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CU will be renamed. Let us throw in some ideas.



  • DestaiDestai Detroit, MIPosts: 574Member
    Camelot Online
  • ThomasN7ThomasN7 1, NJPosts: 6,690Member
    I'm still going with Arthurian Online.
  • triphextriphex Las Vegas, NVPosts: 9Member
    We should name it...... Robert Paulson
  • SwiftrevoirSwiftrevoir Posts: 158Member Uncommon

    Pendragon's Conquest

    Excalibur Aflame

    Cambernic Besieged

    A Throne For The Taking

    An Arthurian Tale of Siege

    <(^.^<)(>^.^)>My brainstorming for 2 minutes :).  I would play those games, but then again I fell into the pits of nerd a long time ago.

    P.S! I want credit if those are used *wink wink nudge nudge*


  • MightyPitMightyPit StuttgartPosts: 90Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Anthur
    Originally posted by MightyPit
    I vote for: Return of Legends (RoL)   Lands of Lore would be nice, too. But unfortunately, Westwood was faster ;)

    Hmm, there is room for improvement, how about:

    Return of Fairy Legends

    or short ROFL ?

    Well. I thought a little about other names with legends and realms, but most of the names are already taken. Return of Legends is not occupied I think, and RoL as shortcut is also not associated with other mmos.

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    Looking forward to: Camelot Unchained, Star Citizen

  • MaelwyddMaelwydd CrawleyPosts: 1,123Member
    How about TESO?
  • cakelizardcakelizard post falls, IDPosts: 62Member Uncommon

    Camelot: The Frontier.


    Edit  - another one along the same name would be  The Frontiers of Camelot. gives it the Dark Age of Camelot sequel esque name without just saying" LOL CAMELOT 2."

  • PyrateLVPyrateLV Las Vegas, NVPosts: 1,096Member Common
    Originally posted by Maelwydd
    How about TESO?

    That name is already taken by some other game trying to be DAOC2

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  • TuktzTuktz Atlanta, GAPosts: 299Member

    Legends of Camelot

    Mythology of Camelot

    Camelot Unleashed

    Camelot Reborn

    Dark Age of Mythology (too close to EA? LOL)

    Dark Age of Legends

    Mythology Unleashed

    Realms of Mythology

    Realms at War

    Realms Unleashed

    Warring Realms Unleashed

    Realms of Legend

    Realms of Camelot

    Tuktz -

  • sacredfoolsacredfool Posts: 828Member Uncommon
    Trinity Online

    Originally posted by nethaniah Seriously Farmville? Yeah I think it's great. In a World where half our population is dying of hunger the more fortunate half is spending their time harvesting food that doesn't exist.
  • birdycephonbirdycephon Salt Lake City, UTPosts: 1,314Member
    Canterlot Online
  • TumblebutzTumblebutz Henderson, NVPosts: 322Member Uncommon

    Thrones of Camelot

    War of Three Thrones

    Forsaken Throne (of Camelot)(?)

    Lost Realms of Camelot

    Camelot Forsaken

    Emeryc Eightdrakes - Ranger of DragonMyst Keep - Percival


  • SpeelySpeely Seattle, WAPosts: 861Member Common
    Shattered Trine (or Trinity)
    Swordcery Online
    RNG of Camelottery (har)
    Lord of the RNGs (bwaha)

  • PeculiarJohnPeculiarJohn Lakewood, COPosts: 8Member

    "For Arthur, Rhiannon, & Thor"

    *snickers like a 4th grader at the acronym*

    *feels smug*

  • sk8chalifsk8chalif Montreal, QCPosts: 624Member Uncommon

    Since Dark age of Camelot 2 is copyright by EA


    can we just call it D.A.O.C.2 ,  DAOC2.

    I mean those letters are not copyright, right?



    Camelot: enemy at the gate. lol

    ~The only opinion that matters is your own.Everything else is just advice,~

  • Kryptonite_HiloKryptonite_Hilo Phoenix, AZPosts: 47Member


    Camelot: Veil Pierced

  • EllyaEllya leylandPosts: 99Member

    Realm Wars

    Dragons of the Pierced Veil

    Dark Ages


  • replicantreplicant Thomasville, NCPosts: 46Member
    Wounded Kings

    Bear "replicant" Powell
    "I am Shaolin-Style!"

  • KappenWizKappenWiz Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 162Member Uncommon

    I'm trying to come up with something that isn't necessarily Arthurian-centric, but so far haven't been able to incorporate all three realms into a name that conjures up its roots. So, if we're resigned to using Camelot, how about:


    Veiled Age of Camelot (VAoC)


    The challenge, though, is to avoid linking the game TOO closely to DAoC, which this might do.


  • tokeshtokesh Vancouver, BCPosts: 35Member
    camelot of age dark
  • BrohallaBrohalla AlkmaarPosts: 11Member

    I would hate it if the new name doesn't have a link to Camelot in it. Don't mind a more general name tho to help attract new players. How about:

    Watchers of the Realm (WotR)

    Or generalize it even more:

    Realm Wars (RW)


    _Back in DaoC!_

  • dimnikardimnikar ZanistanvillePosts: 271Member

    I have no personal attachement to DAoC but wold preffer any game that tries to emulate it to make it as clear as possible and that includes the name.


    So I can either avoid it, or look for it (whichever the case may be).


    I guess my answer applies to all games & spin offs, sequels...

  • akleyakley plymouth, MAPosts: 17Member
    The Rise of Camelot
  • StilerStiler Athens, TNPosts: 599Member

    Camelot: Reborn,

    Camelot: Rebirth

    Camelot: The Shattered Realms


  • TuktzTuktz Atlanta, GAPosts: 299Member
    Camelot: Afterbirth ? LOL sorry that's what I thought I read in the above post at first. ;-)

    Tuktz -

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