whatever.
  • TadderTadder Naples, FLPosts: 38Member

    A unique crafting recipe would be interesting. Nothing that is better than commonly available, but something with an interesting skin/badd ass looking. Perhaps as a fairly high up reward those at the level could be in a brief input for the skin design of that item as well.

    Unique housing furniture items are always a plus. Maybe a statue or some aesthetic item that can be placed in towns (was done in SWG for certain competition rewards that gave a tie-fighter monument or something.)

  • sacredcow4sacredcow4 Amherst, OHPosts: 193Member
    Access to developer blogs and/or the ability to listen in on design meetings. I'd definitely pay to listen to you guy's brainstorm and get an inside look into WHY you are making the decisions you are making. 

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  • TasarakTasarak redmond, WAPosts: 43Member Uncommon

    Any abilities/structures listed are purely cosmetic & offer no stat/power increase.


    1) Additional graphical effects on Magical/Physical  spell/skills  animations..

    2)  Character Name Reservation + Titles/Last Name

    3)  Invite A Friend:  Get 1-2 Month Free

    4)  Unique Guild Emblems

    5) DAILY DEALS - Weapon/Items  -

    6) Buddy Pack - Two Accounts

    7) Special Beers/Ales/wines/Food 

    8)  Unique Settlement/Castle Border/Guild Flags/Markers 

    9) Unique Camp Fires to rest/heal

    10) Ability to Craft Unique Taverns/Inns/Castle/House/Towers/Siegecraft etc (Skins)


  • BentBent Raleigh, NCPosts: 581Member Common

    A title that when selected causes the toon to glow and have different colored chat. Would be neat to have this for many end game titles,but could give certain level founders one from the start.  

    Founders only chat.  Chat group for only people pass a certain funding level that city state staff would frequent, during beta.  

  • infiiinfii asjdhas, AZPosts: 9Member

    If you plan to create an intro cinematic (maybe similiar to the teaser 3) where you explain the lore about the happenings before the apocalypse, some of the characters in that story could have the names of some high-tier backers (or their chosen name).


    Create lore books/scrolls to either read ingame or physical books about lore history (or just random storys in the CU universe) where the characters have backer names.

    To build on that idea further you could write unique biographies for a backer's chosen character, which would be available as an ingame ite in form of a document you could read and show to others.

  • tokeshtokesh Vancouver, BCPosts: 35Member
    Just make sure your alpha/closed beta packages are on point and you won't need to worry abou tall this additional cosmetic shit.
  • StilerStiler Athens, TNPosts: 599Member


    1. Unique Cloaks/Tabbards

    for example:

    For the Midgard - A "White wolf" type of cloak, where you have the wolf's head/upper jaw resting on top of the characters head. You can still have regular "wolf" cloaks for them and fur based cloaks, but make the unique one a rare white color instead of a more natural wolf color.

    Something like this for the head:

    Albion: A more regal cloak or tabbard, something like this:,r:2,s:0,i:86&iact=rc&dur=2&sig=100198188868257790240&page=1&tbnh=178&tbnw=114&start=0&ndsp=20&tx=50&ty=106

    For Hibernia: A more celtic design of cloak, green would be a good color. Some decent designs I found that would fit perfectly imo:


    2.  Unique Weapons and Armor skin- Similar to the above, playing on the 3 realms natural influences, having unique weapon/armor skins for each seperate realm.

    3.  Pets - I do not know if CU will have pets of any kind, but if it does Pets would be one of the more sought after things. Things like a wolf pet for Midgard, Small dragon welp or such for Albiion, A fairy or something like that for the Hibs.  Just costmetic pets that people can have out, non combat of course. If you do have pets in the game that is, and if so pleaaaase make them "stick" to the player. Where if you run, they run beside you, not 20 feet behind you lagging around/getting stuck on things. If I have a cool wolf for a pet I want to run and have it right beside my character.

    4. Unique character tattoos/body paints.

    Midgard could have a more "warpaint" type of thing (think of like the mythology of the viking berserkers)

    Albion: A more traditional "tattoo" design, not really like the warpaint or woad coloring of the hib.

    Hibernia: A type of warpaint/woad style thing (blue'ish color).

    5. Unique in-game emotes. Not sure exactly what, but just something cool/unique, dependent on race maybe.  A unique taunt, dance, etc something like that.

    6  Unique Mounts - These would be great, if there are mounts in the game and it's modeled differently (Ie not just a base "horse" that's recolored/skinned, as horse breeds vary quite differently in terms of size/shape/hair, etc).

    The mounts can be dependent on both the Realm and race, perhaps even allowing the people who buy at this reward tier to claim another realm's horse if they capture a stable or something in that realm.

    Keep in mind a lot of these horses have different color coats available, you can google the breed and find more color coats and things.

    For Midgard-

    Icelandic horse:

    Here is the same breed with it's winter coat:

    (perhaps have each type, dependent on the season in game? Would be neat, if it was feasible to do that is)



    Fell Pony:

    Arabian horse:


    Gypsy Vanner horse:



    One thing I have to ask is for these rewards, please make them account based (not character based) so that anytime you make a new character you get the reward, and you don't "lose it" or anything. It applies to any character you make (non tradeable of course, so it's locked to the character/account).  Allow us to transfer the weapon/armor skins over and over (so we can keep using the skin if we want, not use it once then lose it once we get a new weapon/armor, etc).


  • TumblebutzTumblebutz Henderson, NVPosts: 322Member Uncommon

    In the interest of creating a real vested connection to a specific toon, I'd suggest any reward be linked to ONE toon, only.  Choose wisely!

    -An NPC with the same last name as a toon, signifying you are of a Noble Family.

    -A Noble title, similar in concept to the above option.

    -An NPC reaction (salute, "hail!", or otherwise) unique for backers.

    -A unique crafter's recipe for an item with similar stats but a different graphic than a normal item.  This item can be sold to and used by other players.  This would allow others to share in your involvement.

    -A single piece of flare unique to each type of armor or class such as: a feather for a cap for light armor, a special broach or clasp for a cloak, a ceremonial dagger in the belt for a caster, A GRAPHICAL QUIVER for an archer, etc.

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  • HagnarHagnar AlessandriaPosts: 39Member Uncommon

    1) Exclusive unique emotes like /rude and /yell (to rally in the battle, just a sound effect and animation)

    2)Exclusive unique helmets such as a bear-like helmet for Vikings, a "tin-can" helm for Arthurians and so on.

    3)Unique tattoos and BEARDS for characters

    4)Nice weapons skins or shimmering effects 

    5)Personal Face skins 

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