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[Interview] General: Catching Up with Mark Jacobs



  • chaintmchaintm Chicago, ILPosts: 972Member Common
    Originally posted by CSA_Saxon
    Long ago in the mid 90s, I was a young teenager just getting into the new internet scene. I was lucky enough to live with someone who worked for AOL in Arizona. So, I had a computer and internet when most people, I knew, had no idea what the internet was capable of even doing. Almost all of the decent MMO games online had HOURLY paid rates not monthly like people complain about now. I saw an exception in a game called Darkness Falls created by Mythic Entertainment. It was free for AOL suscribers.   I ran around as a Skeleton warrior fighting players who were Werewolves, Zombies, Vampires, and other evil creatures. I had such a blast that it was the first net game I got hooked on. I followed DF to its sequel, Darkness Falls the Crusade, on the Gamestorm service. There Mythic started its formula of three realms fighting for relics. The sides being Good (Human, Dwarf, Elf..etc), Evil (Demonic and Undead forces), and Chaos (Goblinoid and Monstrous enemies). The full loot factional warfare was the most fun I ever had with any MMORPG.   I was disapointed when Mythic posted about the development of Dark Age of Camelot. Even though it was obvious that a game based on Arthurian legends(and Dark Age Europe) had the potential for garnering a bigger audience for the company. No looting enemies corpses! BAH! They took out playing a Demon and gave me Lurikeens! BAH! I'll admit it was still a good game. Warhammer Online was so bad I don't need to say anything about it in detail. I stopped playing in the 20s.   Mark Jacobs was always a double edged sword. On one hand Mark (and Mythic) produced some of my personal favorite net games of all time. On the other hand, I had to deal with Mark Jacobs! I'm not being a troll. I wish people could read his forum posts in his pre-DAOC games. It could be characterized as thin-skinned, egotistical, controlling, RAGE!   He would bring down the entire forum if anyone said anything he deemed negative. Report a bug and ask if it could be looked at? FORUM DOWN! Suggest or complain about game mechanics? FORUM DOWN! Even general chatter could sometimes cause Mark take the forum down. Best of all when he would bring the forum back up, he would always follow with a rage post about the ungrateful and undeserving players he had to deal with in game production. I wasn't one of the posters myself. I mainly just lurk and read forums for good information. It was really frustrating to me having to read Mark's ranting or deal with part of the game service shut down when Mark was in a bad mood.  So, I know why DAOC never had a forum of its own.   I take much of what was said in this interview with a grain of salt. I've seen his personality directly from his mouth. He typically isn't a nice guy. I don't know what happened behind the scenes when EA took over. But, I honestly don't think Mark was some kind of innocent pushed out by evil money grabbing Electronic Arts. I only hope he has really learned over the years and can move onto some good projects in the future.

    And those where his good days lol, yeah he is just not a nice person in general, I always thought to be honest he made these games to become a king of his own universe,  I really woudn't put it past him. If those games like gemstone and daoc where not so dam fun, I would have stayed away from this guy, but the games where entertaining, as yourself thou, I learned just not to say anything to the guy or he would show his god complex. I think it probably all had to do with not getting dates,  I remember that convo in the postings back then, pretty sad actually.


    "The monster created isn't by the company that makes the game, it's by the fans that make it something it never was"

  • salavattasalavatta AntalyaPosts: 1Member
    this is more likely Mark Jacobs unchianed lol
  • boxfetishboxfetish Arlington, VAPosts: 76Member
    Originally posted by Hokie

    Yes it was. But a lot of those things could be over looked and then fixed without adversely affecting game play.

    I'd say the turning point or the point of no return was when they started listining to the players about some of the inbalances and started asking us to help them balance the classes. Remember this? The first paring was the Archmage and the Shaman. They were getting some great feedback from both sides. And then all of a sudden Mytic stopped posting in those forums/threads as a matter of fact the stopped communicating at all.

    And then we got the big annoucment four months later that all their resources were being utilized into bringing WAR to the asian market. Do you guys rememeber this? Thats when WAR started its down hill slide and Mythic was absolutly oblivious to it (and I think that was 100% Mark Jacobs).

    And come on WAR never had mirrored classes, it is one of the things I loved and miss about that game. It had 24 different classes.

    The Squig Header was nothing like the White Lion. The Witch Elf was nothing like the Witch Hunter. The Engineer was nothing like the Magus (a melee spell caster that used "towers"), fuck I miss that game just talking about it.

    Its diversity in classes was one of its hurdles it needed to overcome, but it was getting there. It was some of the stupid over the top nerfing they did that drove a large part of the community away and they kept doing it and people kept leaving.

    And then when the WP-KotBS-BW's 5 person groups starting showing up which were fucking god mode, and when Mythic basicaly just ignored it or said it was working as intended, is when I think they lost the last big bunch of subscribers. After that it was just a steady outflux that never stopped.


    You want to hear something shitty? A year and a half or so after they gutted the WE they finally rebalanced the class to the point it was playable in RvR, and guess what? It was almost 100% identical to its pre-nerfed build. I honestly think someone said lets reinstate Witch Elf build X.XX and just change kisses.

    They did the same thing with Sorcs and BWs. They put them back to what the were pre-stuipd-fucking-idiot-nerf and did small minor tweeks.

    And guess what the game was playable and it was fun. But it was too late.


    I can talk about this game all day. I loved it that much. I think most of its community felt the same way.

    I think most people could look past its problems and stay commited as long as Mythic was commited to working to fix them. But as we all know that ended up to be a very one sided relationship. And I think thats why people are so passionate about it, I know I am.

    I felt fucking betrayed, I loved that fucking game and they ruined it, those short sighted dense bastards ruined a game I really loved playing. *crys*


    Now I know how those bitter SWG vets feel. So much potential, and it was pissed away.

    This.   It really was potentially one of the best MMOs ever made and was just effing squandered.   It was wonderful to play in my opinion about a year-ish after release but it was too late, the game was dead.  I miss it so much.

  • GilnidorGilnidor GevaliaPosts: 107Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by cronius77
    Originally posted by Lonzo
    Mr. Hype is back!

    you obviously havent the slightest clue what went on at mythic before and after warhammer online released.

    This guy fought tooth and nail to keep mythic afloat while others were doing bedtime deals with EA. He just hinted that directly without getting disrespctful to rob denton whom btw is a complete and utter moron. Jeff Hickman and Rob Denton killed mythic period look where Im from if you think I do not know what Im talking about to. EA Louse put it out there when warhammer crashed and called swtor out as well. If you think EA didnt TAKE this studio you are lost period and need to learn more about business. Mark made the HUGE mistake of trusting his "friends" Rob and Jeff to run his company and dealt instead with making deals with talent and other studios. That is why he is so hated today because he vouched for design decisions made by two idiots that do not even deserve to be in the industry to this day let alone feed their families from their mistakes.

    Mythic dying did not just effect mythic , it effected all the side projects in fairfax and woodbridge VA as well like nothingisimpossiblestudios with blue exile. People pointing the finger here at mark are ignorant to really what was going on in virginia trust me.

    Agree 100% with this.


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