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MMO controls suck.



  • RobokappRobokapp Dublin, OHPosts: 5,806Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Squeak69
    Originally posted by Caldrin
    errm just use your keyboard like we have for years.. lets not dump mmos down even more.

    :p actually i use a MMO mouse and a gameing pad so i hae even more button at my disposal, and i use them for more then just MMOs FPS are great when tehy got alot of weapons and powers tos swap betweeen dont have to take my fingers off movement keys to hit a num button

    if you're not a tank, your fingers sould never be there to begin with.


  • CleffyCleffy San Diego, CAPosts: 5,405Member Rare

    I have a RAT7, I just don't think it is a comfortable mouse because of the button shapes.  The screw points are also uncomfortable.  I do like more then just a 2 button mouse and a scroll wheel, but I only really use 1 side button.  To me, more than 2 side buttons requires too much additional concentration on the mouse to be useful compared to pressing a combination of buttons on the keyboard.

    I did see one interesting option for the mouse, a small thumbstick on the side, so you can assign your WASD movements to your mouse instead.

  • easy-reasy-r ny, NYPosts: 38Member
  • AoriAori Carbondale, ILPosts: 3,397Member Rare
    Originally posted by Ridelynn
      Originally posted by Quizzical
    I use a simple two-button mouse.  It works.  If you need access to a lot of keys at once, that's what keyboards are for.



    For games that "require" instant access to more than 88 abilities in order to be competitive - I don't play them competitively.

    I mean, after all, I used to play games like this at one point in my life, and at another point in my life pretty much played by slash commands in the console - I can get used to pretty much any keyboard commands.

    But basically, if it requires more than 5-6 main abilities to be on at instant notice, I stay away from it. After years and years of playing, I just am not into the extremely reflexive, whack-a-mole, Dance Dance Revolution style gaming where you have to match the correct response to some boss/pvp encounter from 88+ proper keyboard commands any more.

    mmm memories of the old battletech games comes to mind

  • ShmackpappyShmackpappy Grand Island, NYPosts: 75Member

    Have a Razer Naga and love it.  Took a few days to get used to all the buttons but I use it for other games besides MMOs.  Never a hand cramp.


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