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Waren Story: Waren Story Open Beta Gift Keys!

AdminAdmin Santa Fe, NMAdministrator Posts: 5,179 Uncommon has been given a batch of gift keys for the Waren Story beta! You will get a "beginners package" containing many cool items! Get your gift key now while supplies last!

Each gift pack will give you:

  • Midas Touch X 3 [3 hrs] Doubles item acquisition rate

  • Prime EXP Drink X 3 [3 hrs] EXP point gain increased by 100%

  • Quickspawn Scroll X 3 [30 min] Reduces respawn time to 10 seconds in all areas, including battlefields

  • Add Inventory X 2 [3 days] Provides a 2nd page of inventory. Items still in the Inventory when the duration expires. However, items in 2nd page become inaccessible

  • Mercenary EXP X 5 [3 hrs] Increases EXP gain by 50% for a mercenary that has not reached its level cap

  • Bless Scroll X 2 [3 times] Increases success rate by 3% when attempting upgrades, Level adjustment, and socketing

  • Pyrite Bundle Pyrite Bundle Contains the Pyrite

  • Normal Rejuv. Vial Recovers a large amount of character HP and SP

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  • Skook3Skook3 Qualicum Beach, BCMember Posts: 43
    They had me at "containing many cool item".
  • WarlyxWarlyx UnknowMember Posts: 1,932 Uncommon

    Bless Scroll X 2 [3 times] Increases success rate by 3% when attempting upgrades, Level adjustment, and socketing


    never played that game, but lol 3% woah! 3 times noneless!

  • GormokGormok memphis, TNMember Posts: 379
    I played this pass beta weekend and found the game pretty boring. I like Warbane a whole lot better it doesn't have that Asian f2p grindy feel to it or those weird movement controls.
  • brianw1brianw1 gosfordMember Posts: 59 Uncommon
    Warbane,only played in europe only?ive been trying to make account but won't let me.from australia.
  • brianw1brianw1 gosfordMember Posts: 59 Uncommon
    Wait what the hell it Aeria games or Gplayon or aeria ignite.
  • SaarcasmSaarcasm Dallas, TXMember Posts: 2
    Gplayon..... Aeriagames didn't want to publish this 'shitty' game.
  • HeroEvermoreHeroEvermore salem, ORMember Posts: 672
    yeah aeria backed out. very smart of them.

    Hero Evermore
    Guild Master of Dragonspine since 1982.
    Playing Path of Exile and deeply in love with it.

  • DrigusDrigus Syracuse, NYMember Posts: 50 Common
    This game was awful when it was with Aeria. Hardly any customization at all and looked exactly like 12sky.
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