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What would of happened if SWTOR advertised like WoW?



  • Mors.MagneMors.Magne LondonPosts: 1,544Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Lugors
    Originally posted by Mors.Magne
    I work in the PR / advertising industry and I'll let you into a little secret:   The best way of advertising a product is to have a good product in the first place. Otherwise, you've got nothing to sell.   Adversiting agencies never say this to clients because it makes us appear unimportant.    In my opinion, WoW is better than SWTOR because it has more variety. For example, the time and effort that must have gone into pet battles is absolutely enourmous. 


    EA did a full court press for SWTOR when it released.  The marketing and IP generated 2.4mil box sales.  The quality of the game will keep them playing, and it did not live up to the billing.

    I don't disagree with you.

  • WalterWhiteWalterWhite CardiffPosts: 405Member Uncommon

    No matter how amazing the advertising campaign would have been, you would still log into the game anticipating wonders and joy and log out one very disappointed person wondering if you logged into the right game.

    I fell for the hype that was SWTOR and now I will never pre order another MMO or even buy upon release. I would rather wait a few months for the honeymoon period to be over with to get a real sense of the gamers perspectives through forums/word of mouth ect ect.


  • TheHavokTheHavok San Jose, CAPosts: 2,411Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Popple
    Originally posted by TheHavok
    I would say that EA had much more advertising in 2011/2012 then Blizzard had in 2004/2005.  I don't really remember any WoW commercials until 2007.  But either way, SWTOR's gameplay sucked balls.  All the corners they cut could be felt at every point in that game.  Marketing cannot hide a game with glaring issues. 1)Never agree to work with EA on an mmorpg project 2)Never agree to let Mythic devs design your pvp Off topic: Its time to slay the Dragon!  

    Tired of players who keeps bashing..

    To bash a game because it does not fit your dream style game, is laughable...So tell us all.What games do you play? I would like to know, since you are on a suck balls campaign.

    As for Advertisement concerns, I agree with some posts that "word of mouth" is a lot better..Spreads like wild fire..

    I first got into MMOs with Asheron's call 2, then SWG, then EQ2, then WoW, then tried most of the triple A titles that have come out since 2004.  I am currently playing GW2 casually and league of legends.  GW2's gameplay mechanics are much stronger, in every aspect, then SWTOR's were.  I have not played SWTOR since early 2012 but I know I do not have the desire to go back (despite buying the collector's edition).  The reason being is because when I use a product, video games included, I can tell when a company cut corners on their product.  I don't want to continue to use something thats just going to be half-assed and shitty, no matter how much I like the IP.

    There's a lot of reason why SWTOR is an inferior game to say, WoW or EQ2, but i'll list the top reasons why I quit:

    1)Warzones and PVP in general - Bad map designs, no penalty for people who leave or afk out, and map RNG factors - FFS do not put in map RNG.  Huttball and it's multiple levels was another big slap in the face.  If you had a knockback, great.  If you didn't LOL have fun with that.  Also, the shitty system that tried to give all players a fighting chance so it boosted your stats if you were a lower level, GREAT! but it made it so I was actually getting WEAKER in warzones the more I leveled because my gear wasn't upgrading right away.  What a joke.  Who half-assed that idea?  Oh that's right, Mythic!  Not to mention no penalty for people that leave or afk out... terrible.

    Ilum was another terrible idea.  Additionally, players took advantage (or exploited if you look at it that way) the NPCs and were able to gain a ridiculous amount of pvp ranks in a short amount of time.  Mythic didn't have the foresight to do anything until it was too late.  The players got to keep their high pvp ranks.  Ilum was such a huge mess - to this day, I have never seen such animosity on any forum like the swtor had when players started doing Ilum.

    2)Controls - Ability delay.  Holy fuck are you kidding me?  How did this get through beta?  For the record, when your action bar shows an ability on cooldown, but you are unable to use it because your last ability's animation is still going, that is a huge problem.  When something says instant cast, it should be instant.  Ability delay, for me is what ultimately made me quit.  Can't pvp when the pvp is broken.

    3)Terrible, and I mean TERRIBLE graphics utilization.  I was using an I7 CPU and a nvidia 460 graphics card when SWTOR launched and I was having terrible fps lag everywhere.  Players were able to diagnose the issue and discovered that Bioware/Mythic's coding was so bad that it wasn't utilizing player's graphics card the way it should be, but rather putting extra strain on CPUs.  Fail coding.

    The game felt very Warhammer Online 2.0 for me.  The way the mobs were lined up, the npcs, even the text and pacing of quest.  I wouldn't be surprised if one of the main devs on WAR did most of the work on SWTOR.

    So I quit because I don't play bad games.  If you like to play games that are inferior in every aspect to other games out on the market, then go for it.  I would rather not waste anymore of my money.


  • simpliussimplius nakskovPosts: 1,128Member Uncommon

    swtor is NOT inferior in every aspect

    the stories are ,mostly, better, than in any mmo

    and the companions  make the player more involved in the game world

    so they did bring new things on the table,,but too little

    i hope other games will use the companion system,,my guess is STO doing the same

    they surely took a lot of inspiration from GW2, when designing new romulus

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